Definition of Lawsuit:

  1. Legal action in which the jurisdiction of the court is requested to hear and resolve the case. It is also called a dress.

  2. An action or dispute is presented in court for settlement

Synonyms of Lawsuit

True bill, Allegement, Count, Complaint, Accusation, Cause, Bringing of charges, Legal proceeding, Denunciation, Suit, Suit at law, Bringing to book, Arraignment, Case, Indictment, Legal contest, Allegation, Judicial proceedings, Charge, Delation, Cause, Legal action, Bringing of charges, Accusing, Innuendo, Imputation, Legal process, Impeachment, Action, Denouncement, Unspoken accusation, Implication, Information, Plaint, Case, Litigation, Veiled accusation, Proceedings, Insinuation, Bringing to book, Blame, Accusal, Prosecution, Laying of charges, Suit, Legal dispute, Action, Reproach, Trial, Taxing, Bill of particulars, Indictment

How to use Lawsuit in a sentence?

  1. His lawyer filed a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles.

Meaning of Lawsuit & Lawsuit Definition

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Lawsuit Definition:

The definition of Lawsuit is: Civil cases are brought to court where the plaintiffs appeal for damages

Meanings of Lawsuit

  1. An action or dispute is presented in court for resolution.

Sentences of Lawsuit

  1. Your lawyer has filed a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles