Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws pet insurance is one of the best insurance company, right at your service and offering the best of everything they can in the most affordable prices.

Healthy Paws protect your pets

What is Healthy Paws Pet Insurance?

This company has top rated insurance cover plans. To put in simple words Healthy Paws propose one simple plan which offers you payouts with no interest money to be given by your side. It has been 11 years or maybe almost 12 since this pet insurance and foundation was originated. In today’s highly expensive world, the adjective ‘Affordable’ is what all of us look for and this agency is the best option when money is concerned. Healthy paws is the number 1 customer rated company in all the 50 states of US. The pets enrolled here should be of 8 weeks and under 14 years of age.

History of the Agency

This foundation was the result of hard work of two entrepreneurs Rob Jackson and Steve Saidek in 2008 partnered with the largest insurance broker. Both of them despite being from the different world had one common passion i.e. to help the pets in need. They had a soft corner in their hearts for the pets. Besides that these two pet lovers were also devoted to give charity to the foundations for the veterinary care.

Principle of Healthy Paws

This great organization works on the principle that

Give you best friend the best medical care

They believe that your pets are your best friends because of the loyalty, faithfulness, and their undying devotion towards you and your family. As the saying goes;

Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet

What are the coverage of Paws Foundation?

The dog and the cat
The type of pets covered by the paws foundation are ‘dogs and cats’ only.
There are several different things required for the safety of pet among which some of them are included in their coverage plans and some are not, distinguishing this company from others.

  1. Base line coverage

It mainly includes two plans, accident only and illness, and for these it can cover all the diagnostics studies, tests required, drug if prescribed and also hospitalization if necessary for all the injuries and illness. This coverage has a waiting period of 15 days only.

  1. Chronic Conditions Coverage

They also offer to cover the chronic conditions and will continue to payout for such conditions only if you do not cross the maximum payout.

  1. Hereditary, Congenital and Cancer Coverage

All of the three types of conditions are covered as long as the pet does not show the symptoms prior to insuring. Their policy also include bilateral conditions excluding only cruciate ligament.

  1. Hip Dysplasia

Usually hip dysplasia is a condition which is not covered by most of the policies but here this condition is only covered if the pet meets a certain criteria which majorly include enrollment of pet before 6 years of age. The waiting period for the hip dysplasia is 12 months.

  1. Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions are not covered in this policy and by the term ‘Pre-existing’, the foundation means the following conditions:

  • Any condition or illness occurring as a result of an injury or an incident happened before the enrollment.
  • Recurrence of an injury that occurred before the start of insurance.
  • Recurrence of any illness or condition which shows signs that are consistent with the condition prior to the effective date of insurance.
  1. Routine Care and Behavioral Therapy

There is no coverage for the routine care checkups therefore the wellness plan is not available in this pet insurance.

Summary: Considering all the things, the paws foundation provide many different coverage, various options to choose from ultimately easing the tension of their customers

What is the Pricing of this Foundation?

The cost of vet care depends on the various factors, such as your location, breed of your pet, its age and the type of deductible you choose.

Insurance Monthly Cost Reimbursement Deductibles
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance $ 20 for dogs and $15 for cats 90% $100, $250 and $500

Achievements of Healthy Paws

Since 2008, they have flourished their business with great zeal and zest. They have accomplished much by serving numerous pet owners out there giving their best to make the family and the pet happy. Some of the best ones are:

  1. Online Application:

This was to top best achievement. They were the first ones to create a pet insurance app for iPhone. This app made it easier for the owners to review their policy anytime they want, to add more pets if they want and can also avail the option of changing the policy.

  1. Donations

They have firm believe in donations. The full name of this agency is The Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation, this means that every cent you give for this policy you are also donating to the foundations for pet rescue.

  1. Every Quote Give Hope program
  • Another outstanding achievement was the building up of no-interest foundation named as ‘Every Quote Give Hope’.
  • This programs already helped hundred of animal shelters and pet rescues for the pets in need whether sick or injured.
  • They care about the homeless pets and for that cash is delivered to pet adoption for life saving medical treatments including surgeries, vaccines, etc.
  • All you have to do is get a quote which would be free, from their website and it will help them make a grant.
  • Not only this, the grant program is looking out for more ways to increase the donations.

One of the quotes from this website states that:

Pets bring us joy, love, and good health, and by making pet health care a priority, we can return the favor.

Summary: Healthy Paws have gain their achievement by doing a whole let in the field of pet insurance. They have earn the fame by providing best customer services

Comparison between Trupanion and Healthy Paws:

There are number of factors which can be used to compare between the two pet insurance which are as follows:

  1. Customer Reputation
    Not all of such companies care about the customer support but to Healthy Paws the customers are everything. There are some best customer reviews because of their good services but Trupanion has some serious negative comments for their services.

  2. Timelines for Claim Reviews
    Trupanion needs up to 60 days to pay the claims which is a really long time if your pet is in dire need of medical emergency whereas the Healthy Paws can review and pay the claims within two days.

  3. Policy Coverage
    There are a lot of things provided by Healthy paws and not by trupanion or vice versa, which include;

  • Behavioral therapy is not covered by healthy paws but is included in trupanion.
  • Healthy paws offer annual deductible which is beneficial if your pet undergo multiple illness or accidents. But Trupanion offer per condition deductible which would be helpful for chronic conditions like cancer.
  1. Price of the Policy
    There is a wide range of difference in monthly cost of each pet insurance depending upon the amount of deductibles and reimbursement. Taking two different deductibles into consideration and reimbursement as 90%, following will be monthly price:
Pet Insurance Deductibles Price per Month
Healthy Paws $250 $37.56
Trupanion $250 $79.58
Healthy Paws $500 $31.92
Trupanion $100 $102.35

Summary: In comparison it is quite clear that Healthy Paws is rightly considered the best for the things they can really provide. Whereas trupanion has its own importance proving out good for the hereditary conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Healthy Paws Pet Insurance cover prescription food?

No, they do not cover prescription foods because it is also the part of routine care which is excluded from the policy.

Is Healthy Paws a good pet insurance?

Yes! of course it is a good insurance company as it offers a single plan only which is more understandable as compared to several plans offered by other companies. Processing of insurance has become quite easier with healthy paws because of the installment of online app where customers can claim and will be reviewed within two days due to fast processing.

Due to above reasons it is the best option for people who do not want to mix up in a hassle situation and would go for a simple plan.

Pet cares about you

Why do I choose Healthy Paws?

There could be several reasons for choosing this insurance:

  • If you don’t want to have options and would rather settle for one plan then this policy would be the best choice.
  • If your pet is having a medical emergency and you have placed your claim recently then this foundation would be good because it has waiting period of maximum two days unlike others.
  • Payout is unlimited for Healthy Paws.
  • They take care of your pets more like their own.

Does Healthy Paws cover medications?

Yes, they do cover prescription medications but no those which are used for routine care.

Do they cover blood work and allergies?

Yes if vet prescribed the blood test they cover for them and about allergies, if the symptom is occurring after the start of insurance then Healthy paws will definitely take care of it.

Does Healthy Paws go up every year?

No! they do not. People nowadays are more concerned about the expenses that are about to come, that’s why these type of questions are usually asked.
In case of this particular agency, there is no premium increase in the prices as they do not put an interest rates (cap) on lifetime, annual or claim payouts.

Do they increase with the pet’s age?

Another common query of pet’s family is the increment with age because pets tend to grow faster. This policy has a condition for the age of pet to be 8 weeks under 14 years of age but it does not have any condition regarding increment in the monthly cost due to age. Customers are safe for this question.


Healthy paws pet insurance and foundation was initiated to provide the rescue to the injured or adoption to the homeless pets. Because of this thoughtful proposition they have now gained an enormous fame and integrity in their field of work.

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