Banfield Pet Insurance Cost

Banfield pet insurance cost vary for different types of treatment including official visits, vaccines, dental care, etc. and preventive care of your pets. It starts by offering $21.95 a month for cats and $29.95 for dogs for the wellness plan but it is just the starter, cost increases with the facilities.
Banfield pet care veterinary hospitals

What is Banfield?

Banfield is a pet care hospital established in 1995 for the first time in Portland taking care of the pets in local residency. After four years they make their way up and expand their business to PetSmart location. Now Banfield is controlling over 1000 vet hospitals in United States.
Most of the people consider it as a pet insurance but in reality it is just a wellness plan made up for your pet’s quality care. It is a private company operating several veterinary clinic providing the best preventive health care measures to your pets.

Summary: Banfield veterinarian believes upon the wellness of pets by coming up with high quality treatment and solutions for the pet owners.

What Banfield Pet Hospital offers?

This pet hospital offers non-insurance preventive care of your pet by proposing five different wellness programs. Each of which are distinguished in their terms and conditions and also with the age of your pet.
In general number of visits to the office in a year is not limited but once you exceeds the limit of yearly exams you have to pay for your visits too. All wellness plans do share some handful of common things which are:

  • Provide physical exam fees twice.
  • Vaccines are given to the pet.
  • There’s also a facility of diagnostic testing in every plan.
  1. Early Care

This is the initial and the most simple plan applicable only for puppies and kittens younger than six months offering following coverage:

  • Fecal exams are conducted for puppies and kittens for at least three years.
  • De-worming is also carried out for 5 years for puppies and 4 years for kittens.
  1. Early Care Plus

This type is almost same as that of ‘Early Care’ only having the difference of two features which are:

  • Surgery of spay or neuter surgery will also be covered which would cost more than you think if paid without discount.
  • Providing behavioral treatment.
  1. Active Care

This wellness plan is specifically for dogs and cats over 6 months presenting the following distinguishable features:

  • Fecal exams are conducted up to 2 years.
  • De-worming is also offered for 2 years only.
  • Behavioral treatment is allowed to have too.
  1. Active Care Plus

The active care plus is the extended form of active care plan with the addition of:

  • Dental cleaning and
  • Urine testing
  1. Special Plan

This special plan as per the name indicates contain some special features making it expensive over others but at the same time more authentic. Besides the common features it contains:

  • Offers additional testing for diagnosis but for cats only.
  • Eye pressure tests are also available twice for dogs only.
  • Urine testing is provided for both of them for 2 years.
  • Electrocardiogram facility can also be availed for dogs.

We care for your Pets

Summary: The pet care hospital provides as much as it can under its wellness plan. It works as an insurance company without being called as one because it is more into pet’s health improvement than providing money.

What is not Covered in Banfield’s Wellness Plan?

Despite of the fact that it can act as a good substitute of pet insurance, there are some major things not covered by this plan some of which may be mandatory for the pet:

  • The foremost problem is not having the coverage for accidents or illness, the customer have to separately pay for them with or without having discounts from the hospital.
  • This plan is restricted to dogs and cats, excluding out all the other pets.
  • The wellness plan is offered only to those who are at Banfield’s location, people far from it or not being covered in the specific location would not be getting any advantage from this plan.
  • Because not being an insurance policy, the things which are not included in the plan would be costing much more if your pet has some serious health issues.

Summary: Thus, not being an insurance program sometimes may have a drawback but other than that this Wellness plan is so far so good for pet owners who are fulfilling all the conditions.

Banfield Pet Wellness Plan Cost

The cost of wellness plan depends on various factors which are:

  1. Type of plan

The wellness plan cost will of course vary depending upon the type of it because each type offers different features causing the variation in price range.

Type of Plan Price for Puppy or Dog Price for Kitten or Cat
Early care $35.95 $32.95
Early care plus $45.95 $39.95
Active care $31.95 $24.95
Active care plus $42.95 $37.95
Special care $54.95 $45.95
  1. Vaccination

There are different types of vaccination necessary for dogs and cat which are provided by the wellness plan affecting the cost differently:

For Cats:

Name of Virus Cost of Vaccine
Feline distemper FVRCP About $30
Feline Leukemia Virus About $30
Rabies About $25

For Dogs:

Name of Virus/ Vaccine Cost of Vaccine
Canine bordetella vaccine About $30
Lyme disease About $38
Distemper parvo DAPP vaccine About $34
Leptospirosis 4-way About $21
Rabies About $25
  1. Other Facilities

Some other facilities and features included in the coverage may vary in their costs depending upon the pet.

Type of Facility Cost for Cat Cost for Dog
Office visits $45 to $65 $45 to $65
Dental prophylaxis $300 to $400 $300 to $400
Microchip Around $40 Around $40
Spay Ranges from $250 - $300 Ranges from $350 - $400
Neuter Ranges from $180 - $210 Ranges from $350 - $400
Feline snap test Around $50
Lyme/Anaplasma test About $40

Summary: Banfield does not have any fix amount to be given, the prices may vary. Although they have 10, 15 or 20% discounts on all of their services, this may become expensive at times.

Comparison between Pet Health Insurance and Pet Wellness Plan

This comparison could be much more difficult than you think. Because sometimes your pet might have an accident or injury for which health insurance is mandatory whereas to have your pet’s disease diagnosed earlier and to prevent costly treatments to have, the wellness plan is required. Therefore it is a tough call.

Sr. No. Features Optimum Wellness Plan Pet Health Insurance
1 Injury and illness :heavy_check_mark:
2 Preventive Health Care :heavy_check_mark:
3 Proactive for veterinary care :heavy_check_mark:
4 Pre-existing conditions :heavy_check_mark:
5 Monthly payments :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
6 Comprehensive plan :heavy_check_mark:

Summary: Comparison between the two may be easy but to choose between them both is quite difficult since in their own perspectives they are both worthy. It totally depends on the situation you and your pet are facing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Banfield plan worth it?

This could be tricky because it do offer free office visits, and 10 to 15% off on most of the services and when your pets get sick this option is worth considering. But if your pet doesn’t get sick this won’t even be an option.

Is Banfield cheaper than a regular vet?

Usually the private vet clinics are more cheaper than the private Banfield like hospitals. Because they would also compensate the cost of their own infra structure.

Does Banfield offer pet insurance?

No, it does not offer pet insurance actually. The wellness plan is more of a discount plan for the preventive health care services applicable only in Banfields vet clinics


Banfield pet insurance cost variously from $20 to $60 depending highly upon the type of pet you have and the facilities you want to avail. At time it can be costly But all in all Banfield pet care hospital is worth trying.

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Banfield Pet Insurance Cost

Banfield Pet Insurance Cost: When you have a dog, your finances are important. As much as you love them, dogs are an expense. Costs from their special diet to their grooming supplies to their medical care can add up quickly. Therefore, when you are looking at economical ways to budget for veterinary costs, you can consider a welfare plan.

Banfield Pet Hospital, which partnered with Pet Smart in 1994 to bring its animal services to Pet Smart stores, provides optimal wellness plans for puppies and adult dogs. Its welfare plan focuses on providing low-cost preventive care services for your dogs.

The company is dedicated to creating the best healthy and positive environment for its dog. Its optimal wellness plans can help provide you with vet visits, vaccinations, deworming and more. But what is the cost of Banfield’s wellness plan, and will it fit your budget?

Banfield Pet Insurance Cost: Review

It is important to remember that Banfield welfare plans are not the same as pet insurance. Review our Banfield Pet Insurance costs. This video from Banfield Pet Hospital explains a little more about its optimal wellness plans:

So, with this in mind, is the Banfield welfare plan worth the cost? How this welfare do schemes stack up for others as a cost?

Well, it depends on how you look at it. Bainfield wellness insurance policies cover routine and preventive care services rather than high-cost emergency services. However, the monthly amount of Bainfield plans is similar to those you would expect to pay insurance premiums every month.

However, most insurance companies do not reimburse you for the services that Banfield will do. So, if you can fit a monthly plan and insurance policy into your monthly budget, then it is a good thing.


Different Plans to Choose From

With three different adult dog plans and two different puppy plans, Bainfield gives you plenty of options to choose a plan to fit your budget. Plans range from 25.95 to 42.95. When you think about it, it is a very small price to pay large monthly costs through the year each month for small monthly costs.

In addition, choosing only the extra covers you need ensures that you are not paying for things that you have not used. Banfield provides basic services in its plans, and if you require more, you can add more for additional costs.

No Confusing Deductibles Or Reimbursement Levels

Unlike insurance policies for dogs, Bainfield pets cost a low, monthly fee. You will not have to make any deductions before being reimbursed for any covered service. And, your reimbursement will be mentioned in your welfare plan, so you will not be surprised how much you will have to pay for medical care.


Additional Cost for Basic Services

Because Banfield welfare plans include only the services that your puppy or dog will need the most to keep monthly costs down, you may need to pay for any additional services you want. Unfortunately, some of these services, such as spaying or neutering and parasite prevention, have very regular coverage that many dog ​​owners want. Therefore, your monthly cost may be higher than the original cost for each plan.

How Much Does Banfield Wellness Plan Cost?

With Banfield, you have 2 puppy plan options and 3 adult dog options. Additionally, there are customizable options to add additional coverage to your policies if you need them. Therefore, you have several options to choose from to create the best wellness plan for yourself and your dog, without having to worry about spending money on the things you need.

Banfield is very transparent with its cost. On its website, it lists the monthly costs of each of its optimal wellness plans:

  • Early Care (Puppies): $ 28.95 plus 5% discount on services
  • Early Care Plus (Puppies): 10% off on $ 35.95 plus services
  • Essential Wellness (Adult Dogs): $ 25.95 plus 10% off services
  • Active Prevention (Adult Dogs): $ 32.95 plus 15% off services
  • Special care (adult dogs): $ 42.95 plus 20% off services

This additional option cost can be discussed with a representative, as customized plans will vary.

Conclusion: Banfield Wellness Plan Prices

Banfield Welfare Plan prices are respectable for a welfare plan. In fact, Banfield provides the most reliable and loved welfare planning service. Its customers, in general, love that the plans provide financial support for regular and preventive care costs. Those who understand that these plans should not be confused with dog insurance understand the importance of its coverage.

Remember that a wellness plan helps you spend the entire year for regular medical care. Banfield reimburses you a fixed price per service based on your plan. You should not worry about confusing deductibles and reimbursement levels. If you are worried about repeated vet visits and the cost of vaccinations, consider getting a Banfield Wellness.