Definition of Diagnosis:

  1. The identification of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms.

  2. The distinctive characterization in precise terms of a genus, species, or phenomenon.

  3. Identification of a condition, disease, disorder, or problem by systematic analysis of the background or history, examination of the signs or symptoms, evaluation of the research or test results, and investigation of the assumed or probable causes. Effective prognosis is not possible without effective diagnosis.

Synonyms of Diagnosis

Pap test, Action, Anatomic diagnosis, Award, Biological diagnosis, Biopsy, Clinical diagnosis, Condemnation, Consideration, Construction, Cytodiagnosis, Decision, Decree, Definition, Deliverance, Description, Determination, Dictum, Differential diagnosis, Digital examination, Doom, Electrocardiography, Electroencephalography, Electromyography, Examination, Finding, Interpretation, Laboratory diagnosis, Mammography, Meaning, Oral examination, Order, Physical diagnosis, Physical examination, Postmortem diagnosis, Precedent, Prognosis, Pronouncement, Reading, Resolution, Ruling, Sentence, Serodiagnosis, Smear, Study, Test, Urinalysis, Uroscopy, Verdict, Way of seeing, Work-up, Identification, Recognition, Discovery, Detection, Pinpointing, Reading, Determination

How to use Diagnosis in a sentence?

  1. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential.
  2. The diagnosis my doctor gave me was bad. He looked all my tests and both sides of my families history to come to that.
  3. I had some health issues that were had to describe and my doctor had a very difficult time coming up with a diagnosis .
  4. A doctors first objective, besides alleviating pain, is to provide the most accurate possible diagnosis so that effective treatment can be identified and implemented.

Meaning of Diagnosis & Diagnosis Definition

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