Nursing home

Nursing home,

Definition of Nursing home:

  1. A licensed center that provides care to those unable to care for themselves or who have a chronic illness. Also called a long-term nursing facility.

Synonyms of Nursing home

VA hospital, Almshouse, Asylum, Base hospital, Clinic, Community hospital, Convalescent home, Convalescent hospital, Evacuation hospital, Field hospital, Foster home, General hospital, Halfway house, Home, Hospice, Hospital, Hospitium, Infirmary, Inpatient clinic, Maison de sante, Mental hospital, Orphanage, Osteopathic hospital, Outpatient clinic, Policlinic, Polyclinic, Poor farm, Poorhouse, Private hospital, Proprietary hospital, Public hospital, Rest home, Retreat, Sanatorium, Sick bay, Sickbed, Sickroom, Special hospital, Station hospital, Surgical hospital, Teaching hospital, Veterans hospital, Voluntary hospital, Ward, Well-baby clinic, Workhouse

Meaning of Nursing home & Nursing home Definition