Puppy hiccups

Puppy hiccups are caused by the spasms in their diaphragm just like humans. Puppy hiccups can result from these canines drinking or eating too fast if they are excited or tired or even cold. The biological mechanism behind the hiccups is that the opening between vocal cords called glottis closes abruptly. Diaphragm muscle spasm mean that there is sudden movement in the muscles that is involuntary.

Why do mammals hiccups?

Hiccup phenomenon found is in the mammals but the reason of such action is still unknown either in dogs or humans. We cannot say why this happens because it occurs for various reasons. There is one theory that suggests that hiccups is the left over of the the uterine development. When in womb mammals get hiccups because that is a check for their breathing. In this way the strength of the muscles involved in breathing can be known.
Puppy hiccups can also be due to gas in their stomach which gets relived through this process.

What is the solution to puppy hiccups?

Puppy hiccups are not a serious problem. They must get resolved on their own. There are obviously many tips for getting rid of the hiccups but actually they are not confirmed remedies. They are getting scared, pulling your tongue out or holding the breath. It may work for some and won’t work at all for rest.
In case of puppies these remedies are not as useful because in the first place they cannot hold their breath. Then if you try pulling his tongue out or scaring him. This may be more bothersome than the puppy hiccups themselves.
Tips for curing puppy hiccups
Puppy hiccups can be relieved through the following tips
• The breathing pattern may be disturbed so bringing that back to the prior normal rhythm is one cure for hiccups. Just hold them and lay them on their back and give gentle rubs on their tummy. The kind gesture will also create a more friendly bond between both of you.
• In humans drinking water helps in reducing the hiccups. Puppies can also do the same by drinking water they can calm the puppy hiccups but they should not hurriedly drink it rather stay calm.
• The reason for hiccups is that the dogs maybe eating too fast causing a muscle spasm. This can be avoided by feeding them in small portions throughout the day so that they are never too hungry to eat impatiently.

If even after trying these remedies the puppy hiccups are not going away then you should get them to a vet. Hiccups can get serious if there are wheezing sounds associated with them leading to some breathing difficulty then it should be given some serious attention.

Puppies are actually cheerful little fellows and get excited too quickly. So their reaction may lead their diaphragm muscles to contract leading the muscles between the vocal cords to close abruptly causing the ‘hic’ sound. They may also be eating or drinking too fast that will lead into hiccups but that may also be part of either being too excited or too hungry. Although the puppy hiccups solely are of no danger at all. If you are thinking that puppy hiccups mean something wrong is going on inside your puppy then actually it’s just an involuntary muscle response which can mostly go away on its own. The new owners of the little ones may get more concerned but getting a visit to the veterinary is nothing to be afraid of. You may ba able to understand their mechanism.

Puppy health

Puppies are adorable animals and you cannot get enough of them if they are in your favourite lists. You would just want to go and grab a cutie pie to cuddle him. Off course you should do that but before bringing them home you should know that there are many things you have to take care of. You cannot take any risks because these are living creatures and just like human babies they should be looked after with care and seriousness.
Select a healthy pure bred puppy
There is no single breed of puppies, you have to do your search before getting one. Each of the breed have their own personality, temperament and energy level that has to match with you and your family. Let us have a look at how you can select a good one to go with you.
You will see frequent advertisements on the internet or in the newspapers by the breeders that they offer pure breeds to their customers. The more they are bombarded there would be more confusion. You should rather go to authentic website to see which breeders offer the best puppies in good health.

■■■■■■■ licence

Remember that the breeders who are commercially breeding the puppies in the pet stores and they are liscenced. You should check their liscence so in case you can make any claim. For exams American Kennel Club has 30 such breeders registered and you can find them.on the internet to select your pet shop.

Puppy mill

There has been a term quite widely used and it is called puppy mill. They operate through internet and seek the puppies direct to the client. Not to forget that these are unlicensed and the animals are kept in the most unhygienic conditions. So puppy hiccups is one thing. You will be buying just lot more diseases and unhealthy puppy. They have large number of dogs with no care given.

Pure breed

Always go for the pure breed because they have least of the health problems and their owner are keeping them in safe and healthy environment. They are also putting constant effort into seeking ways to cure their genetic diseases. These balanced pedigree programs know what precautionary measures need to be taken in the face of temperamental analysis, confirmation, pedigree research and genetic testing.

Choose from the best

Beware of the fact that breeders will always put forward their best breed for show and try to sell that first. Ask them the necessary questions that if they allow you to come to their kennel or home to see the pet. Clean pet owners will definitely allow that. And yes ask for their registration as well. Another good way of knowing more about the puppy you are to buy is to meet the parents as well. You will in most cases find the mother because the stud dog maybe somewhere else. Meeting solely the mother will give you good information but stud dog’s semen may have gotten delivered for breeding.

Age of puppy

Here it is important to know the till what time you should get the puppy home. The timeline is 8 to 12 weeks old. Younger than that the puppies are fragile to move from their environment. You should ask for their age and then decide to bring them home. When you bring them home make sure they are properly immunized. They should be given the right kind of exposure to people as possible. There they get to see the people the better they are socialized.

Healthy signs

Finally the signs that reflect a healthy puppy is first a clean environment they have been raised into be it a home or facility. Their ■■■■ should be sold not having diarrhea. Their eyes and nose should not be runny rather a clean nose and am right eyes. Check for their activity that if they are running and curious not lethargic. Puppy owners who have spent eight to twelve weeks with them know their personalities as well. Some tend to be shy while others can be active and bold. So tell the owner about your family so they choose the right one from the litter. A family with children will have a bold puppy to Pace with their energy while a shy puppy will go good with an owner who is single so the environment is not altogether overwhelming for them.

Health guarantee

Some of the responsible buyers also give health guarantee. Better avail this opportunity because in case anything goes wrong with the puppy and you cannot look after its health issues you can see for the terms in the health guarantee you have signed. Some may give the leverage to take the puppy back while others also cover the vet expenses. Some states have ‘lemon laws’ that gives customers some protection so before going for a purchase just go through them.


Choosing for the right ■■■■■■■ us the first step into getting g a pet puppy. You may have cheaper rates from the large pet owners but they do not necessarily have the clean conditions to keep their pet. You should have the liberty to meet the puppy’s mother and other family members so you can see their health and reduced chances of contracting any diseases. Not just see for puppy hiccups. If your puppy is carrying any infection, work or parasites from the ■■■■■■■ they are most likely to infect you and your family as well. So you are not just making sure that the puppy is healthy but also that you are staying healthy. See for the signs and if the puppy is actively running around because a healthy puppy will follow around and look bright and clean.

Puppy care

Puppies are delicate and not really ready to adapt to all kinds of environment. So when you bring one home you should make sure that all the prerequisites are followed. Especially when you are bringing them home your surrounding should be clean and well developed for these puppies to grow up healthy without any stress.

How to choose the seller?

Many people will be confused for where to get their desired puppy from. It is highly suggested to get one from the pound, rescue or dog shelter. Do not go for sellers who have kept an unhygienic environment for their puppies. The small scale sellers are a good option because they do not sell to dealer and have kept the environment immaculate for healthy breeding.

What puppy preparations are required?

Puppy hiccups are one thing you may deal with while bringing one home but there are other preparations at home before you are becoming an owner.
• Chew toys
• A crate or a folding gate to keep the puppies in one area
• Grooming brushes
• Dog bed
• Water and food bowl
• Collars and leash that have tags on them so you can write your phone number and address.

How to do puppy proofing?

Puppies are also babies and they have a hazard of putting everything in their mouth. This may result in choking and engulfing something poisoning. Be careful with these tips
• Get a garbage trash can that is covered and secured
• Put the medicines, antifreeze, cleaning liquids and motor oil in lock
• Close the windows low to ground
• Keep the cords and breakable things away from their reach

How to choose the right puppy food?

You do not want to experience any upset stomach that may cause puppy hiccups. Choose the food that is designed specially for them. It is different from the adult dogs. They do not have such strong stomachs to endure the heavy foods. Their demand for nutrition is more because they have to need it for growth. Especially at young age you should make sure they get plenty of fresh water.

How to estimate the quantity of food needed for your puppy?

The need for food is defined by their age, height and weight. They will eat as much food given to them as possible. Impatience can lead to puppy hiccups. Not to forget that over eating can cause indigestion so you have to keep a track of the food requirements and keep an eye on them while eating so you can know if they are keeping up well with their health. Going to a vet a asking for their opinion is much better.

Where to put your puppy to sleep?

Sleep is equally good for the puppies as their food since they need a good comfy nap to grow properly at least for ten to twelve hours a day. Get a crate for them in the first place. Although it is suggested that you should keep them in your bedroom so to make a bonding with them. They should have a crate for them so that they feel all comfy and safe. They should be used for sleeping only or traveling. They shouldn’t be bound in the crates and when putting inside them.for sleeping keep the door open so that they find it a safe place to sleep and also freedom of going in and out on their will.

How to keep the puppy happy outdoors?

Puppies are not indoor dwellers you have to make time to keep them outdoors as well by taking them to play and for a walk. If you want to keep it in a yard then make sure you fence it well. Provide them with plenty of water so they are hydrated. In case of Summers get them a shady spot while in winter’s keep them warm enough.
What to do after the puppy is home?
Puppies come to your home seeking love and joy. Give them all the attention and care you can so that they get adjusted to your home environment easily. To have a nice bonding put their crate inside your bedroom so they remain as close to you as possible. After a week or so make an appointment with the vet to get all the questions answered related to puppy health or puppy hiccups

How to toilet train your puppy?

Not to get into any mess pick up the signs when your puppy wants to excrete. They will start sniffing the ground and look for a spot to do their job. As you notice this get them outside and when they are done appreciate them. Puppies need to take a round after some while so you should be prepared for few accidents. You can use the pads made for this purpose if puppy is kept more indoors.

How to train the puppy?

Training the puppy is important so they grow up to be obedient and disciplined dogs. If you are yourself unable to do that then you can go for the obedience classes meant for this purpose. They will be with other dogs and learn better with them. You can side by side your work at home with them. All you need is to show little patience and kindness to take your puppy into obedient kind.

Should you play with your puppy?

Playtime is as important among the puppies as it is in children. You should spent the right kind of time with your puppy playing so that they can work on their body coordination and also utilize the energy in the right place. Use the toys because of you use your hand or other things then they will play with them afterwards.

What are the strolling prerequisite?

Walking is always good and always suggestible for puppies. Even if they are running all the day in the yard still for a good mental and physical exercise they should be taken for a walk once in a while. Sixty minutes in a day are enough and can be broken into three or four walks. Before that make sure you have vaccinated the puppy so he does not pick up on germs or diseases on your way.

How to deal with kids and puppy both?

If you have a space where kids and puppy have to go along then keep an eye on them all the time. Both are naïve and sometimes they can play hard without knowing the consequences. Keep them under the radar all the time do to avoid any kind of injury.

How to care for claws and coat of your puppy?

Different breeds have different kind of coats and furs. For a the types there are separate kind of brushes. You can get to know about them with a visit to the vet. Make sure to brush them daily to keep it nice looking. Their nails should also be trimmed time to time so that overgrown nails done not stress the wrists of the puppies. Learn to clip or trim whatever suits them so that they do not harm the furniture or people.

How to deal with table scraps?

Some puppies develop the habit to feed from.the human tables. It is not a good idea because there are many foods that are not suitable for foods which are regular in the humans diet. Chocolate, salt, avocados, onion, garlic, alcohol, raisins and grapes are few to name. If you feel they have engulfed something dangerous then can for help or visit the vet immediately.

Is chocolate good for puppies?

Chocolates are not a good food for your dog. Better to keep it away from their reach because once they have had their hands on it they’ll definitely eat it. Puppies and dogs eat whatever they find around them but they cannot digest the chocolate in the first place. The consequences can be dire. In case if they have swallowed it and now experiencing pain then call for help or take them to vet immediately.

Which plants are not good for the puppy?

Puppies can chew on to anything in their way. You need to keep an eye on them all the time. If you have plants in the yard or even indoors they will definitely put them in the mouth as well. Few of the plants that are not good for puppies are shamrocks, rhubarb leaves, rhododendron, foxglove, yew, azalea, oleander and Lilly of valley. Do not let them swallow any part of it and if they have call immediately for help.

What are the right times for vaccination?

Vaccination prevents your puppy from multiple illnesses. Get to know the right time for vaccinations. At 6- 9 weeks get your puppy vaccinated for parovirus, canine hepatitis, parainfluenza and distemper. At the time of 12-16 weeks get them vaccinated for rabies. There are other choices of shots as well which you can get as per requirement and especially after talking to your vet.

How to fight flees?

Flees are contagious and if your puppy has caught just one flee then your whole house is infected. Look for the signs for having flees on the puppies which include, skin infection, severe itching and scratching, redness or flee droppings around the house. Go visit a vet to know the treatment for flees. If there are more than one person at home then get them all treated not just the infected one.

How to deal with puppy parasites?

Puppies can get infected with parasites and this is absolutely not good for the pet and the owner. Talk to your puppy’s vet to know how to deal with them. The puppies that commonly get hookworm or roundworms which can easily be passed on to humans. Dangerous for both. If puppies get intestinal parasites then that is detrimental for their health.

When to spray or neuter the animal?

Spaying or neutering mean that dogs reproductive organs are removed for good in this way you are saving them from many problems. But what is the right time to neuter or spay your dog. It is considered that you can spay your dog as early as two months of age but vets suggest to wait till 4 to 6 months old. You can also contact the local humane society or the shelter home if it is too costly for you.

How do you know if your puppy is not well?

Your puppy can fall sick anytime for any reason still they would try to stay as active as possible. You have to look for the signs that tell a-lot about their changed temperament leading to sickness. Sleeping more, diarrhoea, fever, sneezing, coughing, vomiting, eating less and not eating at all. This is the time to contact your vet to get them right.

How to pick the right vet?

Choose the right vet for your puppy. They are ones who are going to guide you for managing the health matters. You may be able to find a cheaper one but that will only risk your puppy’s well being. Ask your friends for suggestions. Visit the few preferred options and see if they are clean and well managed themselves. The staff should be trained and friendly with you and the animals. Be it you puppy hiccups or other issues you should be comfortable with your vet as you are with your own doctor.


Puppy hiccups are not much of a problem because they can go on their own. They are a serious problem if prolonged and associated with other breathing problem. You should be vigilant for the signs your puppy is showing other than puppy hiccups. Just like children are fragile so are puppies. You need to prepare yourself in the first place to get a puppy at home. You should prepare everything from your home to getting yourself trained. The prospects of a child and puppy can be alike and different in the same time. If you already have children at home then they should also be schooled upon how to deal with these little ones because they will be spending more time with them. Be it puppy hiccups or any other matter your vet guides you well to choose them wisely especially if you are unaware of dealing with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it bad for puppies to get too much hiccups?

Puppies get hiccups after they wake up, naps or excited. They can be resulting after they are eating or drinking too fast. They are not dangerous so owners should not worried about them. They are just reaction of irritated diaphragm

2. How long does it take for hiccups to get serious?

Hiccups are not a serious problem but if they are as prolonged as 48 hours and you need to see if these puppy hiccups are now interfering breathing, eating or drinking.

3. What is the reason for having puppy hiccups?

When dogs and puppies eat or drink too fast in a way that they are taking in most of the air as well. This can cause their diaphragm to start giving a reaction that will lead into throat producing the hiccups sound.

4. Why do puppies luck face?

Puppies luck your face as they have learned this from their mother or other dogs from the litter. Their behaviour shows live and affection towards their owner. Same affection is shown by their others to them and same is reflected to them when they lick human face.

5. What are the common puppy illnesses?

The common illnesses among the puppies are vomiting, leptospirosis, adenovirus, kennel cough, distemper and parvovirus.

6. What is the concerning time for puppies?

If puppy is showing signs like blinking excessively, squinting.’, having discharge from the eyes or pawing the eyes then take them to the vet immediately.

7. What are the initial signs of parvo in puppies?

The common initial signs are diarrhea, persistent vomiting, low body temperature, fever, bloating, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and lethargy.

8. Is it common for puppies to get sick ?

Getting sick can be common in the form of diarrhea or vomiting. This can be attributed to dietary indiscretion, viral, bacterial, amoeba infections, other worms. And another big reason can be rehoming and the dress caused by that.

9. Should a dog be fed after vomiting?

If a dog vomits the there is definitely some problem with the digestion so it is recommended to feed them after few hours. If dog vomits once and then acts normal then you can get back on the normal feeding routing after a gap of 12 hours or whenever they are supposed to be fed next. Yes but give them the necessary fluids

10. What to be done after the puppy throws up?

It is best to contact the concerned vet after the puppy has vomiting complaints. They will prescribe the appropriate medicines which will help in relieving the condition.

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