How to tel how old dog is

While playing with a dog or before adapting it from the pet shop, everybody asks about the age. In this way, most of the people keep exploring to know “how to tell how old a dog is.

How to tell how old dog is

  • Alternatively, we can say that “how to tell how old a dog is”, is the most common question when the owners adopt the pups.

  • Luckily, there are several ways to identify the age of your dog, and all of them are mentioned in the blog. Rather than going for a DNA test or any other means to analyze age, have a look at this complete guide.

  • The answer to your question that how to tell how old a dog is, is much simple. Keep yourself engaged with the article until the end and know all of the possible ways.

  • The blog is throwing light on some of the physical attributes, which clearly show that how old a dog is.

Check Their Teeth

  • The easiest and reliable way in “How to tell how old a dog is” is to examine the teeth. According to the research, you can clearly identify the age of your pup by checking the growth of the champers.

  • Know that the puppies up to the four weeks do not contain teeth at all. While on the other hand, puppies between the four to eight week will contain needle-sharp teeth (temporarily).

  • When puppy starts growing, they got the permanent teeth, which are clean, bright and sharp.

  • They got these permanent teeth at the age of three to four months. The teeth keep becomes brighter with the increasing age of the dog.

  • After the first year of the dog’s life, the teeth start to reflect wear. At the very start, you will notice the stains and plaque on the teeth.

  • Moreover, in the third year of their age dog’s teeth start to become yellow and reflect the prominent plaque.
    At the age of five, dogs contain the tartar, the teeth that are less pointed or may be worn down. At this age, dogs are more closer to get the dental diseases.

  • While, the older dogs at the age of ten contain weak, loose, and cracked teeth. In this way by examining the teeth of your pup, you cover the first step of 'how to tell how old a dog is’.

Examine Their Coat

  • Just like the human hair, dog also changes the color and texture of their hair or coat.
  • At the age of seven to ten, when the dog is old enough, the coat starts reflecting the grey color.
  • Old dogs contain the grey or some white at their muzzle, chest, and as well as on haunches.

*Do not always interpret the gray hair as a sign of old age, the color change can be due to stress or depression.

Look at Their Eyes

  • Eyes are the doors of personality, and for dogs, eyes are the doors to identify the age. With the growing age, the eyes of the dogs start to become cloudy and develop discharge.

  • According to the research, this eye discharge and cloudly effect becomes prominent at the age of six to eight years.

  • However, discussing the condition with your vet is healthy to ensure that dog is not suffering from disease. As well, taking to your vet will also help to analyze that your dog is not losing sight and eyes are healthy enough.

Pay Attention to Their Hearing

  • Along with the vision, paying attention to hearing also gives the answer of how to tell how old a dog is.

  • Hearing is a sense, which may start to become weak with the growing age in dogs as well. Younger dogs have a strong sense of hearing as compared to older or aged dogs.

  • Therefore, test their sense of hearing by different ways to guess the age that how old your dog is.

  • Consider Their Muscles and Build
    Besides, puppies are rich in soft and rounded bodies with little muscle tone as compare to the old dogs.

  • The paws and the ears of the young dogs appear oversized. While on the other hand, middle-aged dogs are rich in good health and have strong visible muscles with defined shape.

  • Whereas, the old age dogs have the decreased muscle tone and they start to become bony.

  • Notice Mobility and Activity Level
    In the answer to your question about how to tell how old a dog is, the next point is the mobility of dogs.

  • Know that the young pups are highly active and excited about each thing. While on the other hand, old and aged dogs contain less energy and reflect difficulty in mobility.

  • To guess the age, notice the going up or downstairs, jumping and as well as running energy of your dog.

Don’t Forget Genetics

While these strategies may help, you gauge your dog’s age, only one out of every odd dog ages similarly. Contingent upon their variety, clinical history, diet, and level of movement, your dog may give indications of maturing early or stay spritely into their later years.


Finding the answer to the question “How to tell how old a dog is" lets you in reading some of the ways. By physically noticing your dog will give you the answer about the age of your pup. Some of the things to notice are the muscles, bones, teeth along with the coat. As well as noticing, the activities of the dog along with their energy can also give you the idea about the age.
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