Benefits of dog

Do you know that there is a wide range of the benefits of having a dog? Most of the people want to know the benefits of having Dog while selecting any pet for them.

Advantage of pets

They want to know that whether buying a dog will be beneficial or not. Luckily, there is a complete list of the benefits, emotionally and as well as physically.

You will notice the dog owners are always in a fresh and active mood. They are highly social and well mannered towards other animals. As well as, they always feel safe because their dog is with them, the best bodyguard ever.
Some of the benefits are short-listed here so without wasting time let’s have a look at them.
Know about these benefits of having a dog before moving to the pet shop. All of the benefits are convincing you to bring a dog as your pet.

Benifits of dog

Dogs Enhance Your Mood
Unbelievably, Dogs are a great way to enhance your mood and as well as temperament. According to research, people who suffer from some diseases have the minimum chance of getting depression if they are having a Dog. Moreover, the chance of getting any disease also reduces by having a dog as your pet and friend. Therefore, move ahead with your plan to get a dog because other benefits are also there in your path.

  • Dogs Help to Control Blood Pressure
    Dogs not only play the role of the pet but also as a treatment of medical issues.

  • Most of the health experts say that the benefits of having a dog includes the less blood pressure and heart diseases. Try to spend more time with your dog rather than having medicines. Know that having the dog also reduces the cholesterol and triglyceride level because they keep the person active.

  • Dogs becomes the source of Exercise
    We all are aware that dogs love to play with the owner and love to go for the morning walk. The Dog’s love for playing in a park or even at home results in a healthy owner.

  • Dogs are great companions who urge the owner for the daily walk, which is healthy for the dog and for the owner. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle also includes the benefits of having a dog.
    Feeding, bathing, and as well as, playing with the dogs keep you active and is a good source of exercise.

An antidote for loneliness

No matter if you are living with family or alone, a Dog is always there for you. Pouring out your heart and sharing your emotions with them is good mental therapy.

  • Besides, people feel safe to share their secrets with their dogs by believing that the pets understand them. Above all, the pets especially Dog gives the unconditional and faithful love to their Owner.
  • Therefore while exploring the benefits of having a Dog, an antidote for loneliness will always include.

Reduce Stress

A daily walk, playing with your dog, and always having them by your side is a big reason for stress reduction. Research says that among the benefits of having a Dog, reducing stress is the biggest one.

  • People who are having dogs relieve stress faster as compared to the people having no Dog.

Long Life

Above benefits of having a dog results in providing a long life. As we mentioned above that, dogs help you in getting a healthy and active lifestyle, due to which, a person can live longer. It has been proved from research that people with an absence of a dog in their life are more likely to live short lives. While on the other hand, people having a dog are more likely to live healthy and long life.

Better Social Skills

In case if you are struggling with yourself to improve your social skills, then have Dog. Many People are improving their social skills by having the Dogs. Therefore, let us say that having enhanced social skills includes the benefits of having a Dog. As well as, kids who grow up with dogs at their home always show respectful behavior toward other living things.


No need to worry about safety when you have a dog pet. Dogs are well known because of their guarding nature. They not only keep you safe but also detect the danger before it takes place. In this way, dog owner feels safe, and as well as confident in the presence of their dogs.

A Healthier Heart

A continuous feeling of being safe, having a healthy routine including daily walk and running, keeps the heart-healthy. An active person is far away from getting the heart diseases. As mentioned above that, dogs play an important role in keeping a person active. It means that dogs are responsible for the healthy heart of their owner.
How to teach your dog to play ■■■■?

Teaching your pet some tricks such as sit, roll, and fetch are easier but teaching your dog to play ■■■■ and such tricks is hard. This is because to us these tricks are easy because we not only understand the language but also the cues we use, the difficult part is to make your dog understand what you are saying through these cues or the signals or your voice. So, if you want to teach your dog this trick of playing ■■■■, you need to keep in mind that this will not happen in a single day or a single step.

To teach your dog how to play ■■■■, you need to follow a certain step, so that your dog not only learns it but also keeps it in its memory. This can be only achieved with the help of repeated practice. Make your dog practice the steps that are given below so that your dog learns “how to play ■■■■?” when instructed. Below are some of the steps that you can follow to teach your dog how to play ■■■■?

Steps to follow:

Follow these steps:

Teach your dog to follow the basic commands:

If you want your dog to play and learn any trick that you want, you must teach your dog to follow your basic commands. If your dog is unable to follow your basic commands, you should first work on that before starting to teach you this complicated trick of playing ■■■■. Start with basic instructions that your dog sits on your commands, lies down on your command.

Some other basic commands as well. Make sure that your dog knows what you are trying to say. For example, when you say go, your dog should know what you want it to do, when you say fetch, your dog should not only know but should also follow your command.

Instruct to sit and lie down:

This is the first step of this trick, you should first teach your dog to sit and lie down. Instruct and practice with your dog that when you say sit, it should sit and when you say lie down, your dog should lie down. These two are the first steps of teaching the trick of playing ■■■■, your dog first needs to sit and lie down. Once your dog has practiced following these commands, you can move towards the next step.

Instruct to roll:

This is the second instruction in teaching your dogs to play ■■■■. Once your dog is on the floor, you should place your hand on the back of your dog and gently rub the back of your dog and teach it to roll. Also, add a cue or a signal to this instruction apart from the rubbing. This will help you instruct your dog to play ■■■■ even without touching it.

Instruct to be calm and still:

Once your dog has learned to sit, lie down, and roll, it is time for you to teach your dog to play calm and still. It is the last step in teaching your dog the trick to play ■■■■. Once your dog is rolled, rub his chest to make it feel and let your dog feel that you are happy with what your dog is doing. This is what makes your dog feel happy and satisfied.

Add cues and signals:

After teaching all of the above steps by simply making your dog do one after another, it is time to combine all of these into one trick and adding signals and cues. These signals and cues will help your dog identify what you want your dog to do. For example, you can add language instructions, such as sit, lie down, and roll or the word “play ■■■■”. Apart from these, you can also add hand cues to instruct your dog to sit stand and lie down or roll over and play ■■■■.

Make sure that these instructions are based on single words and not on complete sentences. Call your dog by name and also instruct it through your words. This will make your dog follow the commands quickly and will help you enhance the speed of teaching tricks as well.

Reward your dog:

When you are teaching your dog any kind of trick, including playing the ■■■■ trick, it is very important that you let your dog feel that you are happy with what it has done. This encourages your dogs to do more of the same trick and make you happier.

You must also reward your dog when it successfully learns a step of a complete trick. This rewarding of your dog will enhance the speed of learning tricks and your dog will quickly be able to master the tricks and perform them with one instruction.

Repeat these steps:

Teaching your dog to play a trick is like playing with it. You should keep repeating these steps so that your dog never forgets this trick that you have taught it. If you do not make it repeat these steps, there is a chance that it will no longer remember your instruction and will not be able to perform the trick. That is why practice and repeating the steps of the trick of playing ■■■■ is important.
To wrap it up, dogs are highly beneficial for the owner and as well as for the society. They keep a guard on the owner and as well as to house which is a top benefit of having a dog. The list of benefits of having a dog contains the healthy body of the owner. Dogs not only keep the person physically active but as well, as serve them at the mental level. Daily walk and playing in the park aids in more positive changes in the health of a person.
All of the benefits of having a dog provide a healthy heart and as well, as boosts blood circulation. The reduction of stress is another important point in the benefits of having a dog. Most of the researches showed that people who are having dogs at their homes are more likely to live a healthy and long life. Therefore, if you are planning to have any pets, the dog should be your priority. Dogs become the good friends of their owners and feel their energy. They always listen to you and bring fresh and happy change in your bad moods. At last, dogs make your life entertaining and vanish all of your boredom.