What is a Dog Crate For?

What is a Dog Crate For?

A dog crate is a large cage made up of plastic or metal for your dog to provide shelter. A dog crate is large enough that you can stand and move around in it easily. Dog care is very useful for both dog owners and dogs. Because it provides safety and a protective shelter to the dog.

Usually, a dog crate is considered a prison for dogs when they are not behaving nicely. But considering it as a prison for your dog is not a good idea. A dog crate can be used for useful purposes. Some of the prominent uses of dog crate are:

Uses of Dog Crate

Following are some of the benefits of using a dog crate:

  • It provides a secure shelter to your dog
  • Dogs can revive their energy and can retreat when tired, stressed or sick
  • Dog carte is ideal for puppies to protect them from adult dogs
  • For dog owners, it is easier to leave your dog in the crate when you are not at home. You do not have to worry about leaving him alone at home.
  • If you are traveling you can take your dog with you with complete safety and protection.

To make your dog use the dog crate you need to provide him proper training and choose the right crate for your dog. Before getting a crate for your dog do proper research and find out what suits your dog. A detail about buying guide for your dog crate will be helpful in this respect.

However, few steps that can help you get a perfect dog crate for your dog are:

Pick the Right One

The first and the important thing to consider while picking a dog crate is to choose the right size according to your dog. A smaller dog crate will not help in any way and creates additional trouble for you and your dog. Choose the right size and perfect material that will last for a longer time. Make sure it is durable as well as comfortable for your dog.

Train Your Dog to Use it

Dog training is essential to prepare your dog to use the dog crate. Establish the mindset of your dog and make him understand that it is for safety not to trap him in it. Also, do not let your dog stay in for a long time in the crate. Your dog will get frustrated and trapped as a result he refuses to go inside the crate.

Make it Comfortable for your Dog

To develop the interest of your dog to use the crate the one thing you can do is make it comfortable. Use soft towels or a pillow for your dog to sleep comfortably. The more comfortable it is more it will attract the dog inside. It will also easier for the dog owners because they do not have to do extra effort to prepare the dog to use it.

Make it Fun and Interesting for your Dog

It is the most important step of training your dog to use the dog crate. Search for crate games for your dog and play such games with your dog. You can also place your dog’s favorite toys inside the crate and it will also allow your dog to go inside easily.

Do not Make your Dog Feel Trapped in Crate

One of the major factors that dogs lose interest in dog crates and refuse to use them are staying inside for too long. Do not ever make your dog feel trapped inside the dog crate. Use it only when you need it and never let your dog inside it as a punishment.

Doing this will create a negative impact on your dog and he will never use it again. Also, trapping your dog inside the crate for a long time can make him depressed and sick. So, avoid using it as a punishment.

Be Patient and Give Reward to your Dog

Training will take some time and you have to be patient with it. Because your pets cannot learn something instantly. Try different techniques or play games to let your dog understand that he has to use the crate as a protective shelter.

Do not forget to reward your dog once he understands and learns your commands to use the crate. A reward is always a great appreciation for your pets and it encourages them to do what you want them to do.


Dog crates are essential and a useful element of keeping a dog at home. Using a dog crate for your dog provides you various benefits and makes it easier to have a dog. Described above are few prominent things to keep in mind while letting your dog go inside the crate. As well as proper training is required for the dog to use the crate.