Average cost of pet insurance

The pet insurance can be confusing at times because there are many factors affecting it. The average cost of pet insurance estimated after obtaining the data from top eleven companies was found to be $10 to $40 for cats and $25 to $70 for dogs.

Pets are always adorable

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is for your pet’s protection. They are there to support you financially when it comes to the pet’s health, it’s injuries, treatments, surgeries, etc. In some countries they are called as veterinary health insurance.

Summary: Pet insurance is as much important as any other insurance because ypur pet’s life is worth it.

Factors Affecting Cost of Pet Insurance

Types of Species

Type of pet you have widely depends on the cost because dogs are way more expensive than cats.

Pet Type of Coverage Monthly Cost
Cat Accident only $11.74
Accident-illness $29.54
Dog Accident only $15.84
Accident-illness $47.20

Not only this, if your pet is large and greater by age this would also cause the increase in the average cost.

Type of insurers

There are number of insurers worldwide offering different prices for dogs and cats.

Insurers Avg. Cost for Dogs Avg. Cost for Cats
Embrace $25.25 $13.97
Figo $31.13 $15.38
Nationwide $33.08 $17.03
Healthy Paws $52.09 $24.75
ASPCA $39.94 $16.77

Pets are made to be insured

Breed of Pet

Some breeds are regarded as extinct or are excluded from most of the coverage these will definitely cost higher than other normal breeds.

For Cats

Type of Breed Monthly Premium
Exotic $12.78
Ragdoll $17.57
British shorthair $20.76
Persian $19.17

For Dogs

Type of Breed Monthly Premium
Labrador Retriever $37.44
German Shepherd $34.32
Golden Retriever $40.56
Bulldog $39

Summary: These are just the few things which affects the cost, others may include location of your house, type of policy you choose, etc.

Average Cost of Pet Insurance in Different Countries

The average cost for pet insurance varies widely. It depends on the fact that some countries are pet lovers having greater number of pet insurance option while some are not. Having more companies initiates a competition offering you a wide range of cost for same type of coverage.

Sr. No. Name of the Countries Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
1 Australia $20 to $60 $293 for dog and $246 for cat
2 New Zealand $29.7 to $56.97 $2,500 to $1,500
3 France €39 for cat and €50 for dog €500 to €700
4 China 120 to 130 yuan 1,557 yuan for dog and 1,446 yuan for cat
5 Canada $39 for dog and $29 for cat $509
6 Japan $45 for dogs $500 to $600
7 Switzerland 5.15 francs for cat and 10.40 francs for dog 1500 francs
8 England £20.25 £243
9 Africa R150 R1,000
10 Korea $45 $540

Summary: Not just these few countries, others are also part of this competition. Pet insurance is something which increases by the year as the economy of the country increases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I increase my pet insurance cover?

Yes you can always increase the coverage of your pet insurance but the time of doing this is at the renewal date because the insurer won’t allow you to increase the cover during mid terms. Although you can cancel your on going plan and can also enroll for new policy. But the increment will be only done at the renewal.

Does Costco offer pet insurance?

This happens very rarely but Costco pet insurance company offers free insurance for the first month of their newly enrolled members. They provide two types of coverage accident only for $5,000 annually and accident and illness plan for $75,000 or $15,000 yearly.

What is a deductible for pet insurance?

A deductible is an amount for which you are responsible before the start of your coverage. This amount is compensated by the premium you will be asked to paid by the insurers. Deductible depends upon the pet’s health and the amount you have chosen at the start.


The average cost of pet insurance can vary widely because of the above discussed factors, it may be as low as 10 dollars or may be as high as 100 dollars. This totally depends on you and your pets health.

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