Cheap car insurance companies

There are many cheap car insurance companies but the most lowest cheap car insurance companies are there.


According to our analysis the USSA is the first cheapest car insurance company, companies offers the minimum car insurance rate all our the world. The minimum insurance cost is 216$ for last 6 month policies 56% below the average. Among insurer USSA is very cheapest.


This is the second cheapest car insurance companies and also has a one of the biggest insurance market that operates in many states. Its lowest cost rate is $ is very easy to get in reasonable rates because of best quote tools

State Farm

. It is the third cheapest car insurance companies in many states. The minimum cost rate is 355$ for last six months 23% below the average. It provided reasonable rates that compete the average in 50 states.

Importance of Insurance.

In our life there are many uncertainties and risk on individuals, assets, businesses, properties and many other types of insurance create risk in the form of losses of life health, assets, property etc. That risk occurs at the time of unwanted circumstances .Insurance is very important financial product that manages the cost of loss and different types of risk. Insurance stable long-term financial resources in the form of police.

How and Why Insurance is key to development of any economy.

Provides Safety and Security to Individuals and Businesses.

In every aspect of our lifestyle insurance provide financial support in case of any risk.For example, medical inflation growing 16% per annum that disturb the whole family budget. In case health insurance provide full time security to their insurer.

Generates Long-term Financial Resources.

The Insurance helpful for a long period of time. Long term fund may be collected in the form of premium. This fund invested in long term companies and road, dams, power plant etc.

Promotes Economic Growth.

Insurance play important role in sustainable growth of economy. It promote trade, financial condition stability results and development. It mobilize domestic saving. economic growth and development. Thus, insurance plays a crucial role in the sustainable growth of an economy.

Provides Support to Families during Medical Emergencies:

Health of families is a biggest task in insurance policies. individual family member play important role in family member that may be hospitalized in the form of illness, heart attack ,cancer etc . Medical insurance policy protects individual expenses.

Protect Risk

Insurance handle any type of risk and losses to facilitate individual. When loss occur the insurance companies compensate the police holder through different types of fund…

Types of Insurance

  • Individual person insurance

  • Property insurance.

  • Any type of asset insurance.

  • Fire Insurance.

  • Liability Insurance.

  • Guarantee Insurance.

  • Social Insurance.

Rank Company Fifth-month Rate in $
1 USAA 216
2 Farm Bureau 218
3 Erie 226
4 Auto insurance 324
5 State farm 355
6 American Family 405
7 GEICO 408
8 Progressive 462
9 Metropolitan 486
10 Nationwide 502
11 Allstate 695
12 Travelers 706
13 Farmer 735

Car insurance rate factors.

There are many factors of car insurance

  • Driver Credit history
  • Driver age, gender and Marital status
  • Driving Activity record
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Vehicle value and type
  • Vehicles Safety rating

Driver driving credit policies are majorly depending upon distance in miles. That may be longer or shorter. Between the age of 24 to 60 normally few accident or injuries occur because in this age they are driven in sensible manners. The type of vehicles depends upon age history location and credit are most important factor in your car rates. Some vehicles and moderates and cost less so the insurance companies determined the rate according to the capacity of

Term and Polices of car insurance

Following are different terms and policy

  1. Motivate your employee for group insurance that is beneficiary for reduction of cost.
  2. Consider what car model you drive.Different models have different safety records that can increase your rates.
  3. Companies offer rate on the basis of discount such as safety features, how to drive. That is huge help in lower cost coverage.
  4. Search out the driver fewer claim rates that depend upon credit history.

Choosing the minimum insurance require

Mostly minimum liability insurance required:

  • Physical injury liability:
    that may be required any type of medical bill that may be passenger accident or driver .

  • Property damage liability
    It cover accidently happen property.Full coverage policy in any type of accident.
    Car damage liability

  • Collision: that damage occur when a car scratch to another car while you are driving the car.

  • Comprehensive: That covers damage occur by scratching on the basis of natural disaster.

  • Medical payments: that cover medical payment both of you and your passenger rather than who is actually injured

  • Personal injury protection (PIP): that covers you and your passengers up to the policy limit.

Other affordable car insurance programs

Tips for Getting the Best Prices

There are a few items that can help get your insurance price lower.

Consider a family or group insurance plan’s

If there are multiple peoples at which policy share Insurance costs are often low.

Build credit

Better credit insure the easiest way to get quality insurance

Take a defensive driving course

You must have defensive driving license than insurance companies take into account.

Company Annual insurer premium $ Star rating
ALT 834 NerdWallet rating
Texas Farm Bureau Insurance 1,040 NerdWallet rating
Country Financial 1,137 NerdWallet rating
Amica 1,182 NerdWallet rating
Geico 1,197 NerdWallet rating
American Family 1,232 NerdWallet rating
NJM 1,302 NerdWallet rating
Safeco 1,317 NerdWallet rating
Nationwide 1,348 NerdWallet rating
Auto-Owners 1,356 NerdWallet rating
State Farm 1,511 NerdWallet rating
Travelers 1,527 NerdWallet rating
AAA 1,611 NerdWallet rating
Progressive 1,765 NerdWallet rating
Liberty Mutual 1,777 NerdWallet rating
Shelter 1,824 NerdWallet rating
Allstate 1,833 NerdWallet rating
Farmers 1,865 NerdWallet rating
Esurance 1,914 NerdWallet rating
USAA* 21,022 NerdWallet rating

Cheapest auto insurance rates by driving record

Depending on your driving record, the most affordable car insurance company varies. The table below shows average auto insurance rates for additional driver profiles from the largest companies.

Company One speeding ticket $ One fault accident $ One DUI $
Allstate 2,171 2,905 3,302
Farmers 2,475 2,784 2,867
Geico 1,556 1,889 2,742
Liberty Mutual 2,382 2,836 4,127
Progressive 2,280 2,981 2,262
State Farm 1,785 1,969 2,550
USAA* 1,200 1,483 1,924

Cheapest auto insurance rates by driving record

Depending on your driving record, the most affordable car insurance company varies. The table below shows average auto insurance rates for additional driver profiles from the largest companies.

Company One speeding ticket $ One fault accident $ One DUI $
Allstate 2,171 2,905 3,302
Farmers 2,475 2,784 2,867
Geico 1,556 1,889 2,742
Liberty Mutual 2,382 2,836 4,127
Progressive 2,280 2,981 2,262
State Farm 1,785 1,969 2,550
USAA* 1,200 1,483 1,924

How to get cheap car insurance quotes

Who your insurer is, these tips could help you save on your policy:

Look for discounts.

If you have discount package and you are not taking benefit for it ,for example you may be retired and not get any benefit that you get lowest discount,

Know when to cut coverage.

In cheapest insurer for auto loan you will need high coverage. When you change or upgrade oldest car than your car current value is deducted.

Cash in on major life changes.

For example, many companies offer a lower rate in different dealing such as for married couples or domestic partners If your risk for accidents goes down, your rates just might, too.

Revisit quotes after your driving record improves.

The time limit of car insurance is just 5 year .

Auto insurance rating methodology.

NerdWallet’s auto insurance are first features for customer and their practices. Ratings are depend upon on weighted averages of scores in different categories such financial condition, customer complaints, Satisfaction and affordability. For satisfaction we conduct surveys. These ratings are very helpful for finding best rating quotes., NerdWallet does not compensate the customer satisfaction.


NerdWallet quote that “Good drivers” had not break the rules and regulation and insurance credit score .he consider to insure good driving skill. Sample drivers had some following coverage limits:

$100,000 injury liability coverage per person.

$300,000 bodily injury liability coverage per non physical

$50,000 policy as per property damage

Frequently Ask Questions.

Is the cheapest car insurance the best?

Although when you get anything than price is matter in shape of discount or premium. Some insurance policies are applicable. For example if you get an accident than insurance company firstly pay your damages record and after that finish your policy record.

What is your car insurance?

When you buy car insurance, you make plan under financial condition than you can save a lot of money .you’re actually buying your asset with insurance and save different circumstances.

Is it mandatory in Pakistan to have car insurance to drive legally?

Yes, driver must have at least third party liability insurance as per traffic rules of Pakistan. When driver violate the rules and regulation of traffic he will be charged with fine. Third party liability insurance provides cover for car damage caused by your vehicles.

Is the minimum required insurance in my state enough coverage?

In many cases, having the minimum required by your state may be legal but would not cover you completely in a serious accident. The minimum limit for damages could leave you personally responsible for any expenses above the insurance limit. If you own your home or have investments or other assets, protect them by raising your auto insurance coverage limits.

Which cars are the cheapest to insure?

Although it could depend on the insurance vehicle type, Honda, Jeep and Subaru are three brands that are usually cheap to insure compared to other car brands.

Who has the cheapest car insurance?

We found that USSA Insurance has the cheapest car insurance at 216$ as per last six month., followed by Auto-Owners Insurance.

Is the car insurance policy issued on registered owner only?

Yes, the insurance policy is issued only on the name of registered owner of the vehicle. The owner has to provide the registration documents within 15 days to the insurance company.

Do both husband and wife need to have separate car insurance in Pakistan to drive a single car?

No, a single car insurance policy will be considered for both husband and wife. Insurance companies in Pakistan depend upon vehicle rather than person. But the owner registration and detail must be mention in record.

Do Insurers ask for driving history before issuing a policy?

Yes, the car insurance proposal the driving history must be essential driving history of all persons, who usually drive the car, will be required before the finalization of the car insurance policy.

Does your car insurance cover you all over Pakistan or based on provinces?

Yes, most insurance providers cover the insured vehicle across the Pakistan but exclude sensitive areas due to security purpose. However,

Can you get short term car insurance cover from Insurers in Pakistan?

No, there is long term car insurance cover available from insurers in Pakistan. However, the insurer can receive refund at any time if he had no claim of accident during policy period.

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