Best Car Insurance For College Students

Heading off to college is an exciting time. For many teenagers, it is a challenge of living on their own, making new friends, and in fact handling adult situations. Between tuitions, room, board, and books fees, you probably don’t have much room in your budget so one cost you might not be expecting is car insurance. Therefore you might be looking for best car insurance for college students among which State Farm, Auto-Owners Insurance, Geico, Safeco, AAA are some of the leading best car insurance companies for college students.

Best Car Insurance companies for College Students

The best car insurance for college students provides extensive coverage and incentives, offers various discounts and allows drivers access to resources that can make car insurance more available to younger generations.

We looked at the best insurance companies, rating the top seven on the basis of the price, coverage, and discounts available to college students. In this analysis , we found that State Farm has the best insurance for college students overall.

Rank# Best Car Insurance for College Students Our Overall Rating Good Student Discount Student Away at School Discount
1 State Farm :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: ½ 28% Varies
2 Auto-Owners Insurance :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: ½ 22% Varies
3 GEICO :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: ½ 15% N/A
4 Safeco :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: Varies Varies
5 AAA :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: 15% Up to 48.7%
6 Esurance :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: 12% N/A
7 Allstate :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: Varies Up to 37%

1. State Farm: The best car insurance for college students

State Farm is a leading provider of many insurance products, including home insurance, life insurance, automobile insurance and rental car insurance. This company provides high-quality car insurance for college students due to its competitive rates, discounts and extensive coverage.

Best of State Farm discounts for college students

Here are some of the State Farm incentives that make automobile insurance accessible for college students:

Discount Details
Steer Clear ® A driving refresh course that is available to drivers under the age of 25.
Drive Safe & SaveTM State Farm’s use-based savings programme
Student away at school discount For drivers under 25 years of age living away from school who only use an insured vehicle at home.
Good student discount Up to 25% off for high school graduation.
Driver training discount For students under 21 years of age who complete an approved Driver Education course.

Programs like Steer Clear in particular are what make State Farm the first choice for car insurance for college students.

Rating for State Farm

Factors Star ranking
Industry Standing :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:
Coverage :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:
Cost :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:
Availability :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:
Technology :star2: :star2: :star2: ½
Customer Service :star2: :star2: :star2: ½

Pros and Cons

:heavy_plus_sign: Comprehensive coverage of deals
:heavy_plus_sign: Extensive choice of discounts
:heavy_plus_sign: Positive feedback of customers
:heavy_plus_sign: Simple online quotes method
:heavy_plus_sign: Score A+ from the BBB

:heavy_minus_sign: Recorded Autopay Errors
:heavy_minus_sign: Not open to new customers in Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

2. Auto-Owners Insurance: Best Coverage For Students

Auto-Owners Insurance has discounts for good students and an add-on coverage that is particularly beneficial to younger drivers. Many of the discounts for college students include:

Discount Details
Good student discount Drivers who maintain a B or higher-grade point average could save up to 20% on college students’ car insurance.
Student away at school discount Students who attend school more than 100 miles away from home without an insured car can receive extra discounts.
Teen Driver Tracking Discount If you have GPS permanently installed in your car, you will be eligible for extra savings.

Options for coverage

In addition to traditional automobile liability insurance coverage, Auto-Owners Insurance has the following special coverage features that may be particularly beneficial for less experienced drivers. Find the following add-ons for auto insurance for college students:

  1. Road Trouble Service
    Whether you’re stuck without petrol, locked out of your vehicle, have a flat tyre, or experience some technical failure like a dead battery, someone will meet you where you are going to get you moving again.

  2. Additional expense
    After an accident that immobilises the car, the cost can be added up easily. This helps pay for the rental car and delay of the ride.

  3. Personal car plus kit
    This is a package with more than 10 additional coverages at one cost to protect you from identity fraud, locking locks, changing your mobile phone, and more.

3. Geico: Good Customer Satisfaction rate

Geico has low rates, generous discounts, and high satisfaction and reliability scores that make it one of our top options for college students in car insurance.

The image of Geico is overwhelmingly positive. See the overview of Geico 's scores by industry experts below:

Factors Star ranking
Industry Standing :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:
Coverage :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:
Cost :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:
Availability :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:
Technology :star2: :star2: :star2: ½
Customer Service :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:

Discounts for high school students

When it comes to insurance policies, Geico consumers can opt for liability limits and buy extra insurance coverage, such as roadside assistance and rental car refunds. Some of the incentives and additional insurance packages that make this insurer particularly favourable to car insurance for college students include:

Discount Details
Driver’s education discount This savings opportunity is available to young drivers who have completed an accredited driving training course.
Good student discount Full-time students between the ages of 16 and 24 are eligible for up to 15% discounts to retain the B average or higher.
Mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) Mechanical breakdown insurance provides cover for some mechanical vehicle components in the event of a breakdown. It will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in repair.


  • A+ ranking from the BBB and A++ ranking of financial strength from AM Best
  • Many options for coverage
  • High level of satisfaction of the customer
  • Accessible in 50 countries


  • Average quotes experience

4. Safeco: Robust student discount

Safeco 's Teen Safety Incentive Program offers a range of discounts for young drivers, not just teenagers, making it a good choice for college students. Some offers include:

Discount Details
Good student discount This is available to any full-time student with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (B).
Driver training programme Complete an approved Driver Education course to obtain this discount.
Distant student discount If you are going to school more than 100 miles away from home and don’t have a ride, you’re going to get reduced rates on your car insurance.

Available coverage

Safeco also provides some major advantages to passengers, including medical compensation, injury forgiveness, and a reduced deductible. These types of coverage will result in a good car insurance policy for college students:

  1. Reimbursement for first aid
    This includes up to $ 12,000 in refunds for first aid given to you or your passengers after an accident.

  2. Accident forgiveness
    Good drivers will not see a significant rise in rates following their first default allegation.

  3. Ride-share coverage
    Safeco also offers useful coverage for ride-share insurance that could help college students who work for ride-share programmes like Uber or Lyft save money.

5. AAA: Best Roadside Assistance to College Students

AAA or triple A insurance is best known for its top-rated roadside assistance service, which may be of benefit to college students with less driving experience. Yet it also has attractive rates for student car insurance. AAA also provides AAAdrive / AAA OnBoard Discount as a safe driving discount programme based on usage. For more information of available discounts for college student car insurance via AAA, see the table below:

Discounts Details
AAA Member Discount You can earn a discount based on your years with AAA prior to purchase of auto insurance.
AAA Security Check Discount Have a AAA safety inspection of your vehicle and get a discount on your insurance premium.
AAADrive / AAA OnBoard Discount This is the AAA smartphone app that monitors your driving habits and issues discounts based on safe driving.
Secure Driver Discount If you’re a good driver, you can save up to 20% on your car insurance policy. You must complete an approved safety course for the defensive driver.
Loyalty Gain up to 5% off after one year of continuous car insurance coverage.
Safety features mounted in your car You can gain this discount if you have anti-theft features, motorised seatbelts, airbags, and other safety features.
Homeowners Save up to 37% if you own a home.

6. Essurance: Best Tech for College Students

Esurance is considered to be a high-tech alternative to conventional car insurance providers, which may be particularly enticing to college students. Bear in mind that Esurance is not available in every state.

The insurer provides general liability auto insurance coverage, as well as extras such as rental car refund, loan / lease distance coverage, and roadside assistance.

Some discounts that could help college students save money include:

Discounts Details
Quick 5 discount Save 5 percent of your policy by starting an online quote.
Renters plus discount If you buy a policy for Esurance renters, save on Esurance car insurance.
Good student discount Save up to 10% as a full-time student under the age of 25 who retains the B average.
Defensive driver discount Complete the approved defensive driving course and save up to 10% of your monthly cost.

7. Allstate: The best local service available

Allstate stands out with its numerous local members who can support you in person or by phone if you have a concern about your programme. The provider appears to be more costly than the others on our list, but has extensive coverage and great discounts, including:

Discounts Details
Smart student discount Full time college students under the age of 25 who maintain an average of B-or better, complete the teenSMARTTM programme or attend school more than 100 miles from home qualify for this discount.
Drivewise ® The Allstate Safe Driving Initiative tracks driving patterns through the Allstate Drivewise app. The data obtained from this app will never be used against you to raise your premiums, it can only qualify you for car insurance discounts for college students.
EZ Pay Plan Discount Set up automatic withdrawals to make and save your car insurance premiums.
Claim satisfaction guarantee This guarantees a quick, fair, hassle-free operation, or you can get your money back.
Allstate injury forgiveness Your first accident will not result in a rise in your monthly premiums.

How much is the cost of car insurance for college students?

There are several things to consider when you’re looking for the right car insurance for college students. In addition to the amount of coverage, one of the most important factors for college students is cost.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, introducing a young driver to the policy could lead to a 50-to 100-percent rise in plan costs. There are many variables that decide the cost of auto insurance for college students, including inexperience relative to older drivers and lower odometer miles. In the same way, college students appear to speed up or have dangerous habits, such as not wearing a seatbelt or texting while driving – and, in the worst case, driving under influence.

Because of these habits, finding the cheapest auto insurance for college students can be difficult. After all, insurers will request more coverage than that provided to adults. Other variables that impact your premium include

  • Your zip code
  • Driving history or background
  • The kind of car you’ve got

Type of coverage available for college students

Most college students have no idea as to which forms of auto insurance can come into play in common circumstances, such as accidents or stormy weather.

Some of the key forms of coverage include:

1. Liability insurance scheme

Liability coverage is at the centre of every car insurance programme. Liability insurance is required to function legally in almost all states. It pays for damage to other vehicles and property that you cause in an accident, up to the amount you select, known as the cap. It also accounts for the medical bills of those who have been injured in an accident that you cause. It’s not about damage to your own vehicle. Yet, more than a third assumed it covered all the mishaps in your own car.

2. A comprehensive insurance coverage

Comprehensive and accident coverage are optional protections, mostly bundled together. Comprehensive pays up to your car’s real cash value for fire , flood, hail, animal collisions, dropping objects and vandalism, minus your deductible. Comprehensive pays out, too, if the vehicle is stolen.

3. Collision coverage

Collision is also an optional coverage which covers damage to your car in an accident, regardless of whose fault it was.

How to get cheap car insurance for college students

You will be happy to know that car insurance premiums are dropping until you have more experience behind the wheel. After the age of 20, you can find that your auto insurance premiums start to fall, and by the time you hit the age of 25, the premium should be much more manageable.
Here are a few guidelines on how to make car insurance more accessible for younger drivers, too:

1. Stay on your parent’s insurance

As a driver listed as one of the policy multiples, your driving record will be added along with others, so that your parents’ safe driving habits will help you save money on your premium.

2. Try pay-per-mile insurance

This choice is better for college students who don’t drive a lot. For a business like Metromile, consumers pay a monthly rate plus a few cents a mile. Metromile rates start at $30 a month, this company is one of the few providers to sell this type of vehicle.

3. Ask for discounts

At the end of the day, be sure to ask your current company if there are any discounts you might apply for that you haven’t capitalised on yet. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to move auto insurance companies to find the cheapest automobile insurance for college students. This will help you better protect your personal finances and save money.

4. Get listed as a driver on the cheapest household car:

If you are on your parents’ insurance, and your family has a range of vehicles, you can save money by assigning yourself to a single vehicle, the cheapest to insure. Check your policy and double-check it with your insurer, as some companies will automatically assign young drivers to the most expensive vehicle unless you tell them otherwise.

5. Notify your insurer of your change of address

If you go to an out-of-state college and take your car or your parents’ car with you, you must ensure that you meet all the minimum car insurance standards in the state in which you live for the school year. If your home-state auto insurance provider doesn’t do business in the state where you go to school, you will need to purchase a new policy. If this is the case and you can keep your policy, check to make sure the policy restrictions are changed to satisfy the state requirements.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is car insurance better if you are a student?

Yes, car insurance is typically cheaper if you are a student, but you have to be a good student. If you are not a student, or if you have a poor score, you can not apply for a good student discount.

2. What are different discounts available for college students?

There are a lot of best discounts for college students provided by different car insurance companies, main ones include:

  • Resident student discount:
    Some car insurance companies typically provide resident student discounts to students who attend college at least 100 miles away from their parents ’ home and will NOT be driving while away.

  • Occasional Driver Discount:
    If you leave your car behind, your parents could bump you down to an occasional or pleasure-only driver who could save money on insurance.
    This option might not be applicable to all car insurance companies. Ask your agent if this option exists.

  • Good student discount:
    Finally, you might still be eligible for a good student discount. They’re not all over when you graduate from high school!
    If you manage to get the grades needed for your company’s discount, you will be able to use them for cheaper car insurance during college.

3. How much car insurance is there for a 20-year-old?

A 20-year-old driver should expect to pay an average of $3,000 per year for auto insurance. But every situation is special, and you might find a higher or lower price.

4. Do I need car insurance in college?

Yes, 50 states require you to insure any registered vehicle that you choose to drive on public roads. In Virginia, you can drive uninsured if you pay an annual uninsured motorist fee of $600. There’s no charge at all in New Hampshire.

5. If I take my car to college, can I just stay on the policy of my parents?

Yes, Many insurance carriers will allow you to continue on your parent’s plan if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • Your car is named after your parents.
  • You live with your parents when you’re at school.
  • You live in school, but your permanent address is still the home of your parents.

6. What’s not covered by car insurance?

  • Towing and labour as well as roadside assistance
    If your car breaks down, you need a new battery or you have a flat, your insurance will not help you out. Luckily, AAA is pretty inexpensive, starting at just $40 a year.
  • Repairs and rentals
    If your car becomes inviolable due to age, damage or an accident, a warranty can cover repairs and/or rentals, but not your insurance.
  • Theft of personal property
    If anyone steals a laptop or a violin from your car, it’s not normally protected by your car insurance. You or your parents homeowners insurance or renters insurance are likely to; send them a call to verify.


Balanced expenses as a college student have never been more complicated such that thinking of car insurance for college students seems like a matter of stress. There are a lot of bills to pay, in addition to food and clothes. Finally, you’re going to have to set aside some bucks to party hard and enjoy the perks of youth.

But as you can see, there are plenty of choices for college students to get the best car insurance rates. My suggestion is to compare a few of these companies to see where you are going to get the absolute best offer.

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Luckily for you, there really are certainly a couple of businesses which provide discount rates on motor insurance coverage for faculty students. Motor insurance plan is costly, particularly for youthful motorists, however, you can find alternatives to one which is able to help save you a bit of capital. In the event you have a vehicle, you’re likely essential to take no less than the absolute minimum degree of liability insurance plan.

In the event, you strike somebody, your liability insurance policy may pay for your own fixes. And even if a person strikes you, then their accountability insurance may insure your own repairs.

But in the event that you become in a crash, it will not demand some other car that’s the fault, then you are out of chance.

You are going to need to be responsible for your repairs all on your car if you don’t have collision insurance plan.

Previous to searching for a motor insurance policy, it is vital that you understand very well what kinds of policies that you want.

Minimum needs:

All countries ask that you take at least the absolute minimum degree of physical injuries and property damage liability insurance plan. If you should be responsible for a crash, your liability insurance coverage will pay for the additional motorist’s fixes and health care expenditures. And even if a person strikes the car, their liability insurance plan may insure the healthcare charges and fixes.

Personal Injury PROTECTION:

Some countries require automobile proprietors to take personal injury protection insurance coverage. PIP insurance policies insure the fee of harms for you and your travellers whenever you experience a collision, no matter who’s responsible. A few PIP coverages cover funeral charges.

Attorney and underinsured policy:

Additionally, a few nations require motorists to buy uninsured and underinsured driver insurance coverage, which will help cover your expenditures as soon as uninsured or uninsured motorist are responsible for a collision between your automobile. This comprehensive protection might help cover all kinds of bills, for example, automobile repairs and health expenditures and lost salary.

Collision and in-depth protection:

In case you making repayments for your own vehicle, your loan provider will probably ask that you purchase collision and in-depth coverage plan. Collision procedures aid cover repairs for your own car whenever you result in a collision. The detailed policy is worth it to fix or change out your car or truck after a non-collision celebration. For example, if someone steals your SUV or it has ruined in a storm, your in-depth policy may insure fixes or even assist you to purchase any wheels.

Best car insurance for college students is an urgent need of every college-going individuals. School can accompany some huge costs from educational cost to food and lodging. you (or your folks) might be searching for approaches to reduce a few expenses, setting aside some cash for your vehicle protection as it is essential to get vehicle protection at the correct cost, but on the other hand, it is a smart thought to locate the correct inclusion to address your issues. In addition to all this, you need some assistance from insurance companies.


Looking for vehicle protection is intense on the grounds that there are countless factors engaged with what value you pay. Everything from your set of experiences, your vehicle, where you live, and all other factors like this overall impact the value you will pay for vehicle protection for undergrads. Furthermore, the truth of the matter is, the insurance agencies have crunched the numbers. They know the dangers of each territory, vehicle, driving propensity, and that is just the beginning. With regards to looking for vehicle protection as an understudy, ensure you contemplate the accompanying variables:


A few arrangements will attempt to oversell you on inclusion. Yet, you likewise should not miss the mark. Each state additionally has distinctive protection essentials that you should follow. There are a ton of aides out there that can assist you with choosing how much inclusion you need; however, it also contains some other couple of components:


Your driving history and your vehicle take into account a major function in the cost of your vehicle protection. If you don’t drive a lot, you should seriously mull over an elective. That may spare you a ton of cash, particularly on the off chance that you do not have to have vehicle protection as an understudy! Your vehicle additionally plays a major factor in your inclusion. A few vehicles will be less expensive than others to protect.


In case you are a low-income college student ( or possibly you are at school, or do not have to drive a lot), there are vehicle protection benefits that can be amazingly moderate. Our most loved is Metromile. Metromile is compensation by mile vehicle insurance agency. In case you are traveling under 5,000 miles for each year, you could be sparing upwards of $500 or more every year by exchanging. This is an extraordinary answer for vehicle protection for understudies since, in such a case that you are nearby 9 months per year, you will not have to spend a fortune on protection.


The manner in which it works is straightforward - you join, pay a little month to month charge, and afterward a low for each mile rate. You plug a little gadget into your vehicle which tracks your mileage. Very straightforward! Here are a few hints for undergrads looking for collision protection:


You might be contemplating whether you need your own accident coverage strategy since you are moving ceaselessly from home. The appropriate response relies upon where you will be living while at the same time going to class and who claims the vehicle you will be driving.


In the event that your parent’s location is as yet considered your major cash paying people while you’re going to school, you might have the option to keep the vehicle you drive on their vehicle protection strategy (contingent upon who claims the vehicle).

In case you’re living nearby or leasing a condo incidentally during the school year, check with your operator to check whether you can remain on your folks’ approach or on the off chance that you’ll require your own.


Who claims the vehicle is one factor in whether an understudy needs their own vehicle protection strategy? In the event that the vehicle is named in your parent’s name and you are taking it to class with you, you might have the option to remain on the family vehicle protection strategy. If the vehicle is together named, it contains your name and a parent’s name you might have the option to remain on your parent’s vehicle protection strategy. If that your name is on the title, you will probably need to purchase your own vehicle protection strategy in your name.


In case you’re a parent whose kid is going to class out of state, you might have the option to keep your understudy recorded on your vehicle protection strategy, on the off chance that you own the vehicle they’re taking to class. Else, he may need to purchase his own different protection strategy.


In the event that you or your youngster are beginning school, it’s a smart thought to survey your present protection strategy to ensure it gives the security you need, regardless of whether you’re living nearby or driving. For instance, if an understudy is taking a vehicle to class, consider where it will be left. In the event that it is frequently stopped outside, think about complete inclusion. It might help pay to supplant the vehicle if it has taken or fix it if it is harmed by things like hail or defacing.


Crash inclusion might be a smart thought if the understudy will be heading to and from class, for instance. It might help pay to fix your vehicle if it is harmed in a mishap with another vehicle or item.

In case you are renting or financing a vehicle, crash and extensive inclusion are normally needed by your loan specialist. On the off chance that the vehicle the understudy drives is paid off, however, you might have the option to drop one or the two inclusions from your vehicle protection strategy to help save money on expenses. Simply recollect, if your vehicle is harmed and you do not have thorough inclusion or impact inclusion, your arrangement will not pay to fix your vehicle.



In the event that you (or your folks) are hoping to get a good deal on your vehicle protection expense now that you are in school, numerous insurance agencies offer limits to undergrads.


On the off chance that the vehicle you commonly drive is named in your mother or father’s name and you’re going out while you live nearby, you might have the option to spare them a couple of additional dollars. In the event that your school is at any rate 100 miles from home, your folks may meet all requirements for the “occupant understudy” rebate since you won’t be driving the family vehicle as every now and again now that you’re away at school.


Passing mark benefits on your vehicle protection strategy does not stop when you graduate secondary school. Most insurance agencies offer a decent understudy markdown for unmarried, full-time understudies up to age 25. Approach your specialist whether you meet all requirements for a markdown on your vehicle protection bill in the event that you keep on getting passing marks in your advanced education examines.


Undergrads who are leasing a condo and have their own collision protection strategy may meet all requirements for a markdown for packaging their vehicle protection and tenant’s protection strategies. Numerous guarantors offer investment funds for clients who have various approaches to the organization.


It is a smart thought to explore neighborhood wrongdoing measurements prior to taking up brief habitation. This may assist you with choosing a condo in a more secure area and assist you with getting ready for life in your new environmental factors. In case you are disappearing to school and bringing your vehicle, it could be a decent and ideal opportunity to buy an enemy of burglary gadget for your vehicle. Doing so may scale back the probability of your stuff being taken and furthermore land you a markdown on your vehicle protection.


Youthful grown-ups searching for quality accident protection inclusion might need to think about two things: Which inclusions are needed in your state and which discretionary inclusions you might need to purchase to help secure yourself, your travelers, and your vehicle.

To start with, recall that most states lawfully expect you to convey auto obligation protection, which helps pay for the other individual’s costs on the off chance that you cause a mishap. A few states may likewise expect you to have different inclusions, for example, uninsured driver inclusion or individual injury insurance. At long last, in the event that you rent or money a vehicle, complete or impact protection might be required. These extra inclusions are regularly discretionary on a vehicle protection strategy: clinical installments inclusion, rental repayment inclusion, hole protection inclusion and towing, and work cost inclusion.

In times when you have any inquiries or need assistance in picking inclusions that fit your circumstance, converse with a neighborhood protection specialist.


In case you’re a student works somewhere at least 17 hours a day and you are under 25, and for getting this insurance you should meet all requirements for a rebate on your vehicle protection that could help bring down your top-notch installments and here’s the trick: You will probably need to keep up passing marks. Yet, no one’s recommending that solitary if you get “A” in your grades then only you are qualified for this insurance. Numerous insurance agencies determine that as long as understudy drivers can keep up a B normal, they may fit the bill for an understudy markdown.

The fundamental explanation you probably plan to do well in school is to get a degree and land a great job yet getting a good deal on accident coverage could be good to beat all.


On the off chance that you have moved out of Mom and Dad’s home and you are a new driver under 25 who have leaseholder’s protection than that fit the bill for a multi-strategy rebate. In the event that you purchase collision protection and tenant’s protection from a similar organization, check with your safety net provider about bunding your items.


Youthful grown-ups who work for specific organizations, or even a little to medium-sized business with extraordinary markdown programs, may fit the bill for an accident coverage rebate. Talk with y HR office in which you work and see whether your organization is participating in a gathering vehicle protection rebate plan. In case you are independently employed and telecommute, or basically work out of your home office, you likely do not invest a lot of energy out and about.

Or then again, you may decide to regularly take public transportation to work. On the off chance that you do not drive your vehicle regularly, you might be qualified to purchase compensation for each utilization vehicle protection strategy. Make certain to talk with your specialist to perceive what is accessible where you live. There are numerous different limits for youthful grown-ups under 25 that may meet all requirements.

A vehicle protection strategy for new drivers will not just keep your vehicle covered yet may permit you to get to the most accessible limits. Investigate the entirety of your choices, converse with an operator to ensure you are exploiting the limits accessible to you. In the event that you do, you may find that it is not just conceivable to get great vehicle protection under 25, yet additionally at a decent cost.


Car insurance is not only necessary for college students but also for every individual. Due to the increasing cases of vehicle accidents on the road. it has become a need of the time for every college individual to have insurance for their cars. A low-cost car insurance policy is essential for every college student because it will not make them have a whopping financial loss in case of vehicle mishaps.

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If you are a student and if you have a car then you might think of insurance.And the question comes in your mind that it might be expensive.
but there are corporations that give discounts and other ways for students to save on their monthly rewards.

Deals and discounts for college students

As you search for insurance, assume the exact level of range for your desires and budget, and assume other savings chances, you will achieve the peace of mind you desire from auto insurance without breaking the bank. However, a student needs a discount for their car.

How to Choose an Auto Insurance Company for College Students

Car insurance costs extra for college students, because research indicates that teenagers are more likely than trained drivers who claim accidents.

And searching around, you’ll have a reasonable chance to find discounts that can enable you achieve a lower rate.

How to Decide on the Auto Insurance Coverage You Need

There are several kinds of content you can get for your car, some of which may be needed by law. Here are some of the popular coverage categories

Liability coverage

If you are facing an accident, this coverage will give money for the wounds and property damage for the other party. Liability coverage is assigned in most states, and you may need to get more than the minimum to assure you don’t get charged if the injuries cost more than your strategy delivers.

Collision coverage

If you get in an accident with another car or an issue, this will get paid for the restorations or change of your car.

Comprehensive coverage

If your vehicle sustains damage due to rain, fire, vandalism, theft or related threats, this type of coverage will cover the costs to repair or replace the car.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage:

If you are facing an accident and someone is at fault , but they donot have car insurance or their liability coverage is too low, this range will kick in and protect you.However, depending on where you live, it may be optional for you or a requirement of law.

Medical coverage

There are two categories of medical coverage, which may be optional or required, depending on your nation of housing.So, medical payments coverage will give money for medical sufferings and funeral expenditures, while personal injury protection may cover those expenses plus lost wages, child care payments, rehabilitation, and more.

Optional coverage

Depending on the insurer, you may also have the chance to buy rental car compensation coverage, which helps pay for a rental while your vehicle is in the shop for a covered statement.


There are several kinds of insurance for college students. Moreover, college students will get discounts while purchasing a deal.The categories are discussed above and the offers you will get.

If you’re an understudy, you’re likely on a severe spending plan. You as of now need to pay for educational cost, food and lodging, course readings, and that’s just the beginning. Be that as it may, in case you’re driving, you additionally need to have vehicle protection. Car insurance for undergrads is for the most part in the rear of your brain.

Be that as it may, the straightforward truth is best car insurance for undergrads can make up a tremendous piece of your restricted spending plan. The “great arrangement” you got as a school green bean may be a terrible arrangement today.

Greatest Factors to Consider When Shopping For Car Insurance:

Looking for car insurance is intense on the grounds that there are endless factors engaged with what value you pay. On the off chance that you previously entered some data above, you may be amazed by the outcomes.

Everything from your set of experiences, your vehicle, where you live, and all the more all impact the value you will pay for vehicle protection for undergrads. Also, the truth of the matter is, the insurance agencies have figured it out. They know the dangers of each region, vehicle, driving propensity, and that’s just the beginning.

With regards to looking for car insurance as an college student, ensure you contemplate the accompanying components:

The Amount Coverage Do You Really Need?

A few strategies will attempt to oversell you on inclusion. Yet, you additionally shouldn’t miss the mark. Each state likewise has distinctive protection essentials (which we feature underneath), that you should follow. Be that as it may, the base probably won’t be sufficient.

There are a ton of aides out there that can assist you with choosing how much inclusion you need, yet it truly boils down to a couple of elements:

  • On the off chance that you have a ton of resources, do you have enough inclusion to ensure yourself?
  • In the event that you don’t have any resources, do you need as much inclusion as you’re paying for?
  • It is safe to say that you are getting all the limits you’re qualified for (we talk about this beneath)?

Your History And Your Vehicle:

Your driving history and your vehicle assume a major part in the cost of your vehicle protection. In the event that you don’t drive a lot, you should seriously think about an elective that we examine underneath. That may spare you a ton of cash, particularly on the off chance that you don’t have to have vehicle protection as an understudy!

Your vehicle likewise plays a major factor in your inclusion. A few vehicles will be less expensive than others to guarantee.

Options For Low Mileage Drivers:

In case you’re a low mileage driver (perhaps you’re at school, or don’t have to drive a lot), there are vehicle protection benefits that can be incredibly moderate. Our most loved is Metromile.

Metromile is compensation by mile vehicle insurance agency. In case you’re traveling under 5,000 miles for every year, you could be sparing upwards of $500 or more every year by exchanging. This is an incredible answer for vehicle protection for understudies since, in such a case that you’re nearby 9 months per year; you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on protection.

The manner in which it works is basic - you join, pay a little month to month charge, and afterward a low for each mile rate. You plug a little gadget into your vehicle which tracks your mileage. Excessively straightforward!

The Amount Car Insurance Do You Need?

This is an extreme inquiry and it can differ from individual to individual. To entangle matters, a few states require a standard degree of protection for any arrangement (don’t stress, the organizations in the rundown above will all agree to nearby protection laws so you don’t need to stress over it).

In case you’re hoping to get the least expensive arrangement conceivable, you can purchase a protection strategy that is just risk. This implies it just covers you for wounds and harms you cause to other people, yet it won’t help pay for harm to your vehicle. Regularly, most specialists suggest having at any rate $50,000 per individual in obligation inclusion.

You would then be able to include impact or far reaching inclusion. Crash inclusion will cover your vehicle for harms endured in an impact. Thorough adds considerably more inclusion, for example, if your vehicle is taken. Given that this protection will cover more, it will likewise make it more costly.

Last Reminders

As should be obvious, looking for vehicle protection as an undergrad can be befuddling. There are countless choices, things to recollect, and you need to ensure you will be completely safeguarded.

In the event that you would prefer not to consider it, look at Allstate, our main suggestion for vehicle protection for understudies. In around 10 minutes you can get your protection dealt with on the web.

In the event that you don’t drive a lot, consider utilizing one of the elective choices we gave. On the off chance that you have your own vehicle. Pay as you drive vehicle protection is probably as ease as you’ll discover. On the off chance that you don’t claim a vehicle, take a gander at basically utilizing administrations like Zipcar for the couple of times you have to lease one.

Ideally, this causes you slice through the vulnerability about shopping and contrasting accident coverage.

Car Insurance for College Students:

College can come with some important expenses-from instruction to room and boarding. You (or your parents) may be watching for behaviors to cut some costs, as well as saving some money on your car insurance. It is significant to get car insurance at the right price, but it’s also a good idea to find the right attention to meet your needs. If you need particular help achievement started, this video answers a few common questions about car insurance for college students:

Here are some instructions for college students shopping for auto insurance:

Would Colleges Students Have Their Own Auto Insurance Policy?

You maybe are insecure whether you need your auto insurance policy now that you’re touching away from home. The answer depends on where you’ll be living while attending school and who has possession of the motor vehicle you’ll be driving.

Where will you be living?

If your parent’s talk is still well-organized your permanent address while you’re attending college, you may be able to keep the motor vehicle you drive on their car insurance policy (dependent on who owns the vehicle).

If you’re living on campus or hire out a studio in the first instance throughout the school year, check with your manager to see if you can break on your parents’ strategy or if you’ll need your personal.

Whose name is on the car title?

Who owns the car is one factor in whether a college student needs their car insurance policy.

  • If the car is upper-class in your parent’s name and you’re attractive it to school with you, you may be talented to break on the family car insurance policy.
  • If the car is composed upper-class – it includes your name and a parent’s name – you may be bright to stay on your parent’s car insurance policy.
  • If your name is on the title, you’ll possibly need to buy your car insurance policy in your name.

Can parents keep insurance a car in an additional state?

If you’re a parent whose child is joining school out of formal, you may be able to keep your student planned on your car insurance policy, if you own the vehicle they’re taking to school. Otherwise, the capacity needs to buy his separate insurance policy.

Car insurance coverage considerations for college students:

If you or your child are early colleges, it’s a good idea to analysis your recent cover policy to make sure it make available the protection you need, whether you’re living on campus or converting.

For example, if a student is compelling a car to school, think about where it will be parked. If it’s most often parked outside, think through comprehensive coverage. It may help to replace the car if it’s lifted or repair it if it’s damaged by things like hail or damage.

Collision Coverage may b a good knowledge if the scholar will be heavy in an accident with additional car or purpose.

If you’re hiring supporting a vehicle, collision and comprehensive coverage are usually required by your lender. If the car the student drives is rewarded off, though, you may be able to drop one or both coverages from your car insurance policy to help save on extras. Just reminisce, if your car is damaged and you don’t have complete coverage or collision coverage, your policy won’t pay to repair your car.

Car insurance discount for college students:

If you (or your parents) are watching to save change on your car indemnity quality now that you’re in college, many insurance corporations offer discounts to college students.

Resident student discount:

If the car you naturally drives is titled in your mom or dad’s name and you’re leaving it at their house while you live on campus, you may be able to save them a few extra dollars. If your College is at smallest 100 miles away from home, your parentages may succeed for the “resident scholar” discount because you won’t be driving the family car as often now that you’re away at school.

Good grade discount:

Good grade benefits on your car insurance policy don’t stop when you progress to high school. Most insurance companies offer a good student discount for bachelor, full-time students up to age 25. Ask your go-between whether you make it for a discount on your car protection bill if you stay to get good grades in your higher instruction studies.

Multiple Policy discount:

College students who are hiring a plane and have their auto insurance policy may succeed for a discount for dunding their car insurance and occpiers’ insurance polices. Many insurance offers savings for customers who have multiple polices with the company.

Anti-theft Device Discount:

It’s a good idea to research local offense information before taking up a transitory home. This may help you select a flat in a safer area and help you prepare for life in your new environments. If you’re successful away to institution and attractive you car, it may be a good time to purchasing an anti-theft method for your car. Responsibility so may cut back on the likelihood of your stuff being raised and also land-living you a money off on your car insurance.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all car insurance reference for college students. Each student has his or her own single needs, which in turn may affect the amount of analysis needed and the dollar amount of the finest. To create a policy that fits your needs, conversation an agent near you.

Best Car insurance for college students Car insurance seems even costlier when you’re young, and the first thing that comes to your mind is the insurance will be very expensive. But some companies offers discounts even if you’re not a college student, many insurance companies offer plenty of discounts.

Do young drivers get cheaper insurance

Shopping around for Car or automobile insurance is doubtless the simplest thanks to approach getting covered. simply because someone recommends a particular provider doesn’t mean you’ll receive an equivalent bargain .

The good news is young drivers’ car insurance has been revolutionised by the phasing in of telematic or recorder insurance, which use GPS technology to trace your driving.Most people has made youth automobile insurance cheaper at a time when premiums for drivers generally are rising rapidly.

Expensive Car Insurance

Young drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents than drivers over the age of 25, and therefore the resulting claims are costlier .

These drivers often travel with other children within the car with them. If passengers, or anyone else for that matter, are injured or killed as a results of an accident, the insured’s policy provider must ante up.

As a life-changing injury for a youth will cost your insurer tons quite an equivalent injury for an older person, the insurer has got to disburse enough money to worry for the injured person for the remainder of their lives.

Best car insurance for young drivers

Insurers place cars into individual insurance groups from 1 to 50. Typically, if the car is in group 1 it’ll be amongst the foremost cost effective to insure and 50 are going to be the most expensive.

While you can’t change your age, you’ll choose a car which is a smaller amount expensive to insure so as to chop down on the value of young driver motor insurance. Cars are rated on the subsequent factors:

1.How quickly the car accelerates and its top speed.

2.The value of the car as new.

3.The security features the car has.

4.How much it’ll cost and the way long it’ll fancy fix if it’s broken.

5.How much the individual parts cost.

For Car Insurance Policy Add Another Driver

Another way of saving on student automobile insurance is to place a further driver on your policy. If you propose to go away your car reception and it’s likely to be driven by somebody else consider naming them because the main driver on your policy . If they’re an older or experienced driver it’s likely that your premium will drop, but remember you’ll only be ready to build a no-claims bonus if you’re the most driver on the policy. even be wary of naming an older relative because the main driver if they’re going to actually be driving the car but you – this is often referred to as fronting and is against the law .

If you allow your car reception and another person is probably going to drive it occasionally you’ll add them as a further driver on your policy. If they’re older or experienced this may still likely have a positive effect on your insurance costs.

Overview Of the simplest Car insurance for school Student
Finding Car insurance for school students are often difficult, given high rates for young drivers and unique student needs.

Account Best For
Liberty Mutual Discounts
Metromile Pay-per-mile insurance
Esurance Do-it-yourself insurance
Allstate Face-to-face assistance
State Farm Low rates
Farmers High GPA students
American Family Good customer service
USAA Military members
Amica Mutual Roadside assistance


Once you provide your policy, Gabi can see all the savings you’re enjoying, including any good driver or student discounts. Gabi then works to assist you discover a far better deal, potentially connecting you with student discounts you don’t currently get which will drive your costs down even lower. Gabi customers save $961 on the average per annum .

Getting a quote from Gabi comes at no cost to you. In most cases, Gabi will find a policy with lower premiums than you’re already paying, but if not, you’ll walk off with no obligation. If you select to proceed, you’ll apply directly with the insurer, with no payment owed to Gabi.


Esurance offers a tenth discount on insurance for college kids who meet a minimum 3.0 GPA. you’ve got to be attending a full-time highschool , college or university and be under 25 years old to be eligible for the discount. permanently measure, they’ll typically extend the discount 1 year after you graduate.
The discount is out there for liability, collision and medical payments coverages.


This is a web course that you simply can take either at your computer or on a mobile app and receive 15% off your auto premium once you’ve completed it. The program is about up to be an enticing method for teaching younger people the way to drive safely – like not texting and driving.

The second way college students save with State Farm is thru their Good Student Discount. College students who meet certain minimum grade requirements while in class are eligible to receive up to 25% off of their rate (and sometimes higher if you’re in specific college towns). Combine both of those , and you’ve got a reasonably significant saving right off the bat.


If your parent’s address remains considered your permanent address while you’re attending college, you’ll be ready to keep the vehicle you drive on their automobile insurance policy (depending on who owns the vehicle).

If you’re living on campus or renting an apartment temporarily during the varsity year, ask your agent to ascertain if you’ll stay your parents’ policy or if you’ll need your own.

Whose Name Is On The Car Title

Who owns the car is one think about whether a university student needs their own automobile insurance policy.

If the car is titled in your parent’s name and you’re taking it to high school with you, you’ll be ready to stay the family automobile insurance policy. If the car is jointly titled — it contains your name and a parent’s name — you’ll be ready to stay your parent’s automobile insurance policy.

You may be wondering whether you would like your own auto policy now that you’re moving faraway from home. The answer depends on where you’ll be living while attending school and who owns the vehicle you’ll be driving.

Make your car safer by adding security measures like an alarm and immobiliser. If you’ll park your car off the road your young person’s automobile insurance premiums could also be lower. If you want to park on the road, choose a well-lit area to discourage thieves.

Best Car Insurance for College Students

According to Average Cost of College & Tuition it is research that, Students of United States are spending about 32887$ on annual basis which includes tuition fee, room rent, board fee and other miscellaneous expenses. you can also add other expenses like traveling costs, clothing expenses and mobile phone expenses, in the light of all these facts car insurance for students who are struggling can be huge expense.

After analyzing data of many national brands we have search few companies for students. We have compared the discounts available for students and also premiums. Customer satisfaction has also been analyzed in this research.

1- Allstate
3- State Farm
4- Metromile
5- Auto-Owners

1- Allstate
Allstate Stands for Insurance information institute. It is one the largest insurance provide in USA. In the nation it is on 4th No. Its market share is about 9.99%. Normally it gives discounts to students. it provides maximum coverage.
Pros and Cons are mention below.

1- It provides discounts to college students.
2- It provide coverage to college students.
3- It has best mobile app.
4- It is available in about 49 states.

Its premiums are high as compare to others.
Claims satisfaction ratings are very low as compare to other companies.

AS we know that nation has many car insurance companies but Allstate is forth leading car insurance company of this time. This includes all the packages from bare-bones coverage to a huge package, like roadside assistance package, battery reboot, towing

For the college students all stay provides best services because of the verity for discounts and packages that a specified for collage students on some of them appended below.
1- It gives 25% discount to B average students.
2- It gives 20% discount to students , who travel about 100 miles or more from their living area to collage.
3- It also provide mile wise program also which allows students to save more money. Premium will be according to number of miles in a whole month.

It has about more than 15k agents in the nation. It provide car insurance policy to the students in more than 49 states. Students can enroll their car insurance though company agents.

Customer Satisfaction:-
It has A+ ratings in customer satisfaction. In 2019 it has resolved the complaints for past three years.

2- GEICO:-
GEICO provides lowest premiums rates as compare to other student car insurance companies. Pros and Cons are mention below.

1- Its rates are highly competitive.
2- It has high ratings in customer satisfaction.
3- All in around every state about more then 49 states.

1- It provides less discount to students.
2- you could not access to local agents easily.

It provides lowest premium rates as compare to other insurance companies. It provide about 15% discount to college students. It provides discounts to those students whose car has safety features. It also provides discounts to students who are they permanent customers from years.

It is available in about more than 49 states.

Customer Satisfaction:-
It is the 2nd largest company of the nation, with A++ customer satisfaction ratings.

3- State Farm:-
It is the first latest car insurance company of the nation. It holds about 16% of market share. If you are below 25 then they will provide you about 25% of discount annually. Pros and Cons are appended below.

1- It has competitive rates.
2- It provides discounts to college students.
3- It provides rideshare insurance.

1- It claims satisfaction ratings are not high.
2- You can get insurance policy by local agents.

It provides many common types of insurance rental car insurance, GAP insurance and emergency road side assistance. It also gives rideshare insurance to uber drives.

College students can get number of discounts from State Farm insurance company. It provides good student discount. Students of high school and colleges who main good grades State Farm Insurance company give them about 25% discount which is very impressive discount. It also provide student away discount. It also provides steer clear discount. Drives who are under 25 and having a clear driving history can get discount up to 15%.

As it is the nation’s largest car insurance company so it is available in more then 49 states. It is different from most of other insurance companies as you don’t has to insure form central headquarters like other insurance companies.

Customer Satisfaction:-
It is better than most of other insurance companies having good customer satisfaction level.

3- Metromila:-
It is California-based car insurance company. It has very good policies for drives. It is best for those who don’t travel a lot. It is best option for college students because they don’t drive a lot. Its pros and cons are appended below.

Metromila insurance company Pros:-
1- Metromile insurance company set its premium according to actual driving time of cars.
2- It facilitates its customer with smart phone app.

1- It is not much available in the nation.
2- It is not good for the students who have to drive long.

It provides all types of standard car insurance. Metromile’s premium rate is calculated by you driving time. If you drive more than your monthly premium amount will be more and in case you drive less time than your premium amount will be less. You have to install Mertromile’s Smart Driving device in your vehicle. You have to download the smart phone app. It provides a overall coverage like rental car reimbursement for drivers, towing coverage and roadside assistance. Its app gives the exact location of you car where you have parked, so it also help you to locate your car. It also provides details regarding health of car.

It does not provide any kind of discount as they already charge you according to your driving time and distance.

It is less available as compare to other top rating companies. It is just available in Washington, Oregon, Oregon, Califonia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Arizona only.

Customer Satisfaction:-
Customer satisfaction ratings are good, having A+ rating.
Auto-Owners Insurance:-
It is the oldest car insurance company because it was established about 100 year ago. It coverage is not much available as just in 26 states. It provide discounts to students. pros and Cons are appended below.

1- It provide discounts to students.
2- It is the longest standing market history.
3- Their policies are good.

1- It is less available as compare to other insurance companies.

It provide all kind of standard car insurance to drivers. It covers the diminished care value coverage. It also provides GAP coverage. It also provide road side assistance. It provides you coverage of stolen personal items by personal automobile plus package.

It offers different types of discounts. It best discount for college students, as by providing good student discount. Good Student discount is about 20% of annual premium. It also gives discounts to school students, which is about 25%.

It is available in the following states.
1- Virginia
2- Utah
3- Tennessee
4- South Dakota
5- Pennsylvania
6- Nebraska
7- South Carolina
8- Ohio
9- North Dakota
10- North Carolina
11- Missuri
12- Minnesota
13- Michigan
14- Kentucky
15- Kansas
16- Indiana
17- Illinois 18-
18- Idaho
19- Lowa
20- Georgia
21- Florida
22- Colorado
23- Arizona
24- Arkansas
25- Alabama
26- Utah
It is not available in 24 other states.

Customer Satisfaction:-
It has good customer satisfaction ratings, which is A++.

It provides the car insurance services to the children and spouses of army members. It provide its insurance for both current and former. Their monthly premium amount is very less and their customer service is best thin all. Pros and Cons are mention below.

1- Their premium rates are very reasonable.
2- They give best discounts.
3- they also have website and mobile application.

1- It is not for all people of nation as it only give coverage to military families.
2- they don’t have any kind of local agent concept.

USAA is the best car insurance company for army persons and their children. It provides the coverage like towing coverage, roadside assistance. It provides banking services. it also give health insurance.

It give significant discounts. It provide good student discount.

It is available all over the nation about 50 states.

Customer Satisfaction:-
In customer satisfaction it is top rating.

Do College Students Need Car Insurance?
Car insurance is very helpful for students because it help them in difficult time when their vehicle got damaged then the insurance company will pay the amount. As usually students do not have much money to cover accidental they can pay only the small amount to cover the loss this is also a good option. If a student uses the car to go to college and than back to home then he should buy a car insurance policy. Car insurance policies not only give protection to students but also give good discounts for students.

This piece includes all the things you need to know about the best car insurance for college students. Having car insurance is mandatory, for everyone, even for students! Except it is about a real budget. Your vehicle can be used to get to the university and is therefore essential. As a student, your budget is limited, you may not be working yet, and for some, you have only recently had your license, which only increases car insurance premiums!

What auto insurance should you choose as a student? Let’s take a closer look at optimal car insurance for students!


  1. What is the best car insurance when you are a student?

  2. What are the discounts for student car insurance?

  3. How much does student car insurance cost?

  4. What endorsements are there for students to add to your car insurance?

  5. Why is having a vehicle a big budget for students?

  6. 5 tips to lower your student car insurance premium

What is the best car insurance when you are a student?

On the one hand, it is necessary to learn about the different levels of protection that exist in Quebec, in order to be able to make a thoughtful choice:

On the one hand, there is compulsory liability insurance.

On the other hand, there is other optional auto insurance:

  1. Collision and installment insurance This insurance protects you in the event of a collision of your vehicle with an object, it can also be the overturn of your vehicle. This insurance covers material damage caused by this accident. For example, if you hit a traffic sign, you will be covered by collision insurance. This coverage is not compulsory.

  2. Insurance without collision and upset: This insurance protects you for everything that is not collision or upset, as its name suggests, so for everything that is vandalism, glass breakage, theft, fire. If you park your vehicle in the street, and when you come back one of the windows has been broken, you can claim this insurance if you have purchased it. It is possible to make auto insurance estimates in order to see how much you want to be insured.

  3. All-risk insurance: combines the two levels of protection for optimal protection.

  4. Designated risk insurance: you choose exactly in which situations you want to be covered.

For students, it depends on the situation:

  1. If you have a vehicle that is not too bad, old enough, you may not need to invest in comprehensive insurance. Liability may be sufficient.

  2. If you have a brand new vehicle, the question may arise. You can opt for designated risk insurance, in order to be insured for major risks.

4 Best Car Insurance Companies For College Students

1. La Capitale

Student Discounts

  1. Many advantages if you are between 20 and 30 years old (purchase price options, accident forgiveness).

  2. Forgiveness of accidents included for 1 or 2 claims


  1. Purchase price option

  2. Road insurance is only $ 2 per month

2. Promotuel Assurance

Student Discounts

  1. Discounts for those under 24 going to university if they take out collision insurance


  1. Customized discounts for students

3. TD Assurance

Student Discounts

  1. Available for more than 750 groups of graduates, professionals and employers.


1.You can easily enter any of the categories.

4. LaPersonelle

Student Discounts

  1. Offers discounts for under 30s - this is broader than student status, so also includes student situation


  1. Wider than just student auto insurance - a good option if you are about to finish your studies.

How much does student auto insurance cost?

The car insurance premium is calculated from several factors:

  1. Age, gender, place of residence, type of vehicle driven

  2. Your driving record, i.e. your driving history

  3. The use you make of your vehicle: do you travel daily to go to university, for example?

  4. Some insurers will also want to know if you are financially stable. You will also be asked for access to your credit report.

  5. The date you obtained your driver’s license: driving experience matters a lot when you do a car quote. As a student, it depends on when you got your driver’s license if it has been a few years your car insurance premiums will be reduced, on the contrary, if you just got it they will be higher.

What endorsements are there for students to add to your car insurance?

Here are some useful endorsements to add to your auto insurance if you are a student:

  1. Road safety assistance: Very useful in all circumstances, Desjardins Insurance offers road safety assistance for $ 2 per month for young people.

  2. New value: Useful if your vehicle is new and you do not necessarily want to opt for comprehensive insurance

  3. Rental feesRental fees can be useful if you can no longer make it to the university because your vehicle is at the garage.

  4. Accident forgiveness: Interesting to have this rider because your first accident will not increase your premiums, which is good news when you are a student.

Why is having a vehicle a big budget for students?

In Quebec, the driver’s license is chargeable and must be renewed each year, in 2019, the driver’s license, if you have not committed any offence, costs an average of $ 85. This system subsidizes the SAAQ.

Auto insurance for students is a budget, so read our tips for lowering your auto insurance premiums carefully!

5 tips to lower your student auto insurance premium

1. Get insured on your parents’ vehicle

Please note, this can only apply if you are an occasional driver of this vehicle. Auto insurance may refuse to pay the indemnity if it realizes that you finally use it daily to go to university.

2. Take a telematics device

This device is very fair especially for students who have just obtained their license because your premiums are calculated according to your driving, and it is not because you have just obtained your license that you are a bad driver! A box is installed in your vehicle and records your driving data, namely your speed, acceleration, shocks and others. In addition, you will have the possibility of having a discount, in particular, Desjardins auto insurance offers a discount if you opt for a telematics device.

3. Take advantage of student discounts offered by insurers

They exist, so take advantage of them, that’s what it is! Insurers realized that students could not afford auto insurance and thus implemented discounts, which is useful.

4. Drive carefully

The fewer accidents you report, the lower your car premium will be! So you know what you have to do, drive carefully, for yourself on the one hand and to save money!

5. Opt for a cheaper car!

And yes, the cost of the vehicle has a direct impact on your auto insurance premiums! So, opt for a vehicle that is inexpensive, but safe.


Most of the time, the student is a young learner driver, with a probationary license and little driving experience. He has little or no income and a cheap car often used. When he has to insure himself as a driver, the key remains the guarantee-price ratio.

For insurance, this inexperience at the wheel represents the risk of accidents which inflate the number of contributions of the insured student. It is, therefore, necessary to compare the offers available on the market in order to be able to be covered as much as possible when driving and being a student.

Based on the research made by a leading company “Insurify”, car insurance companies like Allstate, State Farm, Amica, USAA and Geico ranked as the best car insurance companies for college students. But before choosing a company, it is a good idea for you to shop around and get informed from a few providers. Making sure that you take advantage of student specific discounts to lower your premium and put some money back into your pocket.


Coverage makes use of Quadrant Information Services to investigate about the quoted rates for thousands of zip codes throughout all 50 states along with Washington. D.C. These quoted rates are based on the profiles of 19 to 21year old males and females, having a clean record for driving a Honda Civic model up to 2016. The drivers are provided the following coverage details:

  • Almost $50k for physical injury liability per person
  • $100k physical injury liability coverage for every vehicle crash
  • Up to $50k property damage liability coverage for every vehicle crash
  • Almost $500 crash coverage deductible
  • Up to $500 of complete coverage deductible

To estimate about the effect of a Good Driver discount, we evaluate rates for the profile both with and without the discount applied.

Cheapest Car Insurance for College Students

Before getting to the official list, an overview about where to find the best savings.Insurify provides the numbers and find out the cheapest and the most expensive companies for college students. Here you can see which companies have the lowest and highest basic quotes for student drivers. The cheapest companies of all are National General, Dairyland, Workmens, Mercury and MetLife offering lowest rates in the range between $32/month to $55/month. On the other hand the most expensive companies like Arrowhead, Aggressive, Metromile, First Chicago and Safeco offer lowest rates of up to 269/month to 121/month.

Best Car Insurance for College Students


This company is also known as the American Automobile Association AAA. It has been established since 1902 and includes 58 million members in the United States and Canada. This company not only provides car insurance, AAA members also receive a 24/7 roadside assistance and some of the most significant discounts for college students. Such as

  • A Driver Training Discount of 5%
  • Good Student Discount of 14%
  • and Student Away at School Discount of 46%

The Driver Training Discount is less common and is applied to members who have taken the related driver education approved by AAA and have attended the training program.

American Family

Until 2015, American Family possessed approximately up to 2% of the car insurance market share, that made it one of the largest providers in the United States. Alhough they provide only two student specific discount options, even these discounts can cut off a heavy percentage from your premium. These two discount offer are

  • A Good Student Discount: 25%
  • Teen Smart Discount: 10%


Allstate has a possession of 10% of the car insurance market shares; this makes it the third of the largest auto insurance company in the United States. Probably because of the share to the magnitude of its consumer base, Allstate is offering some major discounts for student drivers.

  • A Good Student Discount: 35%
  • Student Away at School Discount: 5%


Having 6,200 agencies in the United States and an experience of 100 years in business, Auto-Owners Insurance makes one of the largest and long standing car insurance providers of the country. This long journey in the industry must have revealed them that students with and without good grades who own car on campus ought to have cheap car insurance rates! Auto Owners’ student discounts are among the biggest of all time. Unluckily, they only finance car insurance policies in 26 states. Ey provideT

  • Good Student Discount of 20%
  • Student Away at School Discount of 25%


GEICO is more than to put a talking lizard on TV they are actually providers of auto insurance, and along with a quite good student discount to include. Among the five largest car insurance providers including State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, Progressive, and Farmers, GEICO on average provides the cheapest rates as well across the country. Although they only provide one type of student discounts, their cheaper rates might make GEICO the right choice for you. They provide

  • Good Student Discount of 15%


MetLife was founded in 1868, and now it has been around for 150 years. It includes 90 million customers all over 60 countries. MetLife’s home and auto branch provides insurance policies in all 50 states. This widespread history and extensive approach is liable to supply the variety and size of discounts they offer to college students. Three of them are

  • Good Student Discount of 15%
  • A Student Away at School Discount of 10%
  • And the Teen Smart Discount of 7%

State Farm

State Farm is available in all 50 states. Insurance Information Institute, State Farm informs that this company had 18.3 percent of the market share for 2015, which make it the top car insurance provider. For the reason of its magnitude and geographic representation, they have an ability to provide significant student discounts. In addition to this, as for many other large insurance providers, you can still get bigger discounts by combining numerous types of policies, such as home and life. For students they offer following discounts:

  • Good Student Discount of 25%
  • And a Teen Smart Discount of 15%


Although Safeco offers lots of insurances, they are short of some regular technological services. For instance, filing for auto claims online is presently available for only some states. Although not the most expensive, Safeco is not also the cheapest. Yet, they still provide a number of student discounts. Especially if bundled with a home insurance policy, these discounts can ensure a buying through Safeco worth it. Their students’ discounts include:

  • A Good Student Discount of 16%
  • Student Away at School Discount offer of 20%
  • And a Teen Smart Discount offer of 15%

Westfield Insurance

In spite of being included in one of the smaller providers of the insurance game, Westfield Insurance still provides some noteworthy student discounts. These could make Westfield a deserving option and potentially the best starting place of car insurance for a college teenager. Its discounts include:

  • A Good Student Discount of 25%
  • And a Teen Smart Discount of 15%

Plymouth Rock Assurance

Plymouth Rock Assurance is one of the new comers in the block to be part of the insurance game. It was founded in 1982, and they are only available in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, they offer decent discounts for students in these states like:

  • A Good Student Discount of 15%
  • And Student Away at School Discount of 15%


Progressive is although not available in all states, but the Insurance Information Institute, have stated that they had 8.8 percent of the car insurance market share for 2015. By providing the offer a Good Student Discount and a Student Away at School Discount, they are sure that the college students among their other customers are grateful about the price cut they get for good grades and keeping the car at home. Their discounts to offer include:

  • A Good Student Discount of 10%
  • And a Student Away at School Discount of 10%


If you are the one or anyone other than you, who are trying to find out the best car insurance for college students, insurance quote comparison sites like Insurify make your task easy to find all the providers with student discounts. While using Insurify, you need only to indicate in the questionnaire that you are a student, and car insurance quotes with relevant discounts will be delivered to you.