How long is a college semester system

The duration of semester depends upon the institute , type of degree and situation of country . So , we don’t get any exact answer of “ how much long is a college semester ? “But I mention some average value of duration of a semester .

What is a semester system ?

A semester system divide a academic year into two terms of four months ( some times it’s may be 4 and a half months ) fall and spring semester . Master degree having two academic years so , masters degree contain 4 semesters and under graduate program usually having 4 years which means under graduate program contain 8 semesters .

How long a semester ?

Every semester consist of 15 weeks long but in some colleges it’s may be 18 weeks longer . For online students the schedule of the semester is might be different it’s may 8 week long and summer semester may vary between 6 to 9 weeks .

Fall term starts after labour day and ends before new year and spring semester starts at the end of January or the first working day of February and ends on the last week of April . Some colleges offers J term which means January or June it’s a optional term with extra fee

A academic year usually consist of 150 class days but sometime it’s might be 180 days . Some unexpected holiday came because of unusual situation like the current situation of coronavirus .


In semester system holidays are also included in schedule but extra classes are not planned after semester when a teacher cancelled a class it will never be rescheduled . Spring break falls in February and 9 days long . Every semester having one long and two short weekend. There are long Winter and summer vacation which is 4 week long . Between fall and spring semester six weak long break


There is a average statistics of duration of a college semester but it’s vary according to situation . Some colleges have there own schedule of a semester many colleges offers semester according to there syllabus .