Full coverage car insurance

What is full coverage car insurance?“Full coverage car insurance” is a term commonly used among buyers of auto insurance. Usually it refers to a combination of liability, collision and comprehensive insurance, along with any other coverage that a vehicle owner could wish for.State Farm is our choice for an affordable, widely available full coverage policy in the country, with an average annual rate of 1,739$ or $146 per month.
Full coverage car insurance

What is included in full coverage car insurance?

From “full coverage auto insurance” is not a type of policy that are currently offered, which does not cover anything technically. Full coverage auto insurance is the combination of comprehensive insurance , collision insurance, and liability insurance. This insurance will payout when your car is damaged, in addition to the liability coverage as well. To get the cheap full coverage auto insurance, you need to search all over the market.

To make it simple for you, we make a list of top companies that are offering cheap full coverage for your automobile. From there, you can get insurance for your vehicle. Let’s get a start without delay.However, a reliable insurance package that protects you and your passengers can be constructed from the following coverages :

  • Bodily injury liability
    Medical costs due to injuries or deaths caused an accident

  • Liability for damages
    Repair costs of property damaged in an accident.

  • Uninsured motorist liability for bodily injury
    medical expenses after an accident with an uninsured driver.

  • Cover property damage uninsured motorist
    Repair costs after an accident with an uninsured driver.

  • Collision coverage
    Repair costs to your car if you cause an accident with another vehicle or running on an object such as a tree or a telephone pole.

  • Comprehensive coverage
    Repair costs of events beyond their control - such as climate, hitting an animal while driving, theft and vandalism

:point_right: Keep in mind: Auto insurance full coverage does not cover everything. If you want extra like insurance new car replacement, emergency roadside assistance or custom parts and equipment coverage then you may need to be added separately.

Who has the cheapest full coverage car insurance?

Cheapest full coverage auto insurance gives you a much better protection than the minimum required by the state - especially for the remains that are not their fault - but it also means higher rates.

To find a cheap auto insurance full coverage, it is important to shop around. The price you pay for full coverage depends partly on personal factors, such as your credit and accident history.

Another important factor is the company you choose. On average, you can save $ 650 a year or more to collect the company cheapest available for you instead of the more expensive - and that’s considering only seven largest auto insurers in the nation. In many cases, going with a small, regional insurance company can save even more.

Nationally, here are the annual average prices for full coverage insurance of the seven largest auto insurance companies:

  • Geico: $ 1,198.

  • State Farm: $ 1,511.

  • Progressive: $ 1,766.

  • Liberty Mutual: $ 1,778.

  • Allstate: $ 1,834.

  • Farmers: $ 1,865.

  • USAA *: $ 1,023.

Average rates reflect a policy with liability, collision, comprehensive coverage and uninsured motorist, and other coverage required by the state when necessary. The driver of the sample is 40 years old with no moving violations and a good credit score insurance.

What is full coverage Auto insurance
Who has the cheapest Auto insurance?

Full coverage car insurance rates in my state

Your living place can have a huge impact on auto insurance rates because each state has different standards for auto insurance. Average prices in the highest states are three to four times higher than those of the cheapest.

The amount of insurance you have also matters: car insurance full coverage is more than twice the price of minimum coverage, on average, according to our analysis. This is what our analysis of the state-by-state insurance rates 2020 shows cars for drivers with good credit and no recent accidents:

  • Maine is the cheapest state for full coverage car insurance with an annual average of $ 916 rate, followed by Idaho and Virginia.
  • Louisiana is the most expensive state for auto insurance coverage total $ 2,971 per year on average, followed by Florida and Michigan.
  • Lowa is the cheapest state required minimum coverage, at an average annual insurance auto $ 309, followed by South Dakota and Vermont.
  • For minimum coverage required, Michigan is the most expensive at $ 1,285 state per year, on average, followed by Florida and Louisiana
State :star: Full coverage car insurance Minimum coverage car insurance Annual difference of full and minimum coverage
National average $1428 $607 $822 :flags:
Alabama $1,403 $558 $845 :flags:
Alaska $1,182 $457 $723 :flags:
Arizona $1,408 $582 $829 :flags:
Arkansas $1,428 $558 $868 :flags:
California $1,628 $636 $992 :flags:
Colorado $1,571 $637 $935 :flags:
Connecticut $1,684 $855 $828 :flags:
Delaware $1,558 $838 $721 :flags:
Florida $1,595 $691 $905 :flags:
Georgia $1,177 $488 $688 :flags:
Hawaii $938 $363 $576 :flags:
Idaho $1,164 $438 $727 :flags:
Illinois $995 $408 $586 :flags:
Indiana $996 $308 $689 :flags:
Iowa $1,307 $433 $873 :flags:
Kansas $2,162 $984 $1,179 :flags:
Kentucky $2,972 $1,151 $1,822 :flags:
Louisiana $917 $368 $548 :flags:
Maine $1,596 $801 $796 :flags:
Maryland $1,298 $551 $748 :flags:
Massachusetts $2,332 $1,286 $1,047 :flags:
Michigan $1,281 $578 $702 :flags:
Minnesota $1,386 $514 $873 :flags:
Mississippi $1,338 $506 $834 :flags:
Missouri $1,253 $395 $858 :flags:
Montana $1,182 $421 $762 :flags:
Nebraska $1,882 $903 $978 :flags:
Nevada $1,057 $416 $642 :flags:
New Hampshire $1,758 $995 $766 :flags:
New Jersey $1,242 $485 $758 :flags:
New Mexico $1,963 $1,027 $937 :flags:
New York $1,076 $412 $665 :flags:
North Carolina $1,236 $401 $836 :flags:
North Dakota $1,052 $464 $589 :flags:
Ohio $1,596 $584 $1,013 :flags:
Oklahoma $1,229 $638 $588 :flags:
Oregon $1,168 $414 $755 :flags:
Pennsylvania $1,685 $821 $865 :flags:
Rhode Island $1,459 $657 $803 :flags:
South Carolina $1,246 $313 $934 :flags:
South Dakota $1,171 $427 $745 :flags:
Tennessee $1,472 $665 $808 :flags:
Texas $1,249 $608 $642 :flags:
Utah $994 $328 $667 :flags:
Vermont $961 $382 $578 :flags:
Virginia $1,262 $653 $608 :flags:
Washington $1,528 $756 $773 :flags:
Washington, D.C. $2,353 $1,189 $1,165 :flags:
West Virginia $1,308 $505 $804 :flags:
Wisconsin $1,006 $358 $647 :flags:
Wyoming $1,185 $334 $852 :flags:

Cheap Full Coverage Rates According To Age

Age also have an impact on your insurance quotes full coverage. In a separate analysis 2020 rates, HowToDiscuss found teen drivers have higher car insurance rates than any other age group on average. Auto insurance rates full coverage usually begin to diminish as you get older and gain more driving experience, up to 70 years.

To find these rates, we look at 2020 insurance rates average car for young drivers of the five largest companies auto insurance in each zip code in all 50 states and Washington, DC The top five companies auto insurance in the country are State Farm, Geico, progressive, Allstate and USAA. View methodology rates by age for details.

Age Full Coverage Minimum Coverage Annual difference
16-16.9 $6,458 $2,498 $3,961 :star:
17-17.9 $5,217 $1,978 $3,238 :star:
18-18.9 $4,533 $1,666 $2,866 :star:
19-19.9 $3,328 $1,184 $2,143 :star:
20-20.9 $2,983 $1,041 $1,943 :star:
21-21.9 $2,455 $851 $1,603 :star:
22-22.9 $2,266 $791 $1,476 :star:
23-23.9 $2,105 $728 $1,378 :star:
24-24.9 $1,983 $685 $1,299 :star:
25-29 $1,761 $616 $1,146 :star:
30-24 $1,585 $564 $1,022 :star:
35-39 $1,565 $558 $1,006 :star:
40-44 $1,537 $555 $983 :star:
45-49 $1,523 $552 $972 :star:
50-54 $1,449 $534 $914 :star:
55-59 $1,421 $526 $896 :star:
60-64 $1,416 $527 $888 :star:
65-69 $1,458 $551 $907 :star:
70-74 $1,537 $589 $949 :star:
75-79 $1,702 $662 $1,041 :star:
80+ $1,895 $749 $1,147 :star:

:open_file_folder:Summary: Through all ages, Geico had the lowest average annual rates for full coverage insurance widely available. USAA, which is offered only to active military veterans and their families, often it was cheaper or second cheapest for all ages.

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The Full Coverage Car Insurance Cost By Companies

Each insurance company treats each factor differently. If you have bad credit, an insurer could charge 10% more for politics, while another might charge 40% more. A discount for being free advertising in recent years could get a discount of 20% with a company and 5% in another.

All this results in very different rates from one person to the next. This is why the company that gives your super low rates friend might not be the cheapest for you. Here are the annual rates of many of the largest insurers in the country, for a total and minimum coverage

Full coverage car insurance rates per year

Company :star: Full coverage Minimum required coverage
21st Century $1,589 $777
Allstate $1,835 $785
American Family $1,234 $603
Amica $1,184 $455
Automobile Club Group $1,469 $607
Auto Club of SoCal $1,611 $634
Auto-Owners $1,358 $518
Country Financial $1,137 $406
CSAA $1,711 $544
Erie $836 $296
Farmers $1,866 $927
Geico $1,198 $478
Kemper $1,557 $531
Liberty Mutual $1,778 $900
Mercury $1,676 $638
MetLife $1,678 $827
National General $1,068 $415
Nationwide $1,348 $683
NJM $1,302 $645

Full coverage car insurance rates per month

Rank Insurance Company Per Month Rate
1 USAA $108
2 Erie $128
3 State Farm $146
4 Farm Bureau $149
5 American Family $171
6 Auto Owners Insurance $177
7 GEICO $189
8 Nationwide $192
9 Progressive $198
10 MetLife $205
11 Travelers $252
12 All State $296
13 Farmers $358

Who needs a full coverage insurance?

Full coverage insurance is not required by law. Many states require only a small amount of liability insurance. But that will not cover your injuries or car repairs - only damage or injury caused others.

If you have a car loan or lease, your lender will probably require you to purchase collision and comprehensive coverage. The vast majority of companies offer these policies, but some insurers do not stop buying one without the other.

Buying auto insurance full coverage can be a good investment if:

  • You have a new or expensive car.
  • Regularly commute in heavy traffic.
  • You live in a place with extreme weather, high rates of theft auto or a high risk of collisions with animals.
  • You can not afford to repair or replace your vehicle if it is ruined or stolen.

For an older vehicle, however, full coverage may not be worth the cost. Comprehensive and collision insurance will reimburse only up to the cash value of your car when it is damaged or stolen. And usually they have a deductible insurance, an amount that is expected to pay out of pocket for repair or replacement.

Even with full coverage, there are other policy options you might need. For example, uninsured motorist coverage, gap insurance and health insurance to pay all the costs of full coverage insurance of the car will not. If you’re on the fence, play with coverage options are online shopping for auto insurance quotes.

Full coverage costs

How much full coverage car insurance cost?

Insurance providers don’t offer “full coverage,” but you can still build a dependable auto insurance package that protects you in the event of many incidents on and off the road. Naturally, the more coverages you select, the higher your monthly bill. However, there are still plenty of variables that affect your insurance costs, including:

  • Your age
  • Your location
  • Your driving record
  • The kind of car you drive
  • The policy type(s) you choose
  • Your deductible
  • Your policy limit(s)

So, how much does full coverage car insurance cost? The answer depends partially on you and your history, as well as the type and amount of insurance you choose. For more information, check out our breakdown of how much car insurance costs. Keep in mind that Nationwide offers a range of discounts for our members – you could save hundreds on your annual bill

Despite the fact that full coverage insurance is a myth, you can still build an insurance package that protects you in the event of an unexpected incident. Start a free online quote from Nationwide and choose the coverages that are right for you today.

Frequently asked questions

After reading the whole scenario you may also ask for

1-Can I drop full coverage auto insurance?

Most state requires a different type of coverage, but most of the time, you can drop full coverage auto insurance. You should decide if you have a high risk, then choose it; otherwise, leave it. Moreover, higher mileage vehicles have low insurance costs.

2-What are the worst insurance companies?

Sometimes, you may want to know which companies have the worst repo in the market. So here is the list of companies that have bad customer feedback.

  • AIG
  • State Farm
  • Conseco
  • WellPoint
  • Farmer

So there are companies that have bad customer feedback. You can see their detail over the internet.

3-Why is Geico insurance so cheap?

Geico is cheap because it sells insurance directly to the customers and offers a lot of discounts. Most of the customers get double discounts, that’s why it is considered as the cheapest company for the insurance company.

4-Can I get insurance without a down payment?

There are some companies offering no down payment that may offer many things. You can also get insurance without down payment from the website or from the third party, which means there are still some companies offering insurance with no down payment.

5- What is the cheapest month to buy car insurance?

Investigations show that drivers who purchase fully comprehensive car insurance in February are likely to pay lower premiums. An analysis of 49 million car insurance references for 2013 and 2019 revealed that February and August are the cheapest months to buy a cover.


Full coverage car insurance coverage means that you have covered all your required things according to your credit,your income and also according to the required law of the state.Usually combines collision and comprehensive insurance, which pays if your car is in addition to liability coverage, which pays for injuries and damages. We conclude some cheapest companies for full coverage car insurance :point_down:

No Name of Company Amount
1 Liberty Mutual $1778
2 Progressive $1766
3 USAA $1023
4 Geico $1198
5 State Farm $1511

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Benefits Of Car Insurance

Here I want to mention some benefits of car insurance it is very significant for everyone having vehicles. It provides you with, financial and legal liabilities towards a third party, it empowers you and recovers your vehicle against damages due to accidents, natural hazards, robbery, fire etc. Here I am listing 5 benefits of car insurance:

Damage or Loss
In case of any damage to your vehicle due to accidents, natural hazards like storms floods etc your insurance policy will extricate your expenses, moreover in case of theft or destruction due to terrorism or heist your all loss is recouped by your insurance policy.

Accidents Recovery
In the same way, it secures your future in case of any disability due to accident and provides you cover against death in accidents and sometimes insurance policy also provides safety to other passengers for a prefixed amount.

Large network of garages
All the Insurance companies in the world have a large network of garages where they recover all the destruction of their insured vehicles for free of cost. This aspect of insurance policy is very helpful and makes life convenient.

third party liabilities
In that case, any harm to the third party due to accidents insurance policy provides you with financial and legal support against third party liabilities. Likewise in case of any severe injuries or death to the third party, it insures you against them.

No extra money
The best feature of insurance policy is that it is available every time without demanding extra money.

Factors affecting car insurance

There are many factors affecting car insurance

It mainly depends on the vehicle you are driving. If your car is expensive to restore it is also expensive to insure.

Age is a very vital factor for an insurance policy, especially for young drivers.

Driving History is most important for getting insurance policy for your car.

State is also playing a role in the insurance policy where you are living and what are the insurance policies in your area.

Tips to Reduce premium Insurance

Here are some tips to reduce premium insurance

Visit around
Different companies vary different rates so it is necessary to get at least 3 different price quotes, you can call these insurance companies or search their prices on the internet. Your state’s insurance department also provides you with comparative prices.

Check insurance policy in beginning
Firstly when you are purchasing the car check it’s insurance cars it mostly relies on the car costs and the repairing cost. Many companies are offering discount packages for an insurance policy when you are purchasing a new car, so it helps in the reduction of prices.

Higher Deductibilities
You can ask for higher deductibilities for an insurance policy so you can lower your cost substantially for about 40 per cent.

Buy from single insurer only
If buy your auto insurance policy and homeowner insurance from the single insurer so it helps you to get a good package.

Establish good credits record
It is necessary to maintain your good credit records because many insurance companies can review your credit histories. So you can pay your bills on time and maintain your credit balance low.

Online Premium Insurance Calculator

What is the online insurance premium calculator?
It is an online tool which helps the buyer to get comparative rates from different car insurance companies by providing specific information.

Benefits of car insurance Calculator

  1. Makes the insurance process easier and simpler.
  2. Provides comparative rates from various insurance companies.
  3. Helps to take a good decision for the best insurance policy.

How to use premium insurance calculator

Calculator for used cars
You have to provide information like car type, fuel type, registration number, existing car insurance policy details, change in ownership details, previous claim reports. So you can get the best deals.

Calculator for new cars
For this, you have to provide details like vehicle manufacture’ rs name, vehicle model, state of registration of the car, with persons own details. So it will provide you with all the best deals offered by insurance companies.

How to calculate car insurance premium

Here is the fixed for calculating premium car insurance by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) of India.
Premium=Own Damage Premium - (no claim bonus+ discounts)+ Liability premium


To conclude that car insurance is a hassle-free and very convenient process with easy simple steps. It protects your vehicle and secures your future. There are many companies with good insurance strategies.

It’s worth reiterating anumie’s point, there is no such thing as full coverage car insurance. In actuality, full coverage is just a combination of insurance coverages (some are required, others are optional) that you can adjust to best fit your needs and your state policies and laws. For example, bodily injury and property damage liabilities are required in almost all states, while the choice to have a comprehensive coverage is left to you, or imposed by your lender.

Below are some of the most common types of car insurance along with their requirement in U.S.A.

Type of coverage Required or optional
Liability (which includes bodily injury coverage and property damage liability) Required
Comprehensive Optional
Collision Optional; (May be required in a car loan or a lease.)
Medical payment Required in some states
Rental reimbursement Optional
Uninsured Motorist Required in 20 states; and, Washington D.C.

Keep in mind, lenders may require you to buy collision and comprehensive coverages in a car loan or a lease in order to protect their interest.


As anumie suggested, if full coverage seems worth it for you (e.g. you car is expensive, your neighbourhood is often vandalized, etc.), you might prefer to have a full coverages intact. If it’s not (perhaps you live in quiet neighbourhood or you drive an affordable car), go with only what fits your needs, as most of the “full coverage” insurance is optional anyway.