Automobile insurance

Automobile insurance,

Definition of Automobile insurance:

  1. Policy that commonly includes some or all of the following: (1) Bodily injury liability for injury of death resulting from a collision caused by the insured, (2) Collision coverage for damage caused by a collision, (3) Comprehensive coverage for damage not caused by a collision, (4) Liability coverage for damage to property resulting from a collision caused by the insured, (5) Medical payments insurance for treatment of injuries resulting from a collision caused by any party, (6) Rental reimbursement for payment of a rental car while the insureds car is being repaired, (7) Towing and labor for towing the insureds car to a garage and minor repairs but not the parts, (8) Underinsured motorist coverage for charges exceeding the other partys insurance limit, (9) Uninsured motorist coverage for recovery of all dues that would have been paid by the other partys insurer if he or she had one.

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