How Can You Increase Your Chances of Getting a APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship at GIIS?

Did you know that children today operate digital devices better than most of their parents? Children are naturally curious, and due to their curiosity, they learn how to use digital gadgets at a very tender age. This is good news as the world today is slowly embracing technology. Most institutions, including hospitals, restaurants, and schools, to mention a few, no longer rely on traditional human labor for their operations. It is therefore essential that children are introduced to the new technology while still young.

Children spend most of their childhood and part of their adult life in school. The school, therefore, plays a significant role in introducing learners to technology. The Global Indian International School awards its students with the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship to recognize and encourage students who show proficiency in operating digital gadgets through the global school foundation. It is a two-year talent-based scholarship applicable to learners in grades 6-12.

Why should students apply for the scholarship?

The following are the benefits of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills scholarship;

1. Makes schooling in GIIS Surat Affordable

Being an international school, GIIS Surat offers a universal education to its learners under competent and experienced teachers’ guidance. The school also offers a diverse environment where learners interact with others with different cultures, religions, races, and colours, which equips a learner with the ability to peacefully coexist with one another not mentioning the knowledge about different people and their ways of life.

The school also fosters the holistic development of its learners. For these reasons, many parents wish to enroll their children in school. However, some of them cannot afford the required school fees. Therefore, the scholarship offers alternative means of funding for such parents; hence, they afford the cost of schooling their children in GIIS Surat.

2. Boosts Learners Interest in Technology

Children are likely to accomplish something when there is a prize to be won. Similarly, they are likely to learn how to operate digital gadgets when striving to win the scholarship. Therefore, the scholarship is a form of motivation for students to familiarize themselves with technology.

3. Increases Learners Career Opportunities

Technology opens more career doors for students. Most organizations today only hire employees who are familiar with operating digital devices. What’s more, mentioning a scholarship in your resume increases your chances of winning a job as most employees perceive you as a hardworking and focused person, and they are thrilled to have you in their workforce.

Tips on winning the APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship;

Following are the tips on How Can You Increase Your Chances of Getting a APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship at GIIS?

1. Research

Before you submit an application form, research whether you qualify for the scholarship, you should ensure that you meet the minimum requirements. Therefore, you should consider the eligibility criteria. You will find that the APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship has three categories in the eligibility criteria in your research.

Consequently, you should see the class you qualify for; for instance, the first category requires that all applicants be top 10 national ranks in the Olympiad or be top 3 in the national children’s science congress and be Indian citizens. Once you find that you meet these requirements, you can go ahead and apply for the scholarship.

2. Attach all relevant documents

In your research, you will find a list of all the documents the scholarship requires you to attach including;

  • Proof of a thesis or a publication.

  • Proof of an invented tool, instrument, or application

  • The academic performance record of the past years

You should ensure that you do not submit your application without these documents as your application will not be processed.

3. Be Honest

Ensure that every detail you include in your application is accurate. Do not let your desire to win the scholarship result in submitting fake documents as this will only reduce your chances of winning the scholarship. Make sure you can vouch for any information you include in your application.

4. Submit a polished Application

Your application determines the impression the scholarship sponsors will have on you. Therefore, you need to submit an application that has a positive reflection about yourself. For this reason, you should ensure that your application is free from grammatical errors, your language is formal, and that you are keen on your word diction. You should proofread your application to ensure that you submit an error-free application. Remember to observe the deadlines.

5. Ace the Interview

The interview is your only opportunity to make a physical impression; therefore, you should prepare in advance for it. Research on the commonly asked scholarship questions and be ready to answer them. Ensure that you stand out among other applicants in the interview.


The scholarship recognizes and encourages students with proficiency in operating digital devices, among other scholarship benefits. Therefore, eligible students should keep these tips in mind, as they send in their applications, to increase their chances of winning the scholarship to enjoy these benefits.