Cheap Car Insurance Indiana

In Indiana, you have to deliver a sure amount of liability insurance with a view to legally operate a vehicle. Finding a cheap car insurance in Indiana is a difficult task. Insurance contracts are designed in a way to meet the need of the insured on policy.If you are found to be using a vehicle without having met this requirement, your driver license can be suspended without any delay.

Car insurance


Insurance is a contract, represented by a policy, in which an individual or entity receives financial protection or reimbursement against losses from an insurance company. The company pools clients’ risks to make payments more affordable for the insured.

Public and Private Insurance

Sometimes a distinction is made between public and private insurance. Public (or social) insurance includes Social Security, Medicare, temporary disability insurance, and the like, funded through government plans. Private insurance plans, by contrast, are all types of coverage offered by private corporations or organizations.

What is Insurance Policy?

Are you thinking about what is insurance policy? The insurance policy is the physical paper contract done between the insurer and the thing to be insured. It is the claim that which legally require the insurers to pay what they said for. It is also known as policy holder

Car Insurance Indiana

Maintain reading to study more about Indiana insurance legal guidelines, insurance alternatives, and reductions.

Car insurance requirements:

Legal responsibility coverage

Indiana calls for all drivers to preserve at the least the following quantities of liability coverage insurance:

• Physical damage (man or woman): $25,000.

• Bodily damage (twist of fate/an accident – more than one human beings injured): $50,000.

• Assets damage (any coincidence): $25,000.

Uninsured Motorist coverage

  • All liability coverage rules in Indiana ought to additionally encompass uninsured/under-insured motorist liability insurance.
  • The minimum limits for uninsured motorist coverage are identical to the minimum limits for liability insurance.
  • The minimal restrict for under-insured motorist bodily harm insurance is $50,000 (per accident).
  • Uninsured/under-insured motorist car insurance helps cover any prices incurred via an accident with another driver who has no liability coverage, or has insurance that isn’t always robust enough to cover your expenses.
  • Notice: while you purchase your liability insurance, you could choose out of uninsured motorist coverage; however, you ought to accomplish that in writing.

Optionally available coverage:

While you are buying an Indiana car insurance, keep in mind that the minimal insurance won’t thoroughly cover your payments inside the event of an twist of fate. You would possibly remember buying extra coverage kinds for similarly protection.

Maximum car insurance companies will offer the following non-obligatory types of coverage :

  • Comprehensive – helps to pay for damages for your automobile resulting from incidents other than car accidents, consisting of vandalism, theft, or fireplace harm.

  • Collision – Covers costs to your car whilst you’ve been in a collision with any other car or object.

    Rental reimbursement – allows pay costs related to opportunity transportation when your car is being repaired after an accident.

  • Mortgage/lease gap insurance – facilitates to balance the price among the actual cash fee of your car and what you currently owe.

  • Medical bills coverage – Covers accidents-related clinical or ■■■■■■■ costs of any covered drivers or passengers, without taking fault into attention.

  • Emergency roadside carrier .

  • Customized parts and device.

Indiana has an estimated 6.7 million people, according to the Census Bureau United States, and had 4.8 million insured vehicles in 2015. The average auto insurance rates throughout the state insurance companies top car nine in our study are slightly higher in Indiana than some of its neighbors in the Midwest. This is because Indiana has several large cities, which tend to have insurance rates higher than rural areas car.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Indiana

USAA: $644

Geico: $715

Progressive: $770

State Farm: $923

Travelers: $957

American Family: $1,157

Nationwide: $1,230

Farmers: $1,263

Allstate: $1,491

The rate of average car insurance in Indiana, according to our results, it was just above $ 1,000.

Indiana cheap Car Insurance Rates by Age(Male)

Company 25-year-old male 35-year-old male 60-year-old male
Allstate $1,633 $1,530 $1,445
American Family $1,399 $1,123 $1,014
Farmers $1,555 $1,215 $1,100
Geico $732 $693 $626
Nationwide $1,581 $1,175 $1,070
Progressive $937 $703 $665
State Farm $1,102 $904 $818
Travelers $1,079 $1,020 $848
USAA $832 $582 $543

Indiana cheap Car Insurance Rates by Age(Female)

Company 25-year-old female 35-year-old female 60-year-old female
Allstate $1,512 $1,496 $1,329
American Family $1,332 $1,080 $994
Farmers $1,461 $1,226 $1,023
Geico $857 $741 $642
Nationwide $1,448 $1,128 $976
Progressive $920 $741 $656
State Farm $993 $904 $818
Travelers $1,027 $968 $799
USAA $777 $591 $539

Indiana cheap car insurance rates according to credit score

Company Good Fair Poor
Allstate $1,491 $1,666 $2,054
American Family $1,157 $1,324 $1,810
Farmers $1,263 $1,410 $2,012
Geico $715 $819 $1,079
Nationwide $1,230 $1,311 $1,537
Progressive $770 $949 $1,294
State Farm $923 $1,293 $2,173
Travelers $957 $1,176 $1,631
USAA $644 $782 $1,229

Rates according to driving records

Company Clean record With 1 speeding violation With 1 accident With 1 DUI
Allstate $1,491 $1,919 $2,332 $1,933
American Family $1,157 $1,219 $1,219 $1,219
Farmers $1,263 $1,707 $1,899 $1,865
Geico $715 $1,065 $1,265 $1,609
Nationwide $1,230 $1,463 $1,898 $2,357
Progressive $770 $1,224 $1,697 $1,035
State Farm $923 $999 $1,242 $1,416
Travelers $957 $1,259 $1,312 $1,449
USAA $644 $797 $940 $1,042

Cities and their average rates

City Average Rate
Bloomington $1,002
Carmel $955
Evansville $1,074
Fishers $990
Fort Wayne $985
Gary $1,318
Hammond $1,268
Indianapolis $1,093
Lafayette $935


Smaller cities have insurance rates lower average cars. With a population of 67,000, Lafayette had the lowest rate of the average in our study, at about $ 935.
This city is a one-hour drive from Indianapolis and two hours from Chicago, so it is unlikely to visit these cities with lots of traffic on a daily basis most drivers.

Cities in Indiana that are suburbs of Chicago see much higher average rates. Gary and Hammond are among the most expensive in Indiana, with average rates of $ 1,318 and $ 1,269. As always, the cities with larger populations have more vehicles, and that means there are more chances of getting into accidents that result in claims.

Within each state, insurance rates can vary dramatically from one city to another. To get an idea of ​​how these differences affect premiums auto insurance, you look at the average representative rates in 10 major cities in Iowa. In our study, we used the male and female driver 25 profiles, 35 and 60 that put 12,000 miles on the odometer each year. Our profiles have an average coverage insurance, a clean driving record and good credit. Three vehicles were included in our study: the 2015 Honda Civic, 2015 Toyota RAV4, and 2015 Ford F-150

How to get the cheapest car insurance in Indiana

You do not have to be a middle-aged driver with a clean record for a reasonable rate. There are some other ways to reduce your car insurance rates. Most car insurance companies offer discounts for having superior multiple types of insurance with the same company. That could be renter’s insurance or homeowner in with your auto policy, or it could be secure multiple vehicles with the same company.

You can often find discount car insurance to be a good student or be a member of the US Army … Some big companies or organizations to negotiate discounts from major insurance companies as well. Check with your employer or any group can belong to for discounts on car insurance.

The best way to reduce your auto insurance rate is to be a good driver, though not always the easiest way.
That means avoiding the most common ways to raise your rates, such as speeding, have an accident and driving while intoxicated. If you remain accident free for a period of time, usually starting about six months, insurance companies often rewarded with a discount on your car insurance. The more you stay longer without a claim, the deeper the discount can be.

Some insurance companies such as Allstate, offer discounts to drivers who agree to have their supervised driving. Your phone or other device plug-in record speed, time of day you drive, and the number of incidents of heavy braking. These indicate the odds of having an accident - and file a claim feared.


The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in 2020

Average Annual Rates:
USAA: $885
Geico: $1,168
State Farm: $1,234
Travelers: $1,267
Progressive: $1,373
American Family: $1,391
Farmers: $1,682
Nationwide: $1,864
Allstate: $1,880

Indiana car insurance laws

In Indiana, operating a car without the necessary car insurance can cost you. if you are observed driving without the specified minimums, you’ll lose your driving privileges from everywhere among ninety days and 12 months.


When your license has been suspended after a conviction for running a automobile without the right insurance, you’ll need to file a form SR-22, which affords evidence of future financial obligation once you reinstate your license. Your car insurance business enterprise will report this form for you.

You will be required to maintain your SR-22 for three years from the effective end date of every suspension.

Uninsured motive force Database

Indiana drivers convicted of working their vehicles without car insurance are entered into the Previously Uninsured Motorist Registry (PUMR) for a period h of 5 years.

While your call is in the PUMR , you could be randomly selected to offer evidence of financial duty at any time.

Mostly questions asked by people:

What If the opposite driving force Is Uninsured?

Indiana requires that liability guidelines include each uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage, except a policyholder especially rejects it in writing.

Uninsured motorist insurance is designed to guard you inside the event of an accident with an uninsured motorist. In this case, your insurance covers damages for the uninsured birthday celebration.

Under-insured motorist insurance is designed for drivers who don’t have enough insurance to pay for the damages from the coincidence. Your insurance would incur the final balance.

What monetary obligations Do i have After an twist of fate?

In the state of Indiana, drivers who have been in a automobile accident ought to be able to reveal monetary obligation. You can typically prove that you’re certified via actually purchasing an Indiana vehicle insurance coverage; the coverage employer will mechanically notify the Indiana Bureau of Motor automobiles and maintain you on superb document, given which you make your bills on time.

What If I Don’t Qualify for an coverage policy?

When you have been became down with the aid of an insurance company and can’t discover coverage, you may want to use for the Indiana vehicle insurance Plan as an alternative. Any insurance agent certified in Indiana can sign up you. This system is designed to cowl drivers who’ve been turned away by using coverage organizations.

Contact an automobile accident lawyer today

in case you or a cherished one were injured due to a automobile twist of fate or when you have been unfairly became away by means of an insurance organization, touch the Indiana vehicle twist of fate lawyers of Wilson Kehoe Winingham. The legal professionals at WKW allow you to navigate coverage regulations and get the compensation you deserve. Name 317.920.6400 or fill out an online touch form for a unfastened, no-duty case evaluation.

When do I get car insurance in Indiana?

You should insure your vehicle as soon as a car is bought or moved to Indiana.

What if my car is not properly secured in Indiana?

If you do not have car insurance in Indiana, the license will be suspended.

Indiana is a state without fault?

No, Indiana is a state that was at fault. That means the driver who caused the accident pays for damage by your insurance.

Do I need uninsured motorist coverage in Indiana?

Yes, motorist coverage uninsured is required to be included in every new auto insurance policy in Indiana, although this coverage may waive in writing at the time of purchase.

Is Compulsory Liability Insurance in Indiana?

Yes, drivers are required to have liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage.

You Accept Insurance Indiana digital cards?

Yes, Indiana secure digital cards are accepted.


You do not have to be a middle-aged driver with a clean record for a cheap car insurance rate in Indiana. There are some other ways to reduce your car insurance rates in Indiana. Most car insurance companies offer discounts. From all of above scenario we conclude some of cheapest companies in Indiana. You can see in a guide below :point_down:

Category Cheapest Company
Drivers with a Military Affiliation USAA
Young Adult Drivers GEICO
Married Male Adult Drivers GEICO
Married Female Adult Drivers Progressive
Senior Drivers GEICO
Drivers with Good Credit GEICO
Drivers with Poor Credit GEICO
Drivers with a Clean Record GEICO
Drivers with One Speeding Violation State Farm
Drivers with One Accident American Family
Drivers with One DUI Progressive
Low-mileage Drivers GEICO
High-mileage Drivers GEICO
Drivers with Low Coverage GEICO
Drivers with High Coverage GEICO
Drivers with Used Cars GEICO
Drivers with New Cars GEICO

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In Indiana, you have to pass an assured cost of liability insurance with a way to legally run a vehicle. Finding cheap car insurance in Indiana is a challenging chore. Insurance contracts are designed in a way to meet the need of the insured on the policy. If you are found to be using a vehicle without having met this demand, your driver’s license can be dangled without any obstacle.

What Is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is also known as Vehicle insurance. Its main use is to provide financial security against physical injury or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also occur from incidents in a vehicle.
Car insurance may additionally offer financial security against theft of the vehicle and injury to the vehicle supported from events other than traffic hits, such as keying weather or natural catastrophes, and injury sustained by colliding with stationary objects. The specific terms of vehicle insurance vary with legal laws in each region.

Car insurance

Importance of Insurance:

The world we exist in is full of ambiguities and risks. Individuals businesses, families, properties, and assets are exposed to different types and levels of risks. These include the risk of losses of life, health, assets, property, etc. While it is not always feasible to prevent unwanted events from occurring, the economic world has developed products that guard individuals and businesses against such losses by requiting them with financial resources. Insurance is a financial product that reduces or eliminates the cost of loss or effect of loss generated by different types of risks.


Aside from protecting individuals and companies from many kinds of potential risks, the Insurance sector contributes significantly to the general economic extension of the nation by providing stability to the functioning of businesses and creating long-term financial resources for the industrial projects. Among other things, the Insurance sector also encourages the virtue of savings among individuals and generates employments for millions, particularly in a country like India, where savings and employment are essential.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies Of Indiana:

There are the cheapest car insurance companies in Indiana:

Rank Insurer Annual car insurance
1 Erie $277
2 Auto-Owners $412
3 Progressive $442
4 State Farm $494
5 American Family $515
6 GEICO $601
7 Allstate $985
8 USAA $259

Cheapest Car Insurance For Good Drivers:

For an Indiana driver with good credence and clean driving records, the cheapest insurance corporations and average rates for full coverage are:

Rank Insurer Ammount Per Year
1 Erie $636
2 Geico $642
3 Indiana Farmers $891
4 Auto-Owners $998
5 Progressive $1,073

Drivers with no new accidents or crimes can get cheaper car insurance rates for having good credence. For this calculation, averaged rates for 40-year-old men and women with a reliable driving record and good credit. In terms of driving and credit records, a large portion of drivers are closest to this profile, which carries standard “full coverage” insurance, including comprehensive and collision, along with state-required coverage. Prices shown include a good driver allowance, when available from the insurer.

Car for insurance

Cheapest Car Insurance for minimum coverage:

For bare-bones coverage, Indiana drivers may want to [analyze these companies](World’s Top Insurance Companies), ranked by average rates for someone with reliable driving and credit records buying minimum asked insurance:

Rank Insurer Ammount Per Year
1 Erie $237
2 Geico $290
3 Auto-Owners $312
4 Indiana Farmers $340
5 State Farm $403

we estimated these numbers by averaging rates for 40-year-old good drivers (earning them a discount if the insurer offers one) who have only the minimum mandatory insurance in their state. Such light coverage isn’t typically recommended since it might not cover all the bills rising from a car accident, but it’s better than nothing. Especially if you can’t bear much more. If you’re looking for the cheapest possible insurance you can get, though, you’ll still want to get car insurance quotes from at smallest three auto insurers.


Cheapest Car Insurance For Good Drivers With Bad Credit:

The cheapest insurance for Indiana drivers with bad credit and a good driving record comes from these companies, ranked by average rates for full coverage auto plans:

Rank Insurer Ammount Per Year
1 Geico $953
2 Indiana Farmers $1,462
3 Erie $1,708
4 Safe Auto $1,720
5 American Family $1,720

If you have an uneven credit history, it’s important to shop around to find the cheapest auto insurance prices you can. Poor credit can have a bigger effect on car insurance premiums than even a DUI conviction or a recent at-fault crash, but rates vary by insurer. To calculate these values, NerdWallet averaged rates for 40-year-olds with a clean driving record and associated good driver discount, if the insurer gave one. They had poor credit as reported to their insurer, and for example “full coverage” car insurance.

Cheapest Car Insurance For Good Drivers With One At-Fault Crash:

These are the cheapest insurance companies we found and their average rates for full coverage plans in Indiana for drivers who newly caused an accident:

Rank Insurer Ammount Per Year
1 Erie $836
2 Indiana Farmers $1,060
3 Geico $1,199
4 American Family $1,234
5 State Farm $1,488

After a comparatively minor crash, some auto insurers will charge a lot more than others for coverage. To get these figures, we averaged rates for 40-year-olds with typical "full coverage insurance and one recent at-fault crash costing $10,000 in property damage. Your rates will remain high for three to five years after you cause an accident or have a moving violation and you still may be denied for coverage from certain companies, including those above. If you fall into this category, be assured to shop for new insurance rates just after the three-year and five-year anniversaries of your violation

Cheapest Car Insurance After A DUI:

For Indiana drivers with a recent DUI on their history, these are the cheapest car insurers we found, ranked by the average price for full coverage:

Rank Insurer Ammount Per Year
1 Erie $987
2 Indiana Farmers $891
3 American Family $1,234
4 Progressive $1,320
5 Geico $1,470

Punishment for driving under the influence, or DUI, usually results in higher auto insurance rewards than before. NerdWallet analyzed rates for 40-year-old drivers and standard “full coverage” car insurance with a recent DUI conviction to see which companies were most affordable. Be warned that you may be denied coverage, including from the companies listed above. Rates can vary by hundreds between carriers after a DUI, and some penalize for longer than others, so it’s important to shop around for the best attainable price right after you see a price hike and per year after that.

Cheapest Car Insurance After A Ticket:

After a speeding ticket, the most affordable car insurance companies and average rates for full coverage policies in Indiana are:

Rank Insurer Ammount Per Year
1 Erie $685
2 Geico $930
3 Indiana Farmers $1,060
4 American Family $1,234
5 Statefarm $1,338

Getting a speeding ticket will result in higher car insurance prices from the largest companies for three to five years. To see who has the cheapest rates, we calculated average car insurance rates for 40-year-old drivers with “full coverage” insurance and a current ticket for speeding 16 mph over the limit. Though these larger companies were the cheapest we found on average, others may be discounted for you, so be sure to get at least three quotes before choosing on a carrier.

Cheapest Car Insurance For couples and families:

While families go looking for the cheapest possible car insurance, they may find corporations that don’t rank among the cheapest for single drivers. Insurers take different ways of setting prices and applying deductions, so the best deals can change when more drivers and vehicles are attached to a policy. For this reason, be sure to shop for insurance quotes after any significant life event, such as getting coupled or adding a newly licensed driver. To see which insurers are cheapest for families in Indiana, we took a look at rates for a 50-year-old couple with and without a teen driver.

Cheapest Car Insurance For A Married Couple:

For an Indiana hubby and wife, both 50 years old, these are the most competitive companies and average rates for full coverage on two vehicles, pretending good credit and driving histories:

Rank Insurer Ammount Per Year
1 Geico $980
2 Erie $1,088
3 Indiana Farmers $1,430
4 American Family $1,538
5 Safe Auto $1,621

Couples who live mutually can save on auto insurance by combining policies, whether they are partnered or not because they can earn multi-car and multi-driver discounts. Once they tie the knot, rates can dip further, but not because of discounts. Insurers see married people as less risky and so carry them more economical rates. Our hypothetical 50-year-old couple’s clean driving record also earns them both a reliable driver discount.

Young married couple

Cheapest Car Insurance For families With A Teen:

For a 50-year-old married couple with an 18-year-old driver in Indiana, the cheapest insurers and normal rates for two vehicles with full coverage are:

Rank Insurer Ammount Per Year
1 Geico $1,812
2 Erie $2,049
3 Indiana Farmers $2,810
4 Progressive $2,941
5 Safe Auto $3,140

Adding a teen with two years’ driving experience to a married couple’s policy is sure to cause a big drop in rates. Since different insurers tend to see a teen’s inexperience in different ways, we examined rates to see which companies had the cheapest car insurance for teens. These rates are averaged for 50-year-old couples with male and female 18-year-old drivers.

Old couple

Cheapest Car Insurance For Minimum Required Car Insurance:

Indiana needs drivers to carry liability insurance to drive legally. This coverage compensates for others’ injuries and property loss costs if you cause a crash.

The minimum liability limits you must select are:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person.

  • $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident.

  • $25,000 property damage liability per accident.

While these limits will settle legal requirements, they may not always be enough to pay off a legal agreement against you. An unusual crash could easily result in more than $25,000 in damage to another driver’s vehicle, for example. Any repairs that exceed that amount would be your responsibility.

Check out our guide to car insurance requirements by state for more details on choosing your liability limits, plus optional coverages you might want such as collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist.

Alternative car insurance In Indiana:

If you’re denied car insurance on the spontaneous market due to credit problems, a checked driving history, or other circumstances, you can seek coverage through the Indiana Automobile Insurance Plan.

Car Insurance Policies Liability Per Accident:

For our “good driver” profile, equalized rates from the largest insurers in the state for 40-year-old men and women in all ZIP codes with 12,000 annual miles driven. The policy includes:

  • $100,000 bodily injury liability per person.

  • $300,000 bodily injury liability per accident.

  • $50,000 property damage liability per accident.

  • $100,000 uninsured motorist coverage per person.

  • $300,000 uninsured motorist coverage per accident.

  • Collision coverage with a $1,000 deductible.

  • Comprehensive coverage with a $1,000 deductible.

Car Insurance Without A License:

Do you wanna know car insurance without a license? is this possible? There we have a complete description of car insurance without a license.

Frequent Asked Questions(FAQs):

Does Indiana require you to have auto insurance?

You are required to have the following coverage as part of your Indiana auto insurance policy:

Bodily injury liability:

Minimum of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.

Property damage liability:

Minimum of $25,000 per accident.

What is auto insurance and why is it important?

Even though liability coverage is a legal requirement, many people drive without it. Uninsured motorist coverage may help pay for your medical bills if you’re hit by a driver without insurance. This coverage is required in some states and optional in others.

What coverage do you really need for car insurance?

The amount of liability coverage you carry should be high enough to protect your assets in the event of an accident. Most experts recommend a limit of at least $100,000/$300,000, but that may not be enough. This is no place for cheap car insurance.

What are the benefits of car insurance?

Here are major car insurance benefits:

  • Damage or loss to the insured vehicle. In case your vehicle is damaged due to an accident, fire, or self-ignition, you are protected.

  • Personal accident cover.

  • Large network of garages.

  • Third-party liabilities.

  • No claim bonus.

  • Quick and hassle-free process.

  • Customer support.

Why is insurance so important?

Insurance companies invest the funds securely, so it can grow, and pay out when there’s a claim. Insurance helps you: Own a home because mortgage lenders need to know your home is protected. It covers you for repairs and replacement of any damage that’s covered in your policy.

What are the 7 principles of insurance?

The 7 Principles of Insurance Contracts when You Need A Lawyer:

  • Utmost Good Faith.

  • Insurable Interest.

  • Proximate Cause.

  • Indemnity.

  • Subrogation.

  • Contribution.

  • Loss Minimization.

What should car insurance cost per month?

Well, on average Alberta car insurance premiums are $122/ month in 2017 (it was $114/ month in 2015); while Ontario auto insurance premiums average at around $161/ month in 2017. Albertans pay about 25% less for their car insurance than Ontario drivers


In Indiana, you don’t need to be clear your records so that you will get cheaper car insurance. There are a lot of various policies with different scenarios. You will easily get the most affordable car insurance whatever your budget is? and whatever your issues are? There we have categories for those who have not their clean records for car insurance in Indiana:

Category Cheapest Company
Young Adult Drivers GEICO
Drivers with High Coverage GEICO
Drivers with a Military Affiliation USAA
Married Male Adult Drivers GEICO
Married Female Adult Drivers Progressive
Drivers with Good Credit GEICO
Drivers with Poor Credit GEICO
Drivers with One Speeding Violation State Farm
Drivers with One Accident American Family
Drivers with One DUI Progressive
High-mileage Drivers GEICO
Drivers with Low Coverage GEICO
Drivers with a Clean Record GEICO
Drivers with Used Cars GEICO
Senior Drivers GEICO
Drivers with New Cars GEICO

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Having trouble getting cheap car insurance in Indiana? You should explore your options by researching all the details about the companies like USAA, Erie, Progress, GEICO, etc.

Protect your car by auto insurance

Cheap Car Insurance in Indiana

In Indiana there are many cheap insurance companies available offering cheapest rate according to different conditions such as driver type, ranking of the company, location, etc.

1. Categories of driver

Before having the auto insurance, your insurer will have you check for the conditions like being young or adult, new or old driver, etc. This may affect your annual cost and may vary among the various insurance companies.

For Adults Drivers:
The yearly rates are completely variable for adults around 40-year-old male or female. The first three lowest rates for the mentioned categories are:

Categories Erie GEICO Indiana Farmers Auto Owners American Family
Good drivers with good credit $636 $642 $891 :x: :x:
Minimum coverage $237 $290 :x: $312 :x:
Good drivers with poor credit $1,708 $953 $1,462 :x: :x:
Drivers with accident history $836 $1,199 $1,060 :x: :x:
Drivers with recent DUI $987 :x: $891 :x: $1,234
Drivers with speed violation ticket $685 $938 $1,060 :x: :x:

For Young Drivers:
Similar is the case with 25-year-old young drivers, the first three cheap rates are:

Categories GEICO Erie Indiana Farmers State Farm Progressive
Full coverage for good drivers $711 $760 $1,182 :x: :x:
Minimum coverage with good credit $283 $306 $462 :x:
Minimum coverage with poor credit $425 $788 :x: $791
Drivers with a recent accident $387 $535 $555 :x: :x:
Driver after DUI :x: $468 $467 :x: $576
Drivers with speed violation ticket $462 $306 $555 :x: :x:

For Families:
When families are going for the car insurance then they must know all the variation in the annual rate that may occur due to their family members such as having a child or not. The status of the family also matter i.e. whether they are civilians or military. Following are the conditions and the rates:

Categories Erie GEICO Indiana Farmers USAA
Married couple $980 $1,088 $1,430 :x:
Families with teens $2,049 $1,812 $2,810 :x:
Military Families :x: $1,168 :x: $885

2. By Ranking:

Among the several insurance companies, following seven are considered as the cheap car insurance companies and are arranged according to their ranks in offering the affordable rates:

Rank Name of the Company Average Amount
:one: Erie $546
:two: GEICO $572
:three: Progressive $626
:four: State Farm $646
:five: American Family $790
:six: Farmers $814
:seven: United Farm Bureau of IN Group $873
:eight: Allstate $936

A happy women in an insured car

3. Age of Drivers

The age is really not just a number. A aged person is less likely to face accident as compared to young ones because of difference in their experience. Similarly, females are risky to cause damage than males. The cheap insurance companies in accordance with the age factor are:

For Males:

Company’s Name 25-year-old 35-year-old 65-year-old
USAA $832 $582 $543
GEICO $732 $693 $626
Progressive $937 $703 $665
State Farm $1,102 $904 $818
Farmers $1,555 $1,215 $1,100

For Females

Company’s Name 25-year-old 35-year-old 65-year-old
USAA $777 $591 $539
GEICO $857 $741 $642
Progressive $920 $741 $646
State Farm $993 $904 $818
Farmers $1,461 $1,226 $1,023

4. By City:

Following are the cities having cheapest car insurance rates, you would be lucky if you are living in one of these:

Rank Name of the Cities Average Cost
1 Anderson $918.12
2 Kokomo $933.96
3 Terre Haute $951.12
4 New Albany $969.36
5 Muncie $974.04
6 South Bend $989.88
7 Elkhart $992.16
8 Lafayette $1,019.16
9 Columbus $1,020.12
10 Evansville $1,027.56

Cheap car insurance companies mainly include Erie, GEICO, Progressive, Indiana Farmers, and State Farm. Others may also have some affordable rates but it totally depend upon the conditions and the coverage you choose. USAA is the cheapest for military families only.

Cheap Car Insurance Companies

Buying the car insurance policy can cost a lot. Most of you would want to go for the companies having affordable rates. In each country there are several cheap car insurance companies which are very appealing to their customers. Among these you should know who has the cheapest auto insurance? to help yourself out in making the right choice.

Countries Cheap Companies
UK NFU Mutual, Riaz, Privilege
Ireland Chill insurance, Sheridan, Quote Devil
Canada Sonnet, Intact, RSA
China PingAnn, Bochk,
Russia Mondial Assistance, Major Auto Trans, Autobrigador
Australia Budget DIrect, Bingle, Youi
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Car Insurance Policies

Prior to buying a car, you should look into the types of coverage available on a car insurance policy to protect your important asset. Normally there are six to seven types of coverage available in almost all car insurance companies:

  1. Liability Coverage: It is mandatory. Liability coverage helps in paying the cost of another person’s injury or damage to another person’s property caused by you.
  2. Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Helps you in paying the medical bills if you are hit by a driver who is not insured.
  3. Under-insured Motorist Coverage: If the driver who hits you is under-insured which means that the liability coverage he has does not cover your medical bills then this coverage will help you out.
  4. Collision Coverage: As the name indicates this coverage plays it’s role when you are hit by another vehicle or you hit any object like hydrant accidentally.
  5. Comprehensive Coverage: This coverage helps you pay for the repair or replacement of your car in case of any damage to it such as fire, theft, etc.
  6. Medical Payment Coverage: In case you and your family or other passengers, driving an insured vehicle, get injured by an accident this medical coverage will cover for your treatments including hospital bills, surgeries, x-rays, etc.
  7. Personal Injury Protection: This PIP is only available in some states. It covers the injuries caused by a car accident and also the consequences which follows that injury such as lost of your income, care of your child.

But other than the above mentioned types of car insurance, there is one more policy which combines all of them together with it making it a full coverage and hence the name ‘Full Coverage Auto Insurance’

What is Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

Some people may ask what is full coverage auto insurance? But there is no point of asking this question since the name indicates that once you bought his you and your vehicle will be fully protected, ideally. Having this type means you have liability insurance, which is mandatory, plus comprehensive and collision, too.

Checklist of car insurance policy

Frequently Asked Questions

For having car insurance in Indiana there are some common questions which people are worried about:

Does car insurance cover theft?

The most common query while having car insurance is ‘Does car insurance cover theft?’. The answer is Yes!, the auto insurance can cover your stolen car which is under the comprehensive coverage but the procedure may be prolong so as to avoid the fake claims.

Who has the cheapest car insurance in New Mexico?

The list of five cheapest car insurance with their average per year rates are:

  1. Geico = $1,061
  2. State Farm = $1,069
  3. Progressive = $1,450
  4. Farm Bureau Financial Service = $1,493
  5. Allstate = $1,735

What are the worst insurance companies?

According to customer response following are the worst for car insurance:

  • Esurance property and casualty insurance company
  • Nationwide
  • Liberty mutual insurance companies
  • Allstate
  • Kemper PC companies

Which insurance company is best at paying claims?

According to J.D power claim satisfaction score USAA has full score of 5/5 but since it is limited to military families, next comes Progressive with 3/5 score in paying the claims.

Is Geico really the cheapest?

Yes, GEICO is among the cheapest because of having several discounts and it also deliver the insurance directly to the customers. It ranked 21st among all the 46 companies in the world.


Living in this state, getting insurances maybe expensive but you can easily get some cheap car insurances in Indiana. USAA can be the top choice option for the military families but for normal people like us Erie could be the best option as it costs only $546 a year on average.

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