Progressive Car Insurance

progressive insurance is one of the biggest companies found in 2019. it provides auto insurance on a bigger scale in terms of direct premiums written. it has vast areas of coverage and benefits. despite its good discounts are available. When you think about Progressive Insurance, the primary issue that involves the mind is maybe Flo, the company’s painting character. however, alongside a being unforgettable enough to earn her own Wikipedia page, this insurance supplier has masses additional to supply.

progressive insurance

What Progressive Automobile Insurance Offers

Progressive breaks automobile insurance down into 3 categories:

1. Coverage for somebody else’s injuries or vehicle

Liability coverage, needed in most states, pays for injuries or property damages to others that you simply cause whereas driving. It conjointly covers your legal fees and also the different party’s medical bills and lost financial gain if they are injured.

2. Coverage for your injuries or vehicle

You’ll want your insurance policy to guard yourself, your passengers and you’re automotive. Here area unit your options:

  • Comprehensive coverage repairs or replaces your automotive if it’s broken by stealing, vandalism, hit associate degree animal, hearth, or associate degree act of nature. (Nice perk: If you’ve got collision coverage associate degreed your pet is injured in an automobile accident, Progressive covers your vet bills up to a nominal limit.)

  • Collision coverage pays for damages to your vehicle if you hit another object, like an automotive, tree, or mailbox, despite who’s guilty.

  • Uninsured/underinsured automobilist bodily injury coverage pays for your injuries if you are hit by a driver with insufficient or no insurance.

  • Uninsured/underinsured automobilist property injury coverage pays for injury to your vehicle if you are hit by a driver with insufficient or no insurance.

  • Medical payments coverage pays for your treatment associate degrees/or ceremonial prices if you are injured or killed in an accident, despite who’s guilty. Medical payments may also cowl your passengers’ prices. If you or your members of the family area unit injured whereas walking, riding a bicycle, or riding in somebody else’s automotive, medical payments may additionally cowl those medical prices. Some states have personal injury protection (PIP) rather than medical payments coverage; this offers similar protection.

3. Additional Coverage’s and Benefits

You can add the subsequent extras to your automobile insurance if you like:

  • Collision deductible waiver:
    Progressive can waive your collision deductible if you are in an associate degree accident caused by an associate degree, uninsurable driver.

  • Rental reimbursement:
    If you’ve got comprehensive and collision coverage, you’ll add rental reimbursement coverage to buy your rental automotive whereas your vehicle is being repaired.

  • Loan/lease payoff (also referred to as gap insurance):
    Does one lease you’re automotive or have an excellent loan for quite the automotive is worth? If your vehicle is said a complete loss, loan/lease payoff insurance covers the distinction between the settlement quantity and also the quantity you owe your loaner, up to twenty-fifth of your car’s money price.

  • Roadside Assistance:
    This pays for coated margin repairs, help, or towing services.
    Custom elements and instrumentation coverage: If you have custom you’re automotive with a high-end stereo, a navigation system, custom wheels, or custom paint job, you will wish this coverage to repair or replace those things.

  • Rideshare Coverage:
    If you drive for a ride share service, this insurance helps shut the coverage gap that exists once you are logged into the app however haven’t accepted a visit request. Most rideshare companies’ insurance policies offer solely restricted coverage now.

  • Deductible saving bank:
    For each claim-free policy amount (six months), this feature subtracts $50 from your collision and comprehensive deductible.

  • Auto insurance in North American Countries:
    If you are traveling to Mexico, you would be knowing to get insurance for the trip. Through a partner, Progressive offers basic, normal, and extended levels of coverage for cars, RVs, and motorcycles

Summary: progressive insurance is one of the biggest insurance company it provides insurance for vehicle, health, property. It facilitates their customers almost all types of car insurance and also gives dome additional benefits as well.

Ways to Avoid Wasting With Progressive Insurance

There area unit many ways to avoid wasting on your insurance with Progressive, as well as loyalty-based discounts, driver-based discounts, and discounts for the way you purchase and buy your insurance. Discounts area unit value-added to your worth quote mechanically, however not all discounts area unit offered all told states.

Loyalty-based discounts are as follows.

Multi-policy discount:

Bundling home and automobile insurance might prevent quite $1,000, in step with Progressive. (Renters and condominium coverage area unit thought of “home” insurance.) And bundling discounts extend on the far side automotive and residential insurance: get any 2 forms of coverage and you will receive a mean discount of fifty.

Multi-car discount:

Customers UN Agency insures 2 or additional vehicles and saves a mean of 12-tone system.

Continuous insurance discount:

If you have insurance regularly (even with other insurance companies), you can get a discount. The discount value will depend on how long you are insured continuously without cancellation or gap.

Teen driver discount:

That’s right, Mom and Dad, Progressive offers discounts for teens 18 and under when you’ve been needed for a year.

How Do Progressive Claims Work?

Just like getting an offer from Progressive, applying is easy to do. You can apply anytime however you want, online, by phone, or by calling your dedicated agent, if you have one. The fastest way to apply is through the Progressive mobile app. Use the app’s photo rating feature to send photos or videos of vehicles and damage to get an estimate right away.

documentation for claim of insurance

Progressive suggests gathering the subsequent info before filing your claim:

  • Location, date, and time of the accident

  • Name, address, variety of telephone phone numbers, and insurance policy number for everyone involved

  • Weather conditions

  • Photo(s) of the broken vehicle(s)

  • Copies of police and/or accident reports, if applicable

Depending on your claim, you will work with an associate degree figurer, a claims representative, or each. The claims rep determines the UN agency is guilty supported state laws and also the circumstances of the accident. You’ll like better to merely receive payment for the damages or to possess them repaired; if the latter, the claims representative can make a case for however it works and manage the method. you’ll use any fix-it shop you would like, however, if you select one in Progressive’s nationwide network, the area of your repair unit secure for as long as you own or lease your vehicle.

Driver-based discounts

  • Snapshot discount:
    Download the photograph mobile app or install the photograph plugin in your automotive and you will get a reduction at once if you’re a replacement Progressive client. photograph tracks your driving habits, and your renewal rate is customized supported however you drive. Progressive claims photograph saves safe drivers a mean of $145 annually—though you may find yourself paying a lot of if Progressive considers you’re driving badly.

  • Good student discount:
    Add a student with a B grade average or higher to your policy and obtain a reduction. for more details see the article CAR INSURANCE FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS

  • Distant student discount:
    Earn a reduction if a student on your policy is in faculty full time, twenty-two or younger, and lives quite a hundred miles from your home.

  • Homeowner discount:
    Even if your home is not insured through Progressive’s network, you will get a mean 100 percent discount only for owning one.

Discounts on how you shop and pay

  • Online quote:
    Get a mean four-dimensional discount for beginning your quote on-line, even though you end it over the phone.

  • Sign online:
    Just for sign language your documents on-line, you’ll get a mean eight.5% discount.

  • Paperless:
    On high of the discount for sign language documents on-line, there square measure discounts for going paperless.

  • Pay in full:
    Get a reduction if you pay your six-month premium directly.

  • Automatic payment:
    If you’d rather pay monthly, you’ll still get a reduction by putting in place automatic payment.

Progressive Bonus and Benefits

Progressive offers some convenient options and edges you’ll have an interest in.

progressive inaurance-bonusand benefits

Loyalty rewards:

As a replacement Progressive client, you’re mechanically registered within the Loyalty Rewards program, and you will get a lot of edges the longer you stay insured. Right away, you will get little accident forgiveness, which implies you will not get charged for comprehensive claims underneath $500 unless they happen repeatedly. when 5 years—and if you have been accident-free for a minimum of 3 straight years—you’ll qualify for giant accident forgiveness, that means your rates will not increase if you have been in an exceedingly giant accident. Progressive even count the time you were insured with a previous company and apply that towards your loyalty level.

Perk Share:

Progressive customers will get discounts, offers, and coupons on everything from motorbike, boat, and ATV accessories to cabin and vehicle rentals, recreation, edifice gift cards, and a lot of.

Mobile app:

In addition to victimization the Progressive mobile app to file a claim, you’ll conjointly use it to review and edit policy information, buy insurance, pay your premiums, read, save, share and store ID cards, and obtain edge help.

With or while not the mobile app, Progressive offers a bunch of how to urge in-tuned for client support or queries, together with chat, email, phone, and social media.

Summary: progressive insurance gives some convenient options and edges to their customers. through a loyalty reward program policyholder can get accident forgiveness, within the perk share discounts offers are available on a motorbike, boat, ATV accessories. A mobile app is a very good option in this policy through that a policyholder can get immediate information by sending pictures of the car.

Do Motor Vehicle Insurance Quotes Affect Credit?

Before shopping for insurance, you ought to continuously get quotes from many corporations. Progressive’s comparison tool provides estimates from competitors, however, keeps in mind these square measure simply estimates. For the foremost correct comparison, you’ll have to urge quotes from the opposite insurers.

Rate-shopping for quotes will not hurt your credit score, as a result of associate motor vehicle insurance quote is taken into account a soft inquiry. That said, if you’ve got dangerous credit, you may pay a lot of for motor vehicle insurance. Most insurance corporations use a credit-based insurance score to calculate your premiums that are different from your regular credit score.

Though credit-based insurance scores are shown to accurately predict the probability of somebody filing a claim, the employment of those scores is illegitimate in Calif., Hawaii, and Massachusetts. In Michigan, the employment of credit scores to work out rates is prohibited.

Additional Coverage Offered by Progressive

Progressive will assist you to get rather more than motor vehicle insurance. whether or not you are looking to guard your health and residential, your business, or your coming vacation, Progressive or its partners will handle regarding each insurance would like.

Most of the product mentioned below square measure offered by partner corporations, and generally by corporations that aren’t connected with Progressive the least bit. Before shopping for, make sure to analyze the insurance company’s name and monetary stability. Here’s a summation of what Progressive will assist you to notice. Not all coverage is obtainable all told states.

Other vehicles

Progressive offers insurance for a large varies of vehicles, on land, sea, snow, or maybe sidewalks. You’ll get coverage for your all-terrain or utility terrain vehicle (ATV or UTV), boat or personal watercraft, golf cart, motorcycle, self-propelled vehicle or travel trailer, snowmobile, or Segway directly from Progressive, likewise as classic insurance through a network of carriers.

Personal insurance

Progressive will assist you to get everything from health and insurance on down to sell insurance.

Health insurance:

Through partner company e-Health, Progressive will connect you with individual and family insurance plans from quite a hundred and eighty insurance suppliers, likewise as dental and vision insurance. you’ll conjointly get health care plans and short plans to hide gaps in coverage—say, if you are between jobs. For more information see the article does life insurance make life happier?

health insurance

Life insurance:

Use the Progressive platform to urge quotes on up to $1 million in insurance, together with term life, whole life, and universal insurance, likewise as “final expense” insurance to hide observance and hospital prices. For more information see the article how does life insurance work?

Umbrella insurance:

You can stand up to $5 million in further liability coverage on the far side of the boundaries of your motor vehicle and house owner policies directly from Progressive. For more information see the article what is umbrella insurance

Identity thieving insurance:

Through partner Experian, you’ll get 24/7 credit and fraud observation for your family, together with the children.

Travel insurance:

Got an enormous trip coming back up? You shield your investment with insurance for unforeseen events like trip cancellations, medical expenses because of injury or unhealthiness, and lost or delayed baggage. You’ll conjointly customize your policy with coverage specific to flights, cruises, and international travel. for more information see the article what is Travel insurance and what does travel insurance cover?

Pet insurance:

Pet insurance choices from partner Pets Best embrace accident and unhealthiness coverage, accident-only coverage, and eudemonia coverage to pay money for preventive care.

Phone device insurance:

Insure nearly any device, together with phone, tablets, laptops, recreation consoles, and cameras, against thieving, water injury, or accidents

Wedding and event insurance:

Whether you are designing a marriage, a fiftieth-day celebration, or a charity event, this set up will facilitate a shield against sudden loss. Customize the commit to cowl everything from Auntie Mimi slithering and falling on the flooring to a burst pipe those forces suspending your event. You’ll be able to even insure your bridal gown, gifts, and a lot of.

Property insurance

No matter what “home” seems like for you, Progressive’s network of home insurance carriers will assist you to notice Associate in Nursing contract to hide it.

Homeowners insurance:

Progressive’s customary householder’s insurance covers your abode and alternative structures, personality, temporary living expenses if your house is unusable, and private liability and medical coverage if a traveler is hors de combat at your home.
Elective coverage includes water harm from backed-up sump pumps and sewer systems; flood insurance; and private injury insurance, that covers you against accusations of libel or slander or alternative uncommon however dearly-won lawsuits. you’ll be able to even get insurance for factory-made and mobile homes.

Home warranty insurance:

Homeowners insurance does not cowl breakdowns or wear and tear to your plumbing, heating, electrical and alternative systems; you will need home guarantee insurance for that. If a coated system or appliance breaks down, approved technicians can examine and repair the problem; if the system or appliance cannot be repaired, it’ll get replaced.

Condo insurance:

Condominium homeowners will get coverage for his or her personality, any upgrades created to the domicile, lawsuits, and loss of use, similarly to personal liability coverage against lawsuits.

Renters insurance:

Renters insurance from Progressive covers your belongings, medical bills, and private liability if somebody is hors de combat at your residence and temporary living expenses if your house is unlivable.

Homeshare insurance:

If you farm out your home through a home care service, you’ll be able to get coverage for belongings, liability, and medical payments coverage, and add on a spread of specialized coverage’s, like loss of financial gain if you cannot rent your property thanks to a coated loss.

Business insurance

Do you own a business? Progressive offers business car insurance directly and provides a good vary of alternative business insurance policies through a network of insurance carriers. Coverage choices include:

Business insurance:

Choose from a full vary of general business sum, as well as a business owner’s policy (BOP), general liability, skilled liability, cyber insurance, and workers’ compensation.

business insurance

Specialized business insurance:

Progressive additionally offers specialized coverage like ■■■■■■ insurance, employment practices insurance, contractors insurance, and even coverage for bad ventures. Undecided what style of business insurance you need? You’ll be able to rummage around for the coverage that supported your trade or profession.

Commercial auto insurance:

Whatever style of vehicle your business uses, the likelihood is that Progressive insures it. You’ll be able to get insurance for everything from your company sedan or panel truck to dump trucks, tractor-trailers, and food trucks. Use Progressive’s recommendation tool to work out whether or not personal or business car insurance is correct for your desires.

Insurance for employees:

You can obtain workers’ compensation insurance to hide staff World Health Organization square measure hors de combat or become sick whereas doing their jobs. Progressive additionally sells insurance for workers and their pets, which you’ll be able to supply as worker edges.


Further queries about progressive insurance are given below.

1. What does my progressive policy cover?
What Does Progressive’s Comprehensive Insurance Cover? Comprehensive covers your vehicle in case of any damage not caused by an accident. This can include fires, vandalism, and even flooding. You pay your deductible, and Progressive will pay for the rest of the damage.

2. Is progressive insurance good with a claim?
BOTTOM LINE. Progressive is one of the largest auto insurers in the U.S. and has competitive rates. Positive reviews cite a fast claims process and low rates as reasons for sticking with the company. Progressive offers a range of discounts, especially for students, safe drivers, and customers who pay automatically.

3. does progressive allow trampolines?
Progressive. Trampoline coverage: Trampolines may be covered under the personal liability section of a homeowner’s policy.

4. Will progressive my insurance?
Progressive advises that you call the company at 1 (866) 416-2003 to cancel your current policy. Typically, policyholders will not be subject to cancellation fees. … You might even be eligible for a refund equivalent to your remaining unpaid policy premium.

5. Does progressive raise rates after 6 months?
Yes. Progressive Insurance does raise rates after 6 months, in many cases because that is the standard term length for Progressive insurance policies.


If you are seeking insurance, Progressive is well value a glance. The Name Your value Tool makes it simple to customize your policy for the coverage you would like at a value you’ll be able to afford.
Progressive additionally offers many discounts to scale back your premiums.
For those seeking over simply car insurance, Progressive offers coverage for a good vary of business and private vehicles, similar to umbrella insurance. Through its network of partner carriers, the corporate will assist you to notice a full spectrum of insurance merchandise, as well as householders, health, term, whole, and universal insurance, and comprehensive business coverage as well as specialized insurance for several industries and professions.

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Progressive Insurance has rating of 4.5 out 5 with $552 a year of the minimum coverage but can go over $5,040 a year if you are going for full coverage auto insurance.

Car insurance is mandatory

What is Progressive Car Insurance?

Progressive insurance was founded by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green to give the chance of ‘Security and Protection’ to the owners of vehicle.They were the first one to initiate the installment payment procedure for insurance premiums. And also drive-in claims service were introduced by them. It is among the cheap car insurance companies.

Coverage and Benefits Provided

Auto insurance is for the protection of your vehicle from any accidental damage done to the vehicle or by the vehicle. Following are the types of car insurance coverage and benefits provided by the Progressive car insurance:

1. Liability Coverage:

Liability coverage is kind of necessary in almost all of the states because once you are responsible for you actions i.e. causing some accident, you might be under a lot of financial burden. This covers:

  • Injury of someone if you hit them accidentally by the car.
  • Damage done to someone’s vehicle or property.
  • Legal fees in case you are taken to the court for your actions.

But it does not cover the damage caused to your car.

2. Collision:

This is another type of car insurance policy provided. In case of your car crash to some other object like car, tree, fence, hydrants, or anything else, this coverage will helps you pay for it but you have to pay the deductible.
Not only this, if your pet gets injured due to some auto accident, then having collision coverage will be good for paying vet bills.

Collision between two cars

3. Comprehensive Coverage:

This type comes at handy when things are out of your control. Such as if you face some weather related issue, breaking of your car window, hitting an animal, theft or any other harm then this coverage will pay for your losses.

4. Medical Payment:

As the name indicates it covers the medical expenses of you and your family members too. It can cover:

  • Medical bills and ■■■■■■■ charges for you, your family members and even your passengers too when driving in your insured car.
  • If you or your family is in some other car then they are covered too.
  • It also covers you and your family for an accident while walking or riding a bicycle.

In some states this coverage is substituted by Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

5. Uninsured and Under-insured Motorist Bodily Injury and Property Damage:

There are times when the at-fault driver is maybe uninsured or under-insured to cover the damage done to your vehicle or your body by him, this coverage assist you at this time. It pays for medical bills or the repair or replacement cost of vehicle during such situations.

Each coverage has something missing or uncovered, for that full coverage auto insurance is also an option which is the combination of liability, comprehensive and collision coverage.

Besides these coverage there are some additional benefits that are provided by the progressive car insurance.

6. Roadside Assistance:

Roadside assistance is what you always going to need because running out of fuel, flat tire, etc are the commonly occurring problems. This benefit can help you to tow your vehicle to any mechanic you want up to 15 miles, and can deliver the fuel too.

7. Rental Car Reimbursement:

If you and your car is involved in a covered accident and it is unable to drive that vehicle, then you will be covered for renting the car until your vehicle is not repaired.

8. Loan / Lease Payoff Coverage:

It is also known as 'Gap Insurance’. Once you buy your car the value of it starts depleting and leaves a gap between the value which you have to pay and what your car is worth of. It assists when your car is stolen or deemed a total loss.

At the end, it is quite clear that there are several coverage and benefits accessible in this company. You can easily get the type of coverage you want specifically for your vehicle.

Cost of Progressive Insurance

This insurance is considered as one of the cheap car insurance in Indiana, in some other states too. But the cost may vary depending on several factors, therefore you might wonder that how much is the car insurance here.

1. Age Group

One most important factor is age group. Teen age drivers usually costs high rate insurance as compared to adult drivers because of their inexperience.

Age Group Average Rate
Single 25-year-old female $1,626.68
Single 25-year-old male $1,669.88
Married 35-year-old female $1,352.98
Married 35-year-old male $1,274.29
Married 60-year-old female $1,136.81
Married 60-year-old male $1,174.41

2. Type of Coverage

Type of coverage depends on your choice. You may choose minimum or full coverage but the cost may vary widely.

Coverage Type Average Rate
Low $1,274.28
Medium $1,372.51
High $1,489.28

Car insurance needs money

3. Credit Store

Some drivers have good credit and some have poor but this variation affects on the costs too.

Credit Store Average Rate
Good $1,364.53
Fair $1,690.26
Poor $2,307.61

4. Driving Record

Driving history matters. Experience is the key for your rates. Less experience result in higher rates due to more chances or vice versa.

Driving Record National Average Rate
Clean record $1,372.51
With 1 speeding violation $1,802.52
With 1 accident $2,324.39
With 1 DUI $1,793.44

Drawbacks of Car Insurance

Beside having all the benefits and advantages, there are some drawbacks associated with this company which maybe the cause of drawing away the customers.

1. Purchase Method

There are three purchasing methods online, via agents and over the phone. The prices vary depending on the method you are using for your purchase.

2. Unavailable Discounts

The discounts which are available on this insurance may vary depending upon the location. Such as its home and auto insurance bundle discount will be variable because of the location.

3. Lower ranking

The average industry rating is 868 and the rating of progressive insurance was 856 in 2019, which is below the average. Whereas according to J.D 2019 auto claims it was ranked 16th out of 23 companies.

Car Insurance for New Drivers

It is top rated for best car insurance for teens. Progressive provides two types of car insurance policies for new drivers.:

  • Sharing your policy with the teen: It means that they will get benefit from all the coverage you have applied for whether it be a liability coverage, roadside assistance, gap insurance, etc.
  • Separate Policy: But if you buy them a separate policy, be aware to ensure the correct quantity of liability, choose an affordable deductible, etc.

Another benefit is that, when your teen turns 18 you can have a discount of 10% and on 21 the discount will be of 16%, decreasing the annual rate providing you benefit for cheap car insurance for young drivers.

Car insurance for young driver

Car Insurance without a License

This type of insurance is not allowed by most of the companies but it is possible to have the car insurance without a license in Progressive. If you own a car but don’t drive then you can have the policy and may list yourself as an excluded driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the queries which can pop in your mind while choosing progressive car insurance for your newly purchased vehicle:

How much is progressive car insurance per month?

Per month rate may vary depending upon the factors such as age of driver, location, etc. In progressive insurance the rates start from as low as $46 a month to as high as $420.

Is Progressive car insurance any good?

Yes absolutely, progressive insurance rates 4.5 out of 5 for its overall performance. It is among the best car insurance 2020 according to Other than the usual insurance options it also offers roadside assistance and rental car, etc.

Is Progressive or GEICO better?

In 2019 J.D power U.S Insurance shopping independent ranking, GEICO was ranked as 12th among the 19 companies while Progressive ranked as 18th. This was due to better customer reports for GECIO then progressive car insurance.

Does Progressive auto insurance go up after 6 months?

This company do raise the rates after 6 months as these months are the standard term length for their policies. Therefore if you continue making claims on your policy then you might note the raise after half a year.

Why is my progressive insurance so high?

Although this is the cheap car insurance, the costs may increase due to repeated violations. The more you make moving violation, higher will be the risk to file a claim leading to an increased or high insurance rate. Drive carefully.


Progressive car insurance is the best for coverage options and is also famous for having fewest customer complains. This company has easy going options and average rate for per year insurance is $1,373 which is cheaper among the other companies.

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