Car Insurance Without Driving License

A driving license is mandatory in every state to get car insurance but in some scenarios, it is allowed to get car insurance without a driving license. if an unlicensed driver shows someone as a primary driver either he or she has a learner permit or they follow the excluded driver policy, the primary driver helps them to get a car insurance policy. SR-22 is a document through which a suspended driver prove of car insurance in case of an accident.

driving license for car insurance

Car insurance without driving license

A car license is mandatory in every state. Without a license, drivers are not allowed to drive a car. Like license is compulsory, car insurance is also an important part to have a car without insurance cars cannot be driven in most states. However, what happens if you don’t have a license and you want to ensure your car?
It sounds weird car insurance without a license is not possible. Companies need a driving license to proceed with further documentation for the car insurance, but there are some criteria where a company insure the car of an unlicensed driver.

Some car insurance companies provide an option to unlicensed drivers to insure their car but it is hard to find such companies, you need to research more to find cheap rates.

In what conditions, an unlicensed driver insure car??

Different conditions apply to an unlicensed diver to have car insurance.

1. Set primary driver option

The primary driver is like a frontman, maybe he is not driving that car or maybe he drives but an unlicensed driver has to show a primary driver as the main driver of the car. One thing keeps in mind that the primary driver should have a driving license otherwise insurer never except that person as a primary driver.

If the primary has the driving license then the insurer insures the car by the name of an unlicensed driver.
If an accident happens due to an unlicensed driver then the car insurance company doesn’t compensate its damage cost. This can be worthwhile if the unlicensed driver doesn’t drive cars more frequently.

Who can be a primary diver?

The primary driver should be a very close one or in blood relations like wife, parents, close friend, roommate, siblings, etc. they are the peoples who can be your frontman as a licensed driver. Insurance policy premium depends upon the driving record of the primary driver. A bad driving record makes you pay a high premium. You should choose a primary driver who has a good driving record.

Reason for not getting a driving license

If you are under age (less than 18 years old) then might be you are not eligible for a driving license. Or if your license is suspended due to any reason. Underage drivers have to pay high premiums because there is a high risk of getting accidents at this age.
In some cases, if a person can not drive his car due to any diseases or handicaps then the insurer insured his car by his name but he should have a primary driver. His primary driver can be his paid driver or caretaker.

Car insurance for college students

College students are come under age for getting car insurance policy they should be on their parent’s car insurance policy for further details check car insurance for college students

2. Learner’s permit

Teens agers usually get a learner permit. A learner permit is a permission certificate for those who are in a learning stage. If you have a learner permit then you can turn the way. You can ensure your car if you have this learning permit. The driver who has a learner permit is allowed to drive his car under the supervision of his adult.

The insurer approved it as a temporary policy until the teen gets a car license. Learner permit drivers can rely on their parent’s car insurance policy. Teens are normally students and some policies are specially designed for the students (student car insurance policy). Under this policy, teens can drive their family car that is by the name of their parents.

As a parent, it is important to give some instructions to your child about driving but on the other hand, it is also important to report to your insurer about your new driver. There is an option provided by the insurance companies to add your child as a learner permit driver.

learner driver

There are three reasons the parent should tell the insurer about their new driver

• If your child drives your car then it is your responsibility to report it to your insurer after that the insurer tells you about any restrictions or the situation arise in the result.
• If your child has his car by his name then the insurance company insure his car by his name or it can be added to your car insurance policy.
• When your child passed his driving test and becomes fully licensed then your insurer will tell you what to do next.

Learner permit auto insurance rate

Most parents think that if they add learner permit drivers in their policy then their premium increases and because of that they don’t get a report to the insurer about learner permit drivers. Learner permits are allowed to drivers under their elder supervision so, the chances of accidents are not much. Adding a learner permit in the car insurance policy can increase the policy rates. Here is a table that shows the rate of teen compares to 25-year-old.

Companies Average rate for a single 17-year-old female Average rate for a single 17-year-old male Average rate for a single 25-year-old female Average rate for a single 25-year-old male
USAA $4,807.54 $5,385.61 $1,988.52 $2,126.14
Geico $5,653.55 $6,278.96 $2,378.89 $2,262.87
Nationwide $5,756.37 $7,175.31 $2,686.48 $2,889.04
State Farm $5,953.88 $7,324.34 $2,335.96 $2,554.56
American Family $5,996.50 $8,130.50 $2,288.65 $2,694.72
Farmers $8,521.97 $9,144.04 $2,946.80 $3,041.44
Progressive $8,689.95 $9,625.49 $2,697.73 $2,758.66
Allstate $9,282.19 $10,642.53 $3,424.87 $3,570.93
Travelers $9,307.32 $12,850.91 $2,325.25 $2,491.21

Summary: The above table shows different insurance companies’ rates and comparisons between a teen male and a female with a 25-year-old male-female. By seeing this table, we conclude that the rates of teens are higher than a 25-year-old and the rate of males is a little bit high than females.

3. Excluded driver

As it sounds, excluded means out of one thing. If an unlicensed driver wants to get a car insurance policy then this can be an option. An unlicensed driver excludes himself from the policy it means that if he is driving the car and an accident happens then the insurance company could not compensate him.

Although, the driver is unlicensed and it is difficult to find a company that can work with them but excluding the driver can get a car insurance policy. The primary driver is still part of the insurance policy. If an accident happens and the primary driver is driving a car then the company would compensate for the damage.

As an excluded driver it can be possible you pay a high premium. It is up to you to search and find better rates. Well-known companies could not entertain unlicensed drivers however, small companies can give this option but their coverage is not as per level.

excluded driver

How do I know if the driver is excluded?

The driver’s exclusion cannot be done without the permission of the primary policyholder. The primary policyholder is the person who’s named on the policy is. A primary policyholder signature is required in the documentation of exclusion. If there is no signature then no driver can be excluded from the policy.

How long does an exclusion last?

It depends upon the reason for exclusion. If the reason for exclusion is appeasing the insurance company then he can get the coverage again by maintaining a good driving record and a valid driving license.

4. Suspended license

A driver with a suspended license cannot drive his car legally but there doesn’t need to be any need for car insurance. Car insurance companies do not eliminate coverage due to suspension of license but they don’t renew the policy until the suspension over.

During suspension if you want to get car insurance then joining other policy is the best option. It means that you can add yourself to someone else policy and the policy is by the name of that policyholder. If you don’t have any policyholder then the 2nd option is to go with comprehensive coverage. You can store your car means not driving till your suspension is over.

What are the reasons for suspension?

There are various reasons for the suspension of a driving license.

• Driving without insurance
• A conviction related to driving due to drugs
• Too many previous traffic violations
• Fleeing an accident
• Failing to file a vehicle accident report
• Driving recklessly
• Failing to respond to a traffic sign
• Failing to complete traffic court-ordered driving rehabilitation
• Using a fake driver’s license
• Drinking underage
Vandalizing property
• Failing to pay child support
• Failing to pay taxes
• Excessive speed
• Due to medical condition inability to drive safely
• Junior driver rules are failed to be followed

How to reinstate license after suspension?

If your driver has a serious accident then he needs car insurance to reinstate it. There is a document called SR-22 (certificate of financial responsibility or certificate of liability insurance) which is used by many insurance companies. This document submits by the insurance company on behalf of the policyholder. This document shows that the policyholder has the minimum amount of coverage required by the state.

Summary: Suspended license driver is not allowed to drive but still he can get car insurance by showing someone as a primary driver. suspended license driver has to show a document called SR-22. this document is evidence that an insurance company shows on the behalf of policyholders to restate his license.

5. Park car policy

It is illegal to drive a car with a suspended license so, it better to get a park car insurance policy that protects your car in case of any damage happen by natural disaster or theft. A comprehensive coverage plan helps in all such scenarios. It gives protection against natural disasters like a tornado, damage due to water, damage due to falling objects, theft, and vandalism.

car park policy

Does comprehensive car insurance cover theft?

A comprehensive coverage plan is the only policy that gives repair or replaces the car or its parts in case of damage. For further details, you can see the article (does car insurance cover theft). A comprehensive coverage policy is less expensive.
There are other types of car insurance for details check the article types of car insurance

Summary: A car park policy is a way to get a car license. this policy can be useful if a policyholder doesn’t use his car and it parks somewhere. comprehensive coverage comes under this category.


Few of the frequently asked questions about the topic are as follows

1. Can I get auto insurance without a vehicle?

To purchase a non-owner auto insurance policy, you need only your driver’s license number and a credit or debit card. You can get proof of insurance almost immediately by e-mail, and the car insurance company you choose can file an SR-22 or other required state form on your behalf if you need it.

2. Can I get GEICO insurance with a license?

Auto Insurance For Unlicensed Drivers. … While it is not a legal requirement to have a license when purchasing car insurance, most national insurers—such as GEICO, State Farm, Progressive, and Allstate—will most likely turn you away without a license.

3. Can car titles and insurance be in different names?

No. The owner and policyholder and primary driver can all be different. But, if the policyholder is different from the registered owner, then the insurance company will want to the policyholders to demonstrate their interest in the car.

4. How can I ensure myself to drive any car?
In short, the answer to the question 'can you insure yourself to drive any car? ’ is yes, and the simplest way to make sure everything you need from your policy is covered is to call your insurer and talk them through your requirements.

5. How long can I keep my no claims bonus without a car?
Proof of no claims is usually only valid for two years, which means if you’re off the road for any reason or don’t have your policy for more than two years, you’ll be back to zero NCD the next time you take out cover.


Driving license is mandatory in some states to get a car insurance policy beside it there are some conditions on behalf of which unlicensed driver gets a car insurance policy. a primary driver is a mutual option that an unlicensed driver use in every condition to get the car insurance policy except in car park policy. this policy can be applicable if a car is not in the use by anyone.
conclusion of the topic is what we have learned

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