Definition of Exclusion:

  1. Action or Exemption or Exemption Status.

  2. Goods or income that may be legally excluded in terms of gross income. See also

  3. Some terms, conditions or circumstances usually indicate that there is no agreement. All contracts (including insurance policies and construction contracts), express or implied, contain exceptions.

Synonyms of Exclusion

Declination, Disfellowship, Putting away, Rebuff, Demotion, Prohibitory injunction, Nonacceptance, Disgruntlement, Depluming, Chucking, Protest, Renouncement, Removal, Ouster, Taboo, Excommunication, Barring, Amputation, Rescission, Ignoring, Opposure, Disclamation, Abjurement, Exception, Ruling out, Unhappiness, Suppression, Disregard, Keeping out, Disappointment, Putting out, Displeasure, Interdictum, Law, Disfavor, Distaste, Annihilation, Chucking out, Interdiction, Proscription, Index librorum prohibitorum, Forbidden fruit, Prohibition Party, Volstead Act, Despising, Throwing out, Bar, Eradication, Relegation, Repression, Eighteenth Amendment, Transportation, Ban, Ejection, Contradiction, Destruction, Deportation, Disillusion, Banning, Complaint, Disenchantment, Dismissal, Disbarment, Lockout, Debarring, Injunction, Defrocking, Embargo, Expulsion, Denial, Discard, Index expurgatorius, Expatriation, Outlawing, Dissent, Riddance, Excision, Preclusion, Nonapproval, Exile, Disownment, Deprivation, Extradition, Stripping, Disagreement, Debarment, Unfrocking, Recantation, Omission, Discontentment, Banishment, Zoning laws, Abscission, Rejection, Prevention, Discontentedness, Dissatisfaction, Blackballing, Blackball, Abjuration, Index, Ban, Spurning, Dim view, Sumptuary laws, Passing by, Disrespect, Disallowance, Statute, Extirpation, Ostracization, Contempt, Fugitation, Elimination, Disapproval, Rustication, Eviction, Inhibition, Embargo, Low opinion, Prohibition, Zoning, Low estimation, Declining, Forbiddance, Forbidding, Thumbs-down, Indignation, Restrictive covenants, Extinction, Discontent, Nonconsideration, Mutilation, Interdict, Prohibition, Repudiation, Degradation, Disesteem, Scouting, Repulse, Disillusionment, Outlawry, Objection, No-no, Turning out, Displuming, Despisal, Disapprobation, Opposition, Refusal, Contraband, Ostracism, Discounting, Disbarring

How to use Exclusion in a sentence?

  1. Drug addicts are exempt from military service.

Meaning of Exclusion & Exclusion Definition



  • Risk, hazards, conditions or property insurance or coverage policy terms that are not covered by the exclusion policy are usually included in the coverage form or cause form used to make the insurance policy.

  • You can define Exclusion as,

    A discount is a loss or damage that is not included in your insurance policy (read: You are not entitled to it).

  • Exclusion refers to An insurance policy clause that eliminates coverage of a particular risk, person, property or class of place.

  • Threats or items that are not covered by the policy.

  • Definition of Exclusion: List of reasons for loss, property, location or business that are not covered by the insurance policy. Policyholders can purchase coverage for excluded risks separately or through additional clauses.

  • Anything that is not covered by the policy.

  • The definition of Exclusion is: Some of the reasons and conditions included in the policy are not covered.

Meanings of Exclusion

  1. Action or Exemption or Exemption Status.

Sentences of Exclusion

  1. Drug addicts are exempt from military service


What Does Exclusion Mean?

  • Exclusion means, The part of the insurance policy that lists property, risk, person or situation that is not covered by this policy

  • Provisions in the insurance contract section that limit the scope of coverage. Reasons and conditions listed in the policy are not covered.

  • There are certain conditions or conditions in the policy in which the policy does not provide for the payment of any benefits.

  • Limitations in your insurance policy that limit and exclude coverage for specific risks, individuals, properties or locations.

  • Policy provisions that exclude the liability of the insurer in certain circumstances or in certain types of loss.

  • Exclusion means, Some features, individuals or events that are not covered by the policy.

  • Exclusion means: A policy clause that removes coverage for certain exhibitions.

  • Exclusion means,


What is The Definition of Exclusion?

  • Exclusion means: This is a list of hazards, situations, hazards or assets not included in the guide. This list is usually provided for policy purposes.

  • You can define Exclusion as, An event or situation in which the insurer is not required to make a payment under the policy.