Definition of Licensee:

  1. A licensee is any business, organization, or individual that has been granted legal permission by another entity to engage in an activity. The permission, or license, can be given on an express or implied basis.

  2. A person or business that holds an approved license to conduct an activity, such as operate a business.

  3. The holder of a license.

  4. A licensee has received legal permission from another party to conduct some sort of business over which the other party holds some control, ownership, or authority. The licensee may pay outright for this permission, known as a licensing fee, or may make payments based on the results of the business arrangement, known as licensing revenue.

How to use Licensee in a sentence?

  1. A licensee is a business, entity, or individual that has legal permission to conduct activities using something that another party owns or controls.
  2. The police officer returned the drivers license to the licensee before continuing on his way and warned him to slow down.
  3. You need to try and make sure you have a good working relationship with the licensee so things will go smoothly.
  4. Business examples of licensee arrangements include franchises, brand licenses, and government licenses.
  5. The plaintiff, who was on the defendants land as a licensee, was injured by the negligent shunting of railway trucks.
  6. I was the licensee , and that meant that I was about to hit the road for the first time in my car.
  7. The licensee may pay the licensor for the permission, or share revenue arising from activities arising from the permission.

Meaning of Licensee & Licensee Definition


Licensee Meanings:

  1. A licensee is a person who is authorized to issue a license through an organization or institution.

    In the context of insurance, those who want to sell insurance products legally must obtain an insurance agent's license.

  2. Licensed company, organization or person who has obtained legal permission from another organization to participate in an activity. Permission or license may be expressed or strengthened.

    • Is a licensed company, legal entity or individual that has the legal authority to do business in something that is owned or managed by another party.
    • The licensee may pay the licensee for permission or distribute the revenue from the activities obtained with the permission.
    • Business examples of licensing agreements include franchising, brand licensing and government licensing.

  3. Licensee refers to Parties entering the property with express or satisfactory consent of the residents. Prisoners must notify licensees of unsafe conditions or activities on the premises and prevent accidental damage. The owner or occupier is not required to inspect the premises for the benefit of the licensee. When the licensee found it, it took place. The owner or occupier of the property does not have to pay as much attention to the licensee as he does to the guest. Unlike licensees, guests are those who provide the owner with material benefits, such as neighbors helping the owners with household chores. Ordinary graduates include supporters of religious or non-profit organizations, door-to-door vendors, and social guests in almost all jurisdictions.

Meanings of Licensee

  1. Licensed.

Sentences of Licensee

  1. The plaintiff, who was at the defendant's place as a license holder, was injured by the reckless movement of the train car.



  1. The definition of Licensee is: 1) Who has the right to do something for someone. 2) Similar to V / T (see), but for personal or social reasons (and for professional reasons) at the site or premises, where the duty of caring for the landlord or tenant is slightly less than that of the guests ۔