Definition of Premium:

  1. Amount paid for an insurance policy.

  2. Value added to normal price or price.

  3. General: Nominal price exceeded.

  4. Bank: Fee for loan repayments (see point)

  5. Commerce: Items offered for free or at low prices to offer a package (see Consumer)

  6. Something that is given as a gift, gift or incentive.

  7. Securities: The number of securities that exceeds the value of their face.

  8. Mutual funds: The market value of a mutual fund with a fixed capital in excess of its value.

Synonyms of Premium

Not affordable, Depreciation, Sparse, Wrinkle, Cash discount, Kickback, Incentive pay, Top, Bonus, Spur, Compound interest, Perk, Tip, Reduction, Abatement, Regard, High, Exorbitant interest, Bank discount, Usury, Frill, Bounty, Sweetener, Salvage, Rollback, Cut, Agio, Superaddition, Concession, Fringe benefit, Write-off, Stuffing, Mortgage points, Of great cost, Discount rate, Gravy, Simple interest, Padding, Discount, Solatium, Bonus, Appreciation, Instalment, Exceptional, Time discount, Extra, Costly, Expensive, Net interest, Penal interest, Something extra, Tare, Inducement, Freebie, Fancy, Dear-bought, Unpayable, Price, Reward, Bank rate, Extra amount, In short supply, Chain discount, Penalty, Overtime pay, Sumptuous, Regular payment, Filigree, Steep, Stock, Gratuity, Rich, Bribe, Rebatement, Meed, Goad, Filling, Ornament, Largess, Pourboire, Honorarium, Guerdon, Perquisites, Come-on, Insurance payment, Decoration, Perks, Value, Lucrative interest, Price-cut, Price of money, Extra dash, Price reduction, Fee, Award, Extra added attraction, Penalty clause, Importance, Donative, Lure, Rate, Sportula, Incentive, Refund, Bonus system, Percentage, Prize, Pricey, Stiff, Dividend, Compensatory interest, Perquisite, Scant, Rate of interest, Setoff, Consideration, Gross interest, Percentage, Breakage, Flourish, Recompense, Plum, Rebate, Bait, Prize, Luxurious, Charge-off, Rare, Extra charge, Drawback, Deduction, At a premium, Trimming, Double time, High-priced, Salve, Reward, Trinkgeld, Scanty, Additional fee, Lagniappe, Incitement, Fillip, Allowance, Scarce, Twist, Carrot, Underselling, Insurance charge, Extra, Remuneration, Additional payment, Trade discount, Interest rate, Palm oil, Grease, Dear, Stimulus, Liberality, Tret, Surcharge, Store, Interest

How to use Premium in a sentence?

  1. Bonuses can be associated with a number of things, such as: B-type accounts with special permission and access to certain areas.
  2. The bank offered him a premium mortgage loan, but he refused and opted for a low-interest loan.
  3. Consumers are reluctant to pay premiums for organic fruits.
  4. The Arts Society gave him the award.
  5. If the calculations are correct, the income of the pensionable worker includes the premium in addition to his salary which he has to pay to the insurers for equal rights.
  6. Premium access to all services will definitely cost a bit more, but it will provide a better product.

Meaning of Premium & Premium Definition