Definition of Premium:

  1. Amount paid for an insurance policy.

  2. Value added to normal price or price.

  3. General: Nominal price exceeded.

  4. Bank: Fee for loan repayments (see point)

  5. Commerce: Items offered for free or at low prices to offer a package (see Consumer)

  6. Something that is given as a gift, gift or incentive.

  7. Securities: The number of securities that exceeds the value of their face.

  8. Mutual funds: The market value of a mutual fund with a fixed capital in excess of its value.

Synonyms of Premium

Not affordable, Depreciation, Sparse, Wrinkle, Cash discount, Kickback, Incentive pay, Top, Bonus, Spur, Compound interest, Perk, Tip, Reduction, Abatement, Regard, High, Exorbitant interest, Bank discount, Usury, Frill, Bounty, Sweetener, Salvage, Rollback, Cut, Agio, Superaddition, Concession, Fringe benefit, Write-off, Stuffing, Mortgage points, Of great cost, Discount rate, Gravy, Simple interest, Padding, Discount, Solatium, Bonus, Appreciation, Instalment, Exceptional, Time discount, Extra, Costly, Expensive, Net interest, Penal interest, Something extra, Tare, Inducement, Freebie, Fancy, Dear-bought, Unpayable, Price, Reward, Bank rate, Extra amount, In short supply, Chain discount, Penalty, Overtime pay, Sumptuous, Regular payment, Filigree, Steep, Stock, Gratuity, Rich, Bribe, Rebatement, Meed, Goad, Filling, Ornament, Largess, Pourboire, Honorarium, Guerdon, Perquisites, Come-on, Insurance payment, Decoration, Perks, Value, Lucrative interest, Price-cut, Price of money, Extra dash, Price reduction, Fee, Award, Extra added attraction, Penalty clause, Importance, Donative, Lure, Rate, Sportula, Incentive, Refund, Bonus system, Percentage, Prize, Pricey, Stiff, Dividend, Compensatory interest, Perquisite, Scant, Rate of interest, Setoff, Consideration, Gross interest, Percentage, Breakage, Flourish, Recompense, Plum, Rebate, Bait, Prize, Luxurious, Charge-off, Rare, Extra charge, Drawback, Deduction, At a premium, Trimming, Double time, High-priced, Salve, Reward, Trinkgeld, Scanty, Additional fee, Lagniappe, Incitement, Fillip, Allowance, Scarce, Twist, Carrot, Underselling, Insurance charge, Extra, Remuneration, Additional payment, Trade discount, Interest rate, Palm oil, Grease, Dear, Stimulus, Liberality, Tret, Surcharge, Store, Interest

How to use Premium in a sentence?

  1. Bonuses can be associated with a number of things, such as: B-type accounts with special permission and access to certain areas.
  2. The bank offered him a premium mortgage loan, but he refused and opted for a low-interest loan.
  3. Consumers are reluctant to pay premiums for organic fruits.
  4. The Arts Society gave him the award.
  5. If the calculations are correct, the income of the pensionable worker includes the premium in addition to his salary which he has to pay to the insurers for equal rights.
  6. Premium access to all services will definitely cost a bit more, but it will provide a better product.

Meaning of Premium & Premium Definition

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How Do You Define Premium?

  1. Meaning of Premium: The amount of insurance that will be needed to meet the policy or bond.

  2. The total amount to pay for health insurance coverage to a health insurance company is usually a monthly plan. In the case of collective health insurance, the premium is paid in whole or in part by the employer to the worker or his relative.

  3. Meaning of Premium: In the context of insurance, premium refers to the amount that the policyholder has to pay to insure. It can be paid in several installments during the insurance period or after the end of the insurance contract.

    Premium insurance is also known as premium.

  4. A simple definition of Premium is: Premium has many meanings in finance, it is the total cost of buying the first option. There is also a difference between the premium paid for a fixed income security and the value of the security in question. Finally, a premium is also a fixed amount paid by the insurance company on a regular basis to cover a particular insurance plan for a specific period.

    • Rewards can mean many things in finance, including the cost of call options.
    • The premium is also the bond price more than the publication price.
    • Payments required for insurance coverage are also considered premium.

Meanings of Premium

  1. Amount paid for the insurance policy.

Sentences of Premium

  1. Consumers are reluctant to pay more for organic fruits


What is Premium?

  • A simple definition of Premium is: The amount the insurer will need to meet the policy or bond.

  • The total amount paid to health insurance for health insurance coverage. Generally, this is a monthly plan. Under collective health insurance, the premium is paid in whole or in part by the employer to the worker or his relative.

Meanings of Premium

  1. Amount payable under the insurance contract.

  2. Price or value added to the general price.

Synonyms of Premium

extra amount/charge


Premium Definition:

The definition of Premium is: The amount the insurer needs to cover the policy or bond.

The total amount paid to the health insurance company for health insurance coverage. Generally, this is a monthly plan. As part of collective health insurance, the employer pays full or partial premium on behalf of the employee or their relative.

Insurance premiums are the monthly or annual amount of your insurance policy.

And insurance policies that are usually billed annually or semi-annually.

The amount paid by the insured to the insurer for obtaining or maintaining the insurance policy.

Definition of Premium: The amount to be paid by the user for the agreed coverage amount.

Meanings of Premium

  1. Cost or price included in the general price.

Sentences of Premium

  1. The Société des Arts gave him a bonus.


Definition of Premium:

  1. Meaning of Premium: Amount paid to obtain insurance coverage.

  2. Premium means, The amount the insurer receives for coverage.



  • Premium can be defined as, Insurance coverage for specific risks for a specific period of time

  • Premium can be defined as, Premium is the amount you pay for your policy. You can make annual or monthly payments through Direct Det, so you can spread your premiums throughout the year at no extra cost.


What Does Premium Mean?

  • The amount you pay each month to maintain your coverage.

  • Premium definition is: The amount the insurer receives for insurance coverage.

  • Definition of Premium: Amount paid for the insurance policy or benefit under the insurance contract. As an insurer's income, this is the insurer's tax base.

  • Premium means: Insurance that pays the insured for a certain risk over a certain period of time.

  • How much do you pay for your insurance? It is usually paid by monthly or annual direct transfer. You can use our car insurance calculator to find out how your car insurance costs are affected.

  • Premium means, Amount charged for a certain amount or for a certain period of insurance. Additional Premium - The additional amount charged above the initial premium as a result of the revised rate, the rate issued in lieu of the relevant rate (see below), or the additional sum insured, the additional sum insured or the request from the policyholder Coverage. Earned Premium - The total premium amount used at any one time during the policy. Estimated Premium (Prepay, Initial Premium or Deposit) - The premium is agreed upon when the actual premium cannot be determined until the end of the policy. It is used in policies where the premium is based on payroll, sales, revenue or other units whose value or value is not known in advance. Premium: The total premium paid by the policyholder in lieu of broker's commission, reserve premium or reinsurance premium. Minimum premium: The minimum amount insured by the insurer against the risk during a specified period. In addition to the risks involved, the insurer must deposit at least that amount to cover the cost of processing the necessary documents. Minimum Retention Fees - See minimum retention fees. Premium Refund: Cancellation of coverage, reduction in fees, limit or policy amount or if the inspection shows that the deposit or premium is higher than the original. Set the award. Premium Articles: See article prices. Unpaid Premium: Part of the total premium applicable to the unused (unused) part of the policy at any time during the period.


Premium means,

The premium you pay with life insurance is your premium. Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Meaning of Premium: The amount paid by the insurer to enforce the policy.


What is The Meaning of Premium?

One of the most common payments made by an insured against a payment or insurance policy.

Meaning of Premium: And from the insurance policy the policyholder pays for the insurance coverage.

Definition of Premium: The amount paid to the insurer for the insurance policy.

Premium can be defined as, Amount paid to the insurer or reinsurer for taking a risk.

Payments required to have an insurance policy in effect. Car insurance premiums are stated for 6 months or annual policies.


What Does Premium Mean?


Amount paid by the insured for insurance.

You can define Premium as, Insurance benefits, the amount paid by the insurer to the insurer for health insurance coverage.


What Does Premium Mean?

Premium means: Number of bonds or shares sold on parity.

Premium can be defined as, And of course insurance coverage

Premium can be defined as, Premium is the amount you pay for your plan or policy. The frequency depends on the type of insurance you have and can be paid monthly, once, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. When you pay monthly installments, you often have to pay interest on your monthly installments because you are taking out a term loan to effectively cover the cost of your insurance.

Premium definition is:

The definition of Premium is: In terms of derivative financial purposes, the premium is the amount the buyer pays for an option. In the case of bonds or other debt instruments, this is the amount that is paid in addition to the face value.

Life insurance costs. w How much you spend on life insurance premiums depends on many factors, such as: B. Your family history and health. Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.


What is The Meaning of Premium?

  • An insurance policy or an amount made by a policyholder against an amount that a person pays in EV savings or investments, such as a one-time payment or a regular payment.

  • Meaning of Premium: The amount paid by the customer in return for insurance coverage.

  • The amount the insurer receives for insurance coverage. The amount covered by your car can vary greatly. The RSA and other insurers are studying the factors that affect the risk of accidents. Some factors can help determine the premium you have to pay: Driving History (claims and beliefs) The driving history of other people driving your car Make driving frequency and distance, the car you live in Model and age License year.


What is The Meaning of Premium?

  • Insurance premium is the cost of insurance. You can usually pay the insurance premium in monthly or annual installments. Your company's insurance premiums are tax deductible.

  • You can define Premium as, Amount charged by the insurer to cover the policy or deposit. See TIC 225001 (5).

  • Meaning of Premium: Payments required to the life insurer to maintain the policyholder's policy. Depending on the agreed terms, the premium can be paid in cash or in regular installments.

  • Premium means: The amount you pay for insurance coverage.

  • A premium is the amount you pay your insurer in exchange for your insurance policy. If something goes wrong, the insurer will pay you back.