Definition of Orbit:

  1. The curved path of a celestial object or spacecraft around a star, planet, or moon, especially a periodic elliptical revolution.

  2. A sphere of activity, interest, or application.

  3. (of a celestial object or spacecraft) move in orbit around (a star or planet).

  4. In marketing, practice of rotating a radio or television commercial among different time slots to achieve greater reach (net audience).

  5. The cavity in the skull of a vertebrate that contains the eye; the eye socket.

Synonyms of Orbit

Earth insertion, LEM, LM, O, Air lane, Ambit, Annular muscle, Annulus, Aphelion, Apogee, Area, Arena, Areola, Astronomical longitude, Attitude-control rocket, Aureole, Autumnal equinox, Bailiwick, Ball, Ballistic capsule, Balloon, Beat, Bladder, Blob, Boll, Bolus, Border, Borderland, Bubble, Bulb, Bulbil, Bulblet, Burn, Capsule, Celestial equator, Celestial longitude, Celestial meridian, Chaplet, Circle, Circling, Circuit, Circuiteer, Circuition, Circuitousness, Circuitry, Circularity, Circulate, Circulation, Circumambience, Circumambiency, Circumambulate, Circumambulation, Circumference, Circumflexion, Circumlocution, Circummigrate, Circummigration, Circumnavigate, Circumnavigation, Circumvent, Circus, Close the circle, Closed circle, Colures, Come full circle, Compass, Constituency, Corona, Coronet, Course, Crown, Cycle, Deep-space ship, Demesne, Department, Describe a circle, Deviance, Deviancy, Deviation, Deviousness, Diadem, Digression, Discipline, Discus, Disk, Docking, Docking maneuver, Domain, Dominion, Ecliptic, Ellipsoid, Encircle, Encompass, Equator, Equinoctial, Equinoctial circle, Equinoctial colure, Equinox, Eternal return, Excursion, Excursus, Extension, Extent, Fairy ring, Ferry rocket, Field, Flank, Flight path, Footing, Fuel ship, Full circle, Galactic longitude, Garland, Geocentric longitude, Geodetic longitude, Geoid, Girdle, Girdle the globe, Globe, Globelet, Globoid, Globule, Glomerulus, Glory, Go about, Go around, Go round, Go the round, Gob, Gobbet, Great circle, Gyre, Gyring, Halo, Heliocentric longitude, Hemisphere, Indirection, Injection, Insertion, Itinerary, Judicial circuit, Jurisdiction, Knob, Knot, Lap, Lasso, Line, Logical circle, Longitude, Loop, Looplet, Lunar excursion module, Lunar module, Magic circle, Make a circuit, Manned rocket, March, Meandering, Meridian, Module, Moon ship, Multistage rocket, Noose, Oblate spheroid, Orb, Orbiting, Orblet, Pale, Parking orbit, Path, Pellet, Perigee, Perihelion, Period, Precinct, Primrose path, Prolate spheroid, Province, Purview, Radius, Reach, Realm, Reentry, Revolution, Revolve, Ring, Road, Rocket, Rondelle, Rondure, Round, Round trip, Roundaboutness, Roundel, Rounding, Rounds, Route, Run, Saucer, Scope, Sea lane, Shortcut, Shuttle rocket, Skirt, Small circle, Soft landing, Solstitial colure, Space capsule, Space docking, Space rocket, Spacecraft, Spaceship, Sphere, Sphere of influence, Spheroid, Spherule, Sphincter, Spiral, Spiraling, Stamping ground, Subdiscipline, Surround, Sweep, Territory, Tour, Track, Trade route, Traject, Trajectory, Trajet, Turf, Turn, Turning, Vantage, Vernal equinox, Vicious circle, Walk, Wheel, Wheeling, Wreath, Zodiac, Zone, Course, Path, Circuit, Track, Trajectory, Rotation, Revolution, Circle, Cycle, Round, Sphere, Sphere of influence, Area of activity, Range, Reach, Scope, Ambit, Compass, Sweep, Jurisdiction, Authority, Remit, Span of control, Domain, Realm, Province, Territory, Preserve, Department, Turf

How to use Orbit in a sentence?

  1. The Earths orbit around the sun.
  2. Because the orbit (eye socket) is made of bone it cannot expand to accommodate the protruding eyeball.
  3. A radical filmmaker outside the Hollywood orbit.
  4. Mercury orbits the Sun.

Meaning of Orbit & Orbit Definition