Definition of Sign:

  1. Authentication and execution of an agreement by putting ones signature on it. Anyone who signs any bill of exchange, promissory note, endorsement, check, or order for money or goods, in which the payer firms name is not mentioned in legible characters, is personally liable for the amount involved if the firm does not pay.

  2. The positiveness or negativeness of a quantity.

  3. Each of the twelve equal sections into which the zodiac is divided, named from the constellations formerly situated in each, and associated with successive periods of the year according to the position of the sun on the ecliptic.

  4. Use gestures to convey information or instructions.

  5. Write ones name on (a letter, card, or similar item) to identify oneself as the writer or sender.

  6. An object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.

  7. A notice that is publicly displayed giving information or instructions in a written or symbolic form.

  8. A gesture or action used to convey information or instructions.

  9. Mark or consecrate with the sign of the cross.

Synonyms of Sign

Indication, Signal, Symptom, Hint, Pointer, Suggestion, Intimation, Mark, Manifestation, Demonstration, Gesture, Signal, Give a sign to, Indicate, Direct, Motion, Gesticulate, Write, Inscribe, Pen, Pencil, Scribble, Scrawl, Dash off, Put, Add, OK, Roman candle, Abandon, Abnormality, Accent, Accent mark, Accept, Accredit, Acute disease, Adumbration, Advertisement, Affection, Affirm, Affliction, Agent, Agree on terms, Aid to navigation, Ailment, Alarm, Allergic disease, Allergy, Alphabet, Alphabetic character, Alphabetize, Alternate, Alternative, Amber light, Amen, Analogy, Announcement, Approve, Assign, Assure, Atrophy, Attest, Attestation, Augury, Auspice, Authenticate, Authorize, Autograph, Back, Backup, Bacterial disease, Badge, Balefire, Banner, Bar, Basis for belief, Be sponsor for, Beacon, Beacon fire, Beat the drum, Bell, Bell buoy, Betokening, Betokenment, Binary digit, Birth defect, Bit, Blight, Blinker, Blue peter, Body of evidence, Bond, Brand, Broad hint, Broadside, Buoy, Cancel, Capitalize, Cardiovascular disease, Cartouche, Caution light, Certify, Chain of evidence, Change, Changeling, Character, Characteristic, Chronic disease, Cipher, Circulatory disease, Close down, Clue, Colophon, Comparison, Complaint, Complication, Condensation trail, Condition, Confirm, Congenital defect, Consign, Contract, Contrail, Copy, Cosign, Counterfeit, Countersecure, Countersign, Course, Cue, Custos, Cypher, Data, Datum, Defect, Deficiency disease, Deformity, Degenerative disease, Deliver, Deputy, Device, Differentia, Digit, Dip, Direct, Disability, Disease, Disorder, Dispose of, Distemper, Documentation, Donate, Dot, Double, Dummy, Earmark, Emblem, Employ, Enchantment, Endemic, Endemic disease, Endocrine disease, Endorse, Engage, Enlist, Ensign, Ensure, Epidemic disease, Equal, Equivalent, Ersatz, Evidence, Exchange, Exchange colors, Exhibit, Exponent, Expression mark, Fact, Facts, Fake, Fantasy, Fermata, Figure, Fill-in, Flag, Flag down, Flare, Flash, Fog bell, Fog signal, Fog whistle, Foghorn, Foreboding, Foreshadow, Foreshadowing, Foreshowing, Foretoken, Foretokening, Forewarning, Forgo, Formalize, Functional disease, Fungus disease, Gastrointestinal disease, Genetic disease, Gentle hint, Gesticulation, Gesture, Get rid of, Ghost, Ghostwriter, Give, Give a signal, Give permission, Give the go-ahead, Give the imprimatur, Give the nod, Give thumbs up, Give up, Glance, Glimmer, Glimmering, Glosseme, Go light, Gong buoy, Graph, Grapheme, Green light, Grounds, Grounds for belief, Guarantee, Guaranty, Hail, Hail and speak, Half-mast, Hallmark, Handicap, Heliograph, Hereditary disease, Hieroglyph, High sign, Hint, Hire, Hoist a banner, Hold, Iatrogenic disease, Icon, Ideogram, Ideograph, Idiosyncrasy, Illness, Image, Imitation, Implication, Index, Indicant, Indication, Indicator, Indisposition, Infectious disease, Infirmity, Initial, Initials, Ink, Inkling, Innuendo, Inscribe, Insignia, Insinuation, Insure, International alphabet flag, International numeral pennant, Intimation, Item of evidence, Join up, Key signature, Keynote, Kick, Lead, Leer, Letter, Lexeme, Lexical form, Lexigraphic character, Ligature, Line, Locum tenens, Logotype, Look, Make a sign, Make over, Makeshift, Malady, Malaise, Manifestation, Mark, Marker beacon, Material grounds, Measure, Metaphor, Metonymy, Metronomic mark, Miracle, Monogram, Morbidity, Morbus, Morpheme, Motion, Movement, Muniments, Muscular disease, Mute witness, Neurological disease, Next best thing, Nod, Notarize, Notation, Note, Notice, Nudge, Number, Numeral, Numero, Nutritional disease, Occupational disease, Omen, Organic disease, Pandemic disease, Parachute flare, Pass, Pass on, Pass upon, Path, Pathological condition, Pathology, Pause, Peculiarity, Permit, Personnel, Phonetic character, Phonetic symbol, Phony, Phrase, Pictographic character, Picture, Piece of evidence, Pilot flag, Pinch hitter, Piste, Placard, Plant disease, Poke, Police whistle, Portent, Poster, Prefiguration, Preindication, Premises, Premonitory shiver, Premonitory sign, Premonitory symptom, Presa, Present, Presignifying, Prodigy, Prognosis, Prognostic, Prognostication, Promise, Prompt, Proof, Property, Prophecy, Protozoan disease, Proxy, Psychosomatic disease, Quarantine flag, Radio beacon, Raise a cry, Ratify, Reason to believe, Rebus, Red flag, Red light, Register, Release, Relevant fact, Relief, Relinquish, Reminder, Replacement, Representation, Representative, Reserves, Respiratory disease, Retain, Ringer, Rocket, Rockiness, Rubber stamp, Sacrifice, Sailing aid, Salute, Sanction, Say amen to, Scent, Seal, Second, Second string, Secondary, Secondary disease, Secure, Seediness, Segno, Semaphore, Semaphore flag, Semaphore telegraph, Semasiological unit, Sememe, Shadow, Shake hands, Shingle, Show, Sickishness, Sickness, Sigil, Sign and seal, Sign away, Sign for, Sign off, Sign on, Sign over, Sign up, Sign up for, Signal, Signal beacon, Signal bell, Signal fire, Signal flag, Signal gong, Signal gun, Signal lamp, Signal light, Signal mast, Signal post, Signal rocket, Signal shot, Signal siren, Signal tower, Signalize, Signature, Signboard, Signifiant, Significant, Signs, Slur, Soothsay, Sound an alarm, Sound the trumpet, Spar buoy, Spares, Speak, Sponsor, Spoor, Stamp, Stand behind, Stand up for, Stand-in, Standard, Stop light, Strike a bargain, Sub, Subscribe, Subscribe to, Substituent, Substitute, Substitution, Succedaneum, Suggestion, Superseder, Supplanter, Support, Sure sign, Surrender, Surrogate, Suspicion, Swear and affirm, Swear to, Swell, Syllabic, Symbol, Symbolization, Symptom, Symptomatology, Symptomology, Symptoms, Syndrome, Synecdoche, Take on, Telltale, Telltale sign, Tempo mark, Term, The nod, The pip, The wink, Third string, Tie, Time signature, Token, Tokening, Touch, Trace, Traces, Track, Traffic light, Traffic signal, Trail, Trait, Transcribe, Transfer, Transliterate, Turn over, Type, Undersign, Understudy, Underwrite, Unfurl a flag, Urogenital disease, Utility player, Validate, Vapor trail, Vestige, Vicar, Vice-president, Vice-regent, Vinculum, Virus disease, Visa, Vise, Volunteer, Waive, Wake, Warning, Warrant, Wasting disease, Watch fire, Wave, Wave a flag, Wave the hand, Whisper, White flag, Wigwag, Wigwag flag, Wink, Witness, Wonder, Wonderwork, Word, Worm disease, Writing, Written character, Yellow flag, Notice, Signpost, Signboard, Warning sign, Road sign, Traffic sign, Gesture, Signal, Wave, Gesticulation, Cue, Nod

How to use Sign in a sentence?

  1. Flowers are often given as a sign of affection.
  2. A person born under the sign of Virgo.
  3. The card was signed by the whole class.
  4. The last four bits hold a pattern to represent the sign of the number.
  5. She gave him the thumbs-up sign.
  6. I didnt see the stop sign.
  7. She signed to her husband to leave the room.
  8. He signed himself with the cross.

Meaning of Sign & Sign Definition

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