Spawn Vs Ghost Rider

Spawn vs ghost rider?, obviously spawn will be dominant over ghost rider as he has defeated both satan and the God in comic.

Spawn is a fictional antihero character of image comics, published by American campany image comics. The character is created by Todd Mcfarlane, belonging to Fictional universe, mortal Combat.

While, ghost rider is the Fictional antihero character of Marvel universe, Created by: Roy Thomas, Mike Ploog, and Gary Friedrich, belonging to Fictional universe: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Played by: Keith David, Michael Jai White

Spawn Vs Ghost Rider

Spawn vs ghost rider? In my opinion ghost rider would be defeated by spawn.

Eventually this fight boils down to the ones who are hosts to the force, Al Simmons and Johnny Blaze. Al Simmons’ preparation and administration to his nation made him a fantastic professional killer.

Johnny Blaze is a trick entertainer, where his psychological spotlight is on enduring shocking accomplishments than any actual battle preparing. Produce has developed to his higher structure, Omega Spawn.

This outcomes in limitless force on both the human and eternal planes, making himself third in force close to the force of Heaven and Hell.

Apparition Rider is viewed as one of generally amazing in his universe, however his god like potential isn’t completely acknowledge a result of the battle mindset of his human host. Would Ghost Rider have a superior potential for success against Omega Spawn when joined with the Venom symbiote and the Red Hulk, or will he fall similarly as hard under the would of Omega Spawn??

Al Simmons was selected to turn into the general of Hell’s Army. As broad, his force would come next to his lord Malebolgia. Generate’s extraordinary forces originates from his advantageous protection. The protection is a living life form which is mixed in Al Simmons’ sensory system, permitting him to control the cooperative covering with his contemplations, cognizant or oblivious. The protective layer is loaded up with necroplasm, which has a working idea like Green Power Ring. The protective layer reacts and transforms to the will and creative mind of Al Simmons.

On Earth, Spawn’s otherworldly powers are in restricted stockpile, so his advantageous protection takes care of off insidious or dim energy.The greater the source, the more force it can devour and use without exhausting its own force holds. Doing combating Ghost Rider would be ideal for Spawn since Ghost Rider’s forces and capacities are powerful and evil in cause. This fight would keep Spawn completely controlled enough to utilize his otherworldly capacities at greatest potential.

Johnny Blaze was bound to become specialist of insidious as the Ghost Rider. The Rider’s presence gets conceivable from the joining between Johnny Blaze and Zarathos. Zarathos is a satanic being in subjugation to Mephisto as Violator is with Malebogia. This association is likewise like the Phoenix Force holding with Jean Gray hence making Phoenix and Dark Phoenix. Johnny Blaze can return and forward as the Ghost Rider freely, when previously, was within the sight of malevolence. With evil force available to him, Ghost Rider can handle the magical shoot of Hell, which he channels through weapons or vehicles, making them extraordinarily more impressive than previously. Apparently with no restriction to his force, Ghost Rider is viewed as quite possibly the most impressive creatures in the Marvel Universe.

To know better who would win you should know what these characters are and what are there abilities.


Both ghost rider and spawn are the fictional anti hero character of comic that weilds supernatural powers lit from the hell through a pact of devil, Mephisto ans Malebolgia.

No doubt, both the characters shows much popularity among their fans, and for a character fans are like the bullet that can take the character from ground to sky.

most of all, both character’s fans are obsessed with the crossover of spawn and ghost rider.
As, spawn and ghost rider shows alots of many similarities that makes people curious that who would win if they cross with each other. Who would win if they fought together?, Which character is best?, Who is more stronger?. To know such answers to your questions read all.
In this article I would tell you who would win between ghost rider vs spawn, based on the facts about their features and powers.

For that you must know the powers and abilities of both the Spawn and ghost rider, before getting to conclusions.

So without wasting time let’s start the battle,
Breakdown of Spawn vs ghost rider:

First of all, both of these characters shows a lot resemblance with each other, although they belong to different world or universe.

Now, based on the facts

Its obvious that one with better skills, power and posture would win, while the other with less experience, power and skill would lose. Lay down your opinion down in the reply section so that I would know who is your fav.
Ghost rider abilities

Following are the features of ghost rider that makes him stronger than spawn.

1. Dimensional Travel:

Ghost Rider can cross various measurements. In spite of the fact that it might have a few entanglements because of hosts’ unfocused conduct, he can open vortexes to get away from different domains.

2. Demon Magic Manipulation:

Ghost Rider uses evil powers and sinister spells for his potential benefit. His insight into appalling energies and embodiment gives him heavenly mindfulness when he experiences supernatural figures.

3. Mystical Chain Projection:

Ghost Rider employs an otherworldly chain that is equipped for filling long, slicing through nearly anything, and changing into different weapons. He can likewise regurgitate and extend chains from his mouth or chest freely, and control the developments with his psyche.

4. Penance Stare:

Ghost Rider has the powerful capacity to cause any person who gazes at him to see and feel all of agony they have at any point exacted on anybody in their whole lifetime forever.

As of late, he can debilitate the occupants of Mojoworld without securing in their eyes and as yet incurring extraordinary misery. This, nonetheless, doesn’t chip away at specific creatures that are intellectually insecure or appreciate brutality.

5. Soul Manipulation:

Ghost Rider can control spirits, the ethereal embodiment of something living. This more obvious when he plays out the Penance Stare, anyway he can control spirits in different alternate manners

6. Sin Manipulation:

Ghost Rider can control the unethical demonstration known as transgression. He can clean any spirit, regardless of whether exemplary or degenerate, from transgression. Nonetheless, this impact may make the casualty be aloof. He will just blowback the wrongs of the casualty causing either a passionate breakdown or atonement. He can do various things with it:

7. Hellfire Projection:

He can heave the shoot from his eyes, mouth, hands and chest, including diverting the discharge from his body into his weapons like his shotgun. Notwithstanding anticipating and injecting inferno, he can play out various assaults.

He can make inferno balls, heave a gigantic wave and release omnidirectional blasts that are staggeringly amazing, fit for carrying incredible agony to the Hulk.


A wide range of ghost riders having the soul of retaliation have comparative basic detriments:

1. Corruption:

A perilous symptom of utilizing the “Punishment Stare” on satanic elements is that their ethical chapter 11 pollutes the rider one small step at a time. Making Blaze vulnerable to Mephisto’s immediate control the more he utilizes it on the got away censured.

2. Heavenly Weapons:

Any weapon created from Heaven or favored can ruin the Ghost Rider. This is the best way to behead a Spirit of Vengeance.

3. Host Separation:

Though murdering with a Heavenly weapons is one way, another approach to crush the Ghost Rider is to isolate the Spirit away from the host. This makes the host get back to be mortal however the Spirit will stay in its present status until it finds another body to occupy

Spawn abilities

1. Superhuman strength:

spawn is quite intense, hard and dark character that have strength equal to superhuman. As, he is like alien, with no internal organ. Any collateral damage to spawn doesn’t hinder him at all. Although he does contain some semi functional organs, that on destruction reappears magically. Maybe its due to the fact he doesn’t let his human self go.

2. He contains more than one soul

Spawn contained an obscure amount of lost spirits who can share his Hellspawn capacities, altogether known as Legion. Analyst Twitch hypothesized that the spirits that Spawn conveys are those that passed on during the very hour that Al Simmons was killed, and that there could be upwards of 6,000 spirits inside him.

The force from these spirits delivered Spawn wild by Malebolgia, and after the spirits move to a higher plane, Simmons holds their insight and encounters. Spawn can likewise make these spirits show themselves actually as Hellspawn, permitting them to show up and help him in battle any place he is.

The Armageddon experience horribly decreased the powerful power of the Legion from 6000 spirits to a simple dozen: be that as it may, since the spirits left are the most grounded and generally tempered to fight, the strike effect of the power didn’t change to such an extent.

3. Legion

The Legion is shown imparting a cooperative connection to Al Simmons, who’s left in agony at whatever point one of the Legionnaires is killed. Eventually, the remainder of the Legion are executed off by Morana, denying him of the capacity to call them any longer.

4. Superhuman Strength, Speed and Durability:

The mix of his Necroplamsically accused body coupled of the K7-Leetha gives Spawn a vague measure of actual capacity. He can punch through cement and steel effortlessly, and lifting amazingly substantial articles like structures. Because of his unfathomable toughness, Spawn is fit for withstanding huge discipline without injury. He can fly at high velocities well more than 100 mph.

5. Recovery:

Spawn can mend even the most deadly twisted in a moment. He can mend subsequent to getting burned by Anti-Spawn and has recuperated from persistent wounded without anyone else with an immense piece of metal and figured out how to endure through mending. He can mend subsequent to getting destroyed. Produce has recovered whole openings in his chest, broken arms, missing hearts, and smothered knee covers right away with the utilization of his Necroplasm.

6. Mending:

Spawn can recuperate anybody’s wounds and their injuries like when he can reestablish a youngster’s whole chest pit and mended deadly discharge twisted on Twitch. However in the event that he zeros in hard on the mending power, he is skilled bringing back an individual’s life.

7. Energy Manipulation:

Spawn’s regular reach assault just as his favored one, he shoots green shoot made out of necroplasm which can change the size of the impact. He can utilize the impact as development also. He can annihilate the whole floor across the city and ready to assimilate a wide range of energy even the whole energy supply of Hell just as ready to execute vampires. In the event that sufficient, it can liquefy the doors of Heaven.

8. Fire Manipulation:

Spawn can control, make, and inhale damnation. This damnation is sufficiently able to burn Violator and combust the human mind. He can blow the whole swarm of men with his fire powers.

9. Teleportation:

Like most characters, he can transport which his most abused move. He can move FTL when teleportimg and can go inside the rival to play out an insta-murder. Once he transported his heart back to his body.

10. Elusiveness:

He can get undetectable and can stage through articles in the climate when coming into contact. By one way or another he can stage his clench hand inside the foe’s body.

11. Time Manipulation:

If the fight or a circumstance leaves hand, he can freeze time to recover his considerations and strategies. The scope of the time stop move extends the whole world and can make somebody youthful again when he center it sufficiently hard.

12. Clairvoyance:

He can alter and guess what people might be thinking and once sent a child to his own hellfire by utilizing his clairvoyance. It can fix individuals’ craziness and can place a man into perpetual distress. He once asked the whole earth for consent for some arbitrary explanation.

13. Sympathy:

He can detect the feelings and sins of others wherein he can assimilate the children and pessimism of individuals in the whole New York. He can feel the feelings of individuals in the entire planet and can cause an individual’s transgression to devour them, He can move the wrongdoing and marking it on Vampires.

14. Appearance:

He can change the size of items like he can make little articles the size of vehicles by once more centering adequately hard. He can make spikes and blades for offense.

15. Transform

Spawn can change, adjust/change matter, energy, component, articles and creatures (like people, outsiders, evil spirits, hellspawns, and heavenly legendary creatures). He can shoot out a province of bats and can change his body into a mass of photon for light speed travel.


So its decided that in spawn vs ghost rider spawn in any way can damage or kill ghost rider, while ghost rider can only do small damage to spawn.

One of the reasons is because ghost Rider possess only one soul, while spawn is consumed by 6000 sols that can help him, embrace him, whenever he need help.

Secondly Spawn has every ability to control a soul including ghost rider, while ghost rider can kill a soul by his hellfire. So it means that no soul can do harm to him whether its 6000 or 10000.

Thirdly, spawn has teleportation, elusiveness and fire manipulation that are unique with camparison to ghost rider. That means spawn has more power and abilities than ghost rider. So, its obvious thst spawn would be dominant over ghost rider.