Clash Royale Balance Changes

Clash Royale Balance Changes include two popular crowd-control cards, forcing you to alter your deck. Clash Royale features a new challenge and Season Pass prizes.

Clash Royale Balance Changes

About Clash Royale

Name Clash Royale
Genre Real-time strategy
Mode Multiplayer
Developer Supercell
Platform iOS, Android
Release March 2, 2016

Clash Royale is a strategy game in which you engage in intense battles with other online players. All your favorite Clash of Clans characters, including Giants, Barbarian Kings, Wall Breakers, Archers, and many more, are vying for supremacy in a new strategic arena.

Clash Royale’s gameplay is simple. You start with a core tower and two surrounding towers. The task is to destroy the enemy’s core tower while protecting yours. Every match is three minutes unless it finishes in a tie when it’s four.

Each Clash Royale unit has unique statistics, such as health, range, deployment time, movement speed, etc. As you gain experience, you’ll be able to put together a more tactically sound army thanks to your improved command skills.

As a multiplayer game, Clash Royale is fast-paced and entertaining. Each battle lasts no more than four minutes, allowing you to squeeze in a fast encounter whenever you like. The graphics are also top-notch, matching those of the original Clash of Clans.


Clash Royale has many available fighting troops, but you can’t use them until you unlock them. Therefore, it is necessary to amass a certain number of cards. However, you can’t upgrade your deck until you win tournaments and collect the keys to unlock chests.

Clash Royale Balance Changes

Keeping with their typical monthly schedule, the Supercell development team behind Clash Royale has implemented balancing updates for June 2022. Several cards have been altered through buffs and nerf to make the game fairer for players of all skill levels and prevent any single card from becoming overused.

The nine cards that will be affected by the upcoming Clash Royale balance updates in June 2022 are all ones that may use some fine-tuning. Some of them are getting power increases, while others that have been too dominant are being weakened. The following is a rundown of the modifications that have been implemented.

1. Mother Witch

After the latest rebalancing, both her use and win rates plummeted. This boon substitutes the previous reduction in Hitpoints with an increase in Damage Per Second, allowing her to produce more Cursed Hogs faster.

2. Electro Giant

The most recent revamp made him a bit too fragile, even with the reduced Elixir cost. If you give him more HP, he can still be called a giant.

3. Night Witch

Since losing access to her Death Spawn Bats, she has been battling to find her place in the meta. We further slowed her glacial Hit Speed to emphasize her support role and damage output.

4. Barbarian

Those cards mentioned above have been on the frail side for some time, but the Barb Barrel has held its own. As a result of the nerf to the Barrel range, all four Barbarian cards may be improved, giving them a better chance of victory.

5. Goblin Drill

The Drill seems to have gained some speed because of the new tunnels excavated by the Mighty Miner. New dirt has been added to the Arena to slow down the Goblins.

6. Skeleton King

After amassing a certain number of souls, the unopposed King of Bones transforms into a Champion who cannot be successfully challenged. Our advice to him has been to tone down the entire “summon infinite legions of the undead” thing.

7. The Log

Due to its versatility and power, this intelligent plank of wood has been the game’s most used card for quite some time. We need to dial back the power a bit.

8. Royal Ghost

This sleeper may be found in many competitive decks and provides significant value. Maybe a little excessive. Keeping him out in the open for a while may help bring things back into harmony.

9. Barbarian Barrel

Barb Barrel, with The Log, has been one of the game’s most consistently potent cards for a long time. The Barbarian’s Range reduction means he can only attack the tower once if he faces no opposition.

Note: According to the official statement, those are the adjustments made to Clash Royale’s balance in June 2022.

Methods of Playing Clash Royale

Clash Royale’s primary moment-to-moment action is quite simple, but the highest levels of play may get quite tactical and sophisticated. Before jumping into a contest, players construct their preferred unit rosters, known as “decks.”

The next step is a head-to-head match versus another human player. You each have three towers to defend, one in each lane and another in the center.

If the time limit expires without one player’s back tower having been destroyed, the winner is the one who still has the most towers standing. If the score is still tied after that, overtime will be played.

The trick is to control your resources, construct unbreakable decks, and
unleash attacks that your opponent can’t defend against. You might think it’s easy at first, but mastering Elixir management, time, and top tactics are quite challenging.

Keep in mind: You need to lay out soldiers and cast abilities that will send them down each lane and attack anything in their path to destroy the towers. It’s like a cross between a MOBA and an auto-battler.

Plan for Royale Clash in 2022

This game blends conventional strategy, card games, and “smash-and-burn” Engage your grey matter. Clash Royale is tougher than it seems. The game has a lot going on, and without a plan, you’ll suffer.

We’ll manage everything for you. Helping you choose a successful Clash Royale strategy. Follow these tips to make your battle magnificent.

1. Success Requires Patience

In Clash Royale, patience pays off in mental battles. Before going on the offensive, investigate your enemies. This strategy has benefits. First-to-play pushes opponents to disclose their hands. You’ll be able to counter their plays more effectively.

Let your opponent attack first if you’re playing a hefty card, like a Golem. This can help you achieve Double Elixir faster. Heavier decks are more effective, and you can cause more damage to opponents.

Force your opponent to act first, so you have more time to plan and reply. You may wish to take the lead if your deck is good with Single Elixir. You can launch a blitzkrieg attack without being spotted by the enemy’s tower defenses. The cards in your hand determine success or failure.

2. Card Counting is Crucial

Card counting is a significant winning strategy that helps you select when to strike. Card counting may seem complicated, but it’s rather simple. When counting cards, it’s crucial to know if you’re ahead in the game. Instead of focusing on cards or their abilities, watch elixirs.

You answer your opponent’s Musketeer with a Fireball, causing a standstill. Using a Hog Rider costs you one elixir if your opponent kills it with a Cannon. The competition gets tougher as you proceed. Before continuing, both players need to refresh their elixirs.

3. Attack King Tower Late

When the action is at its greatest, it may be tempting to destroy the King’s tower. This may seem like a winning strategy, but it might cost you the game. The King tower protects itself when damaged. Sending additional troops will result in a shooting.

Given that you won’t destroy your opponent’s card, the elixir you spend is a gamble. To fire another cannon at your army, you must lead them into attacking your King Tower. This strategy can help you win.

4. Last 60 Seconds, Push It

Your elixir assaults are often most effective in the last three-minute window. Since this is the last minute of your elixir’s effectiveness, you must make a huge attack.

5. Defensively

After a successful attack on a tower, the temptation to rush in with another is understandable. However, the opponent can better assess your hand and plan countermeasures. The best course of action is to defend your side because of this.

Note: Now is the best time to deal harm to your opponent. One strategy in the game is to wait until there is just one minute left to play, at which point you should unleash the Lava Hound and protect it with all your might.

Frequently Asked Question - FAQs

Some questions about Clash Royale are answered here:

1 - Is it true that Log’s power level was reduced in Clash Royale?

The Log and Barbarian Barrel, two of every Clash Royale player’s go-to items for crowd control, were nerfed as part of Supercell’s June 2022 balance updates, officially implemented into the game.

2 - Is there a stronger Clash Royale card?

Once Mega Knight’s leap charge has begun, stopping or even slowing it down is impossible. Additionally, the damage done by the leap attack is doubled. This deals 648 damage on level 13.

3 - Who exactly owns Clash Royale?

Supercell owns Clash Royale.

Game Clash Royale
Publisher Supercell
Release Date March 2, 2016 (Worldwide)
Platforms iOS, and Android
Genre The Real-Time-Strategy
CEO Ilkka Paananen

4 - What is Clash Royale’s estimated revenue?

Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data reveals that since Clash Royale’s global launch on March 2, 2016, the game has earned an estimated $2.5 billion on the App Store and Google Play. Since the game went online, average users have collectively spent over $2.3 million every day.

5 - How many people play Clash Royale?

Over a million people are now playing Clash Royale.

6 - In 2021, what card in Clash Royale will be the most played?

Zap is the most played card in Clash Royale, albeit not by much. One card in Clash Royale consistently ranks at the top of the most played list: a little test bottle with blue sparks.

7 - How come Clash Royale is losing popularity?

It’s not “end,” but it has lost a lot of players due to factors including a p2w ladder system, lackluster updates, and the permanence of the 2v2 mode.

8 - Does Clash Royale require any special skills to play?

Clash Royale features card game and multiplayer combat arena aspects but fails in both. Without content, it’s repetitious and chaotic. The lack of events and routines makes it uninteresting and ordinary. It requires talent but becomes a pay-to-win system.

9 - Clash Royale exclusively on mobile?

Clash Royale instructions. Clash Royale is a freemium iPhone/iPad/Android game. Search “Clash Royale” on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download.

10 - Is there a PC version of Clash Royale?

Despite its origins as a mobile game, Clash Royale is also playable on a computer. Arenas in the games are optimized for portrait orientation. Thus full screen is not expected; nonetheless, some players may find that playing on a bigger screen improves the experience.

11 - Does Clash Royale cost anything to play?

Some in-game products in Clash Royale may be purchased with real money. However, the game itself can be downloaded and played for free. You may turn off in-app purchases on your mobile device if you don’t want to utilize them.

12 - Do people like playing Clash Royale?

Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data reveals that since Clash Royale’s global launch on March 2, 2016, the game has earned an estimated $2.5 billion on the App Store and Google Play. Since the game went online, average users have collectively spent over $2.3 million every day.

13 - What does Clash Royale set you back, exactly?

Downloading and playing Clash Royale is at no cost to you. However, some in-game things may be purchased with real money if you so want. You may turn off in-app purchases on your mobile device if you don’t want to utilize them.

14 - Does the game Clash Royale have bots?

It’s possible that Supercell nerfed the quality of the game for bots with fewer than 4,000 trophies to help new players and speed up matchmaking. Bots are never seen in competitions when the average award count is over 4000.

15 - What about we remove Clash Royale from the web?

Like its predecessors, “Game of War” and “Clash of Clans,” “Clash Royale” can only be played in the virtual realm. Due to the online aspect of “Clash Royale,” all of your fights are with actual humans.


Supercell’s Clash Royale development team has released balance updates for June 2022. It enhances and nerfs cards to make the game more balanced and fair for all players without overusing any. Supercell has proven that they deserve the attention they receive. They’re quite sensitive to player interaction.

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