Latin America

Latin America,

Definition of Latin America:

  1. Parts of North America (Mexico), Central America (except Belize), and South America (except French Guyana, Guyana, and Suriname) where mainly Spanish or Portuguese is spoken.

  2. The parts of the American continents where Spanish or Portuguese is the main national language (i.e., Mexico and, in effect, the whole of Central and South America including many of the Caribbean islands).

How to use Latin America in a sentence?

  1. We decided to build a plant in Latin America to take advantage of the low regulation and low cost of hiring employees there.
  2. A lot of the teams in the World Baseball Classic are from Latin America and that makes the whole tournament more diverse.
  3. Some products can be purchased from Latin America for a much cheaper cost than you can get them for in the states.

Meaning of Latin America & Latin America Definition