Definition of Layout:

  1. The way the parts of something are organized or organized.

  2. A printed or published work plan or project (e.g., advertisement, book, magazine, newspaper or website) of various graphic elements of the show (e.g., body, color, title, example, scale) Displays . Describes the overall appearance, materiality, and relationship between graphics to achieve a uniform flow of information (messages) and eye movements for maximum performance or effect. Alternative designs (called concepts) are often developed to study the various arrangements before the final design for printing or production. See also page layout program.

Synonyms of Layout

Calculation, Pattern, Configuration, Game, Idea, Cold-type typesetting, Routine, Typesetting machine, Style, Phototypesetter, Peace, Setup, Operations research, System, Orderliness, Tactical plan, Format, Quoin, Inner form, Imposition, Setting, Procedure, Blueprint, Rationalization, Phototypesetting machine, Makeup, Planning function, Order, Guidelines, Composition, Significant form, Prearrangement, Platonic form, Organization, Schedule, Figure, Set, Slug, Graphing, Make, Format, Art form, Dummy, Planning, Archetype, Schematism, Enterprise, Methodology, Design, Proportion, Foresight, Prototype, Plan, Photosetting, Array, Blueprinting, Working plan, Mode, Build, Framework, Fashion, Intention, Quiet, Computerized typesetting, Intertype, Contrivance, Tactics, Structure, Mapping, Way, Aesthetic form, Furniture, Scheme of arrangement, Scheme, Stamp, Program of action, Monotype, Concord, Method, The big picture, Approach, Harmony, Quietude, Linotype, Modality, Symmetry, Uniformity, Turn, Matrix, Marshaling, Arrangement, Construction, Planning, Long-range plan, Design, Disposition, Schematization, Program, Frame, Arrangement, Cut, Impression, Model, Layout, Order, Ground plan, Justification, Shape, Formation, Form, Regularity, Strategy, Deployment, Figuration, Symmetry, Strategic plan, Conception, Typesetting, Hot-metal typesetting, Disposal, Proportion, Figuring, Cast, Schema, The picture, Device, System, Line of type, Tranquillity, Organization, Type, Composing, Composing stick, Master plan, Forethought, Envisagement, Platonic idea, Mold, Structure, Systematization, Conformation, Genre, Photocomposition, Galley chase, Attack, Lineup, Charting

How to use Layout in a sentence?

  1. I didn't like the design of this page because it was very hard to find what I was looking for and it had a lot of light colors.
  2. A great design for your business plan makes it easy for everyone to understand and get things done.
  3. Change in the distribution of the ground floor.
  4. The layout of a new website's marketing layout is visually pleasing and aesthetically pleasing, which is why managers love it.

Meaning of Layout & Layout Definition