Apply for Visitor Visa 600 with Migration Agent in Perth

As the name suggests, a tourist visa is a vacation visa that provides a person to travel to Australia for a particular time period of three, six months, or a year. With this visa, you can travel to your friends/family who is staying here. The visitor visa 600 is a temporary visa which permits you to reside for a particular time period in Australia.

There are different classifications available under the Visitor Visa 600 -

1- Visitor visa for tourism

This classification of the visitor visa for Australia is compared to the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) residents not qualified for those visa types, and permits a stay in Australia for a vacation, as part of a cruise, or to see family or companions.

Unlike the other sub-classifications, it is conceivable to apply for the Australia tourist visa for the travel industry from either inside Australia or outside the nation. A stay of either 3, 6, or a year is conceivable with applications made from outside Australia, while qualified guardians of Australian residents may be allowed a more extended validity period.

It is just feasible for a year Australia guest visa to be allowed if applying from within the country. This is a decent choice for holidaymakers in Australia with another visa that is going to terminate and who need to remain longer.

2- Visitor visa for families

A visitor who can be supported by a qualified relative who is an Australian resident or permanent resident can apply for the sponsored family visitor visa for Australia.

This sort of visa is valid for a year to remain in Australia to see relatives, for a vacation or to enter Australia as a part of a journey. It is likewise conceivable to prepare or study for as long as 3 months with the Australia visitor visa for families, yet not if this is the fundamental purpose behind the outing.

It will be important to give a letter of invitation from a relative in Australia as supporting documentation to get the Australia visitor visa for families. The visitor’s support may likewise be approached to pay a security bond as an assurance. In the event that a relative needs to loan support without becoming a sponsor, the solicitor can apply for a guest visa for tourism.

3- Visitor visa for businesses -

The business subtype of the Australia visitor visa permits foreign nationals not eligible for the ETA for a short remain in Australia for proficient reasons yet not to work or sell products

The Australian visitor visa for business is valid only for a maximum stay of 3 months. Candidates must be outside of Australia while submitting a request for the business visitor visa for Australia and must stay abroad until a choice about the visa is made.

Eligibility Criteria of Subclass 600:-

  • You must fulfill specific criteria identifying with the visa stream you are applying for.
  • You should meet the genuine temporary stay requirement.
  • You should have the option to demonstrate that you approach adequate assets to take care of the expense of your stay in Australia.
  • You should fulfill certain Public Interest models and Special Return criteria
  • You should meet wellbeing and character requirements.

Checklist of Subclass 600:-

  • Form and Fees - A complete and signed FORM 1419 application for tourist stream visa and FORM 1415 application for business visitor stream visa. A payment receipt that has been made to the Australian Government.

  • Identification Documents - A copy of your current passport photo or travel document of the people who are applying for this visa. A certified copy of your birth certificate and a recent passport visa photograph.

  • Activities Proof -

  • Tourist Stream - Invitation copy of your friends and family in Australia and evidence that you have sufficient funds to support during this visa.

  • Business Stream - A letter from your employer showing your position, employment and a purpose for conducting a business in Australia

Processing Time for Subclass 600:-

The Australian Visitor Visa is known for the shortest visa processing time among the other visas. It also has a different visa processing time depending upon the visa streams you have applied for -

  • Visitor visa for Tourism - The visitor visa tourist stream depends on 48 hours to 33 days to process. However, it also depends on the factor of complete supporting documents, processing period. It generally takes 20-33 days to process 70 to 90 percent of the application.

  • Visitor visa for Business - This visa stream takes about 9 to 20 days, where 75 to 90 percent of the application is being processed.

  • Visitor visa for Families - This visa stream takes about 50 to 70 days, where 75 to 90 percent of the application is received.

Conditions and Obligations of Subclass 600:-

You must comply with all Visa Conditions by the Australian Government :

  • Tourist Stream

  • You must not work in Australia

  • You must not study or get trained in Australia for more than 3 months

  • Business Visitor Stream

  • You must not work in Australia other than your business activities.

  • You must not study or get trained in Australia for more than 3 months

  • Sponsored Family Stream

  • You must not work in Australia

  • You must not leave Australia before your Visa Ends

  • You must not apply for a new visa while you are in Australia

If you have any more doubts and queries related to your visitor visa subclass 600, then consult a Migration Agent Perth who can help you in this regard. We, professionals, have years of experience. You would be sorted with all of your queries and have hassle-free visa applications.