Students Alert! Decision Of Not Reopening Universities Is "RECONSIDER"

On 31st January 2021, Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mehmood decided to open universities. According to him, they thought that for not reopening universities, the government’s permission should reconsider.

The universities that have chosen to remain closed, their decision would reconsider by Shafqat Mehmood The Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training.
He has called for these universities in his recent tweet.

He said that there is no doubt the online classes are going well, but these are not the perfect substitute for on-campus study.

No doubt, the online class proved useful to some extent, but it does not alter the on-campus courses. Therefore, they advised the administration staff of all universities to adopt Mould social behavior” and consider once again to remain universities closed.

The interaction among students and the university staff plays a vital role in student’s development.

No substitute for on-campus study

The minister said that “online lessons, however good, are no substitute for on-campus classes”.

He said that interactions between students and all the university staff members on campus “Mould social behavior” and so varsities must rethink their move to not reopen.
A day earlier, Mehmood had said that the country has witnessed “too much loss” on the education front due to the pandemic.

NCOC decision

NCOC decides that all remaining classes should resume.
The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), after a detailed discussion with all stakeholders on February 27, decided that educational institutions shall resume all remaining classes at the primary, middle, and university level on February 1.

Education system already ruined due to COVID

Shafqat Mehmood said that students already wasted their time slot and bear loss a lot in a recent press release. The education system was badly ruined worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, it’s better to open educational institutes, including universities.

Decided to reopen institutes with the strict recommendation

The forum decided that students in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, and Peshawar would attend classes with 50% strength on alternate days.

The forum has decided to reopen the education sector with strict recommendations of staggered classes for three days a week in the urban centers, in light of the higher coronavirus positivity ratio reported there.

However, universities would resume operations as per the usual schedule.
The decision to reopen schools comes amid a worsening coronavirus situation both domestically and internationally.

Pakistan’s coronavirus situation

Pakistan reported 1,599 cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, after which the total number of cases reported so far hit 544,813.

The country lost 34 more souls infected with the disease at this time, bringing the total number of deaths to 11,657.

The daily count of cases has remained above 1,500 for the past several weeks. The last time a figure below that was reported, was on November 7, when 1,436 cases emerged.
Fatalities have also remained in the double digits.

The last time fewer than 10 deaths were seen was on November 9, when nine people were reported to have died from coronavirus.