Ivory color

The ivory color is one of the off-white shades. The origin of color was in 1385. The shade had been discovered from the sharp teeth like tusks or fangs of animals. The shade of ivory is slightly between off-white and yellow. The animals whose teeth are considered for creating it are generally Elephants or Walrus. In today’s world, there is a lot of use in different kinds of industries like furniture or painting industry.

Ivory color

Ivory meaning:

Industry-wise it is a substance that comes from the teeth of big wild animals that is used to manufacture awesome ornaments.

:question:Why is Ivory important? What makes ivory so precious? So, it is valuable in lots of aspects. Not only this but it also carries cultural importance. Especially in Africa where these Elephants are found. Because of this importance, the wild lives having these teeth have a lot.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Ivory color shade:

  1. Off-white
  2. Cream
  3. Sand
  4. Apricot
  5. Beige
  6. Jasmine
  7. Pear
  8. Peach yellow
  9. Citron
  10. Apricot
  11. Mustard
  12. Lemon chiffon
  13. Saffron
  14. Pear
  15. Vanilla
  16. Wheat
  17. Light yellow
  18. Amber
  19. Buff
  20. All kinds of gold
  21. Peach yellow

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Ivory vs off white color:

  • Well, both of these shades originated from white. There are huge variations in the sub-category of pure white. The only difference in these sub-shades is that some are dull, some are pale, some are dark and some are light. These are the only changes that make every color of white-family different from one another.

  • In addition to these sub-categories there is a very renowned combination of white with black. It is Grey. In a similar way, all the shades and sub-shades have originated and will keep originating within time. The prominent difference in off-white is that there is an intensity difference.

  • Ivory color comes from a living being so its origin is from animal tusks. On the other hand, an off-white is a dull form of pure color.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Ivory color vs cream color:

Both of them resemble a lot but still, there are some aspects that make them different. They are:

  1. Difference in shades.
  2. Shows difference when applying on room walls for painting purposes.
  3. Ivory color is darker than the cream one.

1. The difference in shades:

  • As both of them come from different sources so both show different reflections. One of them comes from the butter fat of milk and the other comes from hard teeth. The difference in yellowish intensity matters as this creates a difference.

  • Within time Ivory turns into a darker side of yellow than before. Then this antique look will start resembling buttercream.

2. In-Room Paint:

  • Both colors will create different ambiance when applied on home walls. Both are widely used colors when it comes to painting. As they are famous for giving a calming and bigger look to the room/wall which is true. But still, you need an artistic mind to choose the perfect pair for whatever color you have chosen for painting. Because both of them will create a different look with some kind of color.

3. Color combination:

  • The best thing about these natural shades is they always give a luxurious look. No matter it for decoration pieces or for any small object or for interior design. When you combine them correctly with bright colors it will give such satisfying looks.

  • Apart from the fact that both white shades have a lot of resemblances but when it comes to design there will be every detail that would be worth noticing. There is a huge variety of unique colors or shades that will provide you with the desired looks. But the choice of this combination has to be different for both the colors.

  • Color combinations with cabinets can charm your kitchen as it will look so warm and natural. One thing you need to keep in mind is not to repeat the color for the entire item. Like if you are keeping a painting of one color then choose the most appropriate contrast.

4. The ivory color is darker:

Yellow intensity is different in both Ivory and Cream colors. Ivory has a more intense yellow shade which is also a sign of its luxurious looks.

:small_red_triangle_down:color harmony :small_red_triangle::

Definition: this concept of harmony has been given in the color theory. The esthetic sense of color discovers new combinations of shades that go well with each other. This concept is created to find out the best color pairs to give a pleasing effect.
color scheme wheel

How do you combine different colors?

What colors can you mix to make other colors? Here are some techniques used to create a secondary color. These ways could be defined in terms of the following:

  1. Complementary
  2. Analogous
  3. Triad
  4. Square
  5. Tetradic
  6. Split-complementary


Complementary colors are combinations to apply the opposite like orange and blue. These pairs have a classical impact when used correctly. Too much use of them could result in annoying. It is good to apply on a small portion or the area. Make it clear where you want to use it.


The term is used in designing when you need to select one dominant or prominent shade and other to make the first color pleasant and natural. These kinds of pairings make sense to always find out why you will find them next to each other in the color scheme booklet or the wheel.


This term is used when there is one paint to dominate the scene and use a further two to support the main one. In the color palette, you will find them after every color.


This means four paint found with even more space in the scheme wheel.


It is also called a rectangle scheme. This is the airing of four colors having one dominant and the rest of three natural and balanced shades.


This scheme found with the ga of 1 or 2 complementary colors of the main paint. It is also a good choice to create the best results.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Ivory interior design:

ivory color combination wall. ivory color paint combination. It is very necessary to have some initial know-how to start interior your home-sweet-home.
interior designing

01. Ivory color kitchen:

The kitchen interior must be a combination of something between luxury, decency, coolness, openness, and perfect design. The ivory color is included in one of those bright choices that will provide you all in one combination. The best areas in the kitchen that will suit this look will be kitchen cabinets, tiles, basin area, decorative small items like candles, vases, etc. Add some natural light from the window to give inviting vibes.

02. ivory color wall paint:

Wall painting is something that is going to determine the overall look of the area. Before you move towards the plan, make sure that you have chosen the perfect elite colors for your living room walls. Before anything must consider the areas you want to color. Like if you are planning to design your restaurant or a coffee cafe, you must consider the looks that will fascinate the visitor. But if you are about to re-paint the bed-room, living-room you have to select the designs that will make it lively. This lively color could play a role here by giving you royal walls.

03. Ivory floor:

Carpets or tiles play a very important role. No matter what place it is. Is it the kitchen floor, office floor, room, or cafe? The calming floor will give very soothful effects on the eyes and also gives a rich-looks. It will enhance the place’s lighting.

04. Ivory furniture:

Furniture purchasing requires a little bit of knowledge on the color contrast, the material of furniture (wood, etc). Psychologically chairs, beds, cabinets, give you elegance in the various shades of white.

05. Ivory color Fabric:

Pillow or bed cover shades matter a lot. They play a huge role in boosting your mood or making you feel messed with the annoying colors. This color fabric will give a warm, calming, elegant feel.
Ivory color

Frequently asked questions:

Ivory color fascinates the artists. Here are the answers to all the questions people have asked.

1. What colors go well with ivory?

:red_circle:There is a huge list of color combinations that goes well with it. The white family `goes well with the dark duo. The choice of the combination depends on so many factors. Like where you want to apply (place), type, area length, etc. Here is a list that will make the duo unique and attractive.

  1. Blue family (e.g., Navy Blue, Grey Blue, etc.)
  2. Grey family (e.g., Dove Grey, other decent Grey colors)
  3. Black family (All shades)
  4. Green family (decent greens)
  5. Aqua color.

2. How is ivory a different color from white?

:red_circle:Ivory vs White:

  • When we go for the ivory color depth, it is some unique shade of yellow. But it also resembles the white pale shades. In short, the color is not yellow, white, or something between off-white but it is simply a pale shade between pure white and a pure yellow.
  • For pure white, it is obvious that it has no impurity it just a pure form.

3. How do I make an ivory color through pigment colors?

:red_circle:When you want to create any sub-shade from the originals then you need deeply observe everything to originate the perfect paint. The sub-color is created when 2 or more 2 combinations mix. Creating this color would need the following shades:

  1. Yellow
  2. White
  3. A small amount of Blue color

4. How do I identify ivory?

:red_circle:The specifications of this will include:

  1. When you touch it you feel the soft feeling.
  2. The appearance will be darker than the bone color.
  3. If it is not tusks material then you will feel a rough surface when you tap on it.

5. What color is closest to Ivory?

  • Creamy shades.
  • White shades.
  • Off-white shades.

6. Is there a safe way to clean ivory that has been yellowed over many years?

  • The originality of color can not be lightened, change, or clean. Thus the yellowish coat from it can not be removed at all.
  • If the item was kept for a long time, there will be a kind of dust that will cover the object. In this case, all you have to do is, wipe up the item, use soap and water drop.

> Note: make sure not to leave it for so many hours.

7. How can you tell if an elephant is an ivory?

:point_right:t2:Ivory is the name of an African Elephant tooth. Thus you can easily point out if the material or the object you are testing has a touch of similar teeth.

8. How do you whiten yellowed ivory?

:high_brightness:Antique yellowishness is to enhance the material’s beauty. So there is no need to whiten it. If there is anything dusty, simply clean it and that is all.

9. How can you tell real ivory from fake ivory?

  • Real Ivory:

It will appear differently. It will show shine when you see it under the sunlight. Plus it has a deep pattern.

  • Fake Ivory:

This will lack all the shine.

10. What is an alternative to ivory?

  • Well, you can get cheated when you are going to buy it as the seller may provide you with an alternative.
  • But if you want to buy an alternate item intentionally then you must know the purpose of purchasing it.
  • Some of the alternative objects could be the bone (as it resembles a lot with it). Plus it could be staghorn as well.
  • The item has another antique importance so it is hard to replace it with something else.
  • Further can depend on the shop you chose for your purchase.

11. How can you tell real ivory from plastic?

:star:Real vs Plastic Ivory:

  1. You can find out this by touching the surface, the shines, the color reflection in natural light.
  2. The real one has a slightly rough feel as it has a roughness in depth. On the other hand, plastic will feel soft.
  3. Have a keen eye and observe the white shines of it in the Sun. The real one always lightens up bright like a diamond.


:writing_hand:t2:These days Ivory color or teeth is used in making so many objects. It has huge importance in the world of art. Many decorative items are made up of this precious creation. The list of items made up of it is here:

  1. Jewelry makiWorksurniture designs
  2. Painting
  3. Carving designs
  4. Decorative items
  5. Use it in piano
  6. Other objects

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