How the Vivo Working on a Phone With Color-Changing Back Panel

Vivo is known for bringing innovation into gadgets. Recently, Vivo has been reported to be working on a project, the project includes a new phone with a color-changing back panel. The phone can change the color of its rear case at the press of a button.

Vivo Company

The company on 3rd September released a 48-second teaser video although the video was smartly produced as it does not showcase any details of the new model.
Vivo is using electrochromic glass to illuminate the color-changing effect.

In the recent post Weibo made by Vivo, the company claims that this new feature won’t affect the existing smartphone features or battery efficiency per se. Vivo did not release much information about the new phone or the technology itself, little do we know that the technology which will be used to change the color of the rear case is electrochromic glass.

However, the color-changing rare case brings many questions like how many colors it includes? Is restricted to two colors? So Vivo did not give information in detail but we are hoping to have more colors and features and will be updating as soon as we get the update.

Electrochromic glass, on the off chance that you’re wondering, can either change shading or go from clear to dark utilizing ‘electrochromism’ – an innovation that can change the shading and obscurity of materials by passing electric voltage across them. One of the most remarkable cell phones that utilization the innovation is the OnePlus Concept One cell phone from Vivo’s sister image, OnePlus. Revealed at the CES 2020 tech show prior to this year, the gadget accompanies an alleged ‘undetectable camera’ that utilizes electrochromic glass to shroud the camera lodging when the camera isn’t being used.

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