Definition of Rural:

  1. Sparsely populated area outside of the limits of a city or town or a designated commercial, industrial, or residential center. Rural areas are characterized by farms, vegetation, and open spaces.

  2. In, relating to, or characteristic of the countryside rather than the town.

Synonyms of Rural

Country, Countryside, Pastoral, Rustic, Bucolic, Arcadian, Agrarian, Agrestic, Agricultural, Agronomic, Arable, Arcadian, Bucolic, Campestral, Countrified, Country, Exurban, Farm, Farming, Genuine, Geoponic, Georgic, Homespun, Idyllic, Inartificial, Lowland, Native, Natural, Naturelike, Outland, Pastoral, Provincial, Rustic, Simple, Sylvan, Unadorned, Unaffected, Unartificial, Unassuming, Undesigning, Undisguising, Undissembling, Undissimulating, Unembellished, Unfeigning, Unpretending, Unpretentious, Unsophisticated, Unspoiled, Unvarnished, Upland

How to use Rural in a sentence?

  1. The farmer loved his rural lifestyle, planting beets under the hot sun and quiet air, but his teenage daughter was not so fond of the lack of nightlife.
  2. Someone who enjoys country living, complete with more than the occasional dirt road or stray cow, fields ripe for harvest, and a blanket of stars on clear nights would surely enjoy a rural lifestyle.
  3. The farmer lived in a rural area, so there was not much going on, but you could see the stars clearly every night.
  4. Remote rural areas.

Meaning of Rural & Rural Definition