Definition of Silver:

  1. Chemical element with precious gray white metal, atomic number 47.

  2. Light white-gray or silver appearance.

  3. Silver or metal coins that are similar to money.

  4. It means silver medal.

  5. Silver coating or plate.

  6. Prepared or colored like silver.

  7. (SI trademark) Precious metals were in the spot and futures markets. In Comex, the silver futures contract is worth 5,000 troy ounces. The contract price for silver increases by a minimum of 0.005 per troy ounce or a minimum of $ 25 per contract. With some exceptions, if the price rises above نیچے 1.50 (contract ، 7,500 per contract) above or below the end of the previous day, the exchange will stop trading silver.

  8. Cutlery, cans or cutlery.

Synonyms of Silver

Argon, Helium, Chalk, Cobalt, Hydrogen, Ta, Al, Burnished, Carbon, Beryllium, Demosthenian, Hahnium, Neon, Iodine, Rhenium, Flatware, Li, Whitishness, Melodious, Steel, Gold-filled, Bronzy, Cesium, Nugget, Yttrium, As, Lucre, Gold nugget, Shillings, Sb, Dapple, Ag, Gold, Ivory, Zn, Legal tender, Yb, Cinerous, The wherewithal, Quaker-colored, Grizzled, Sc, Emergency money, Cadmium, Frosted, Dull, Cuprous, Ironlike, Flour, Knives, Filthy lucre, Arsenic, Fluorine, Smooth, No, Cr, Dusty, Spoons, Ga, Gd, Managed currency, Nacreous, Canescence, Fleece, Chalkiness, Se, Overlay with silver, Ne, Swan-white, Quicksilver, Gray-black, Taupe, Indium, Pb, Md, Os, Am, Lanthanum, Ha, Strontium, Terbium, Hard cash, Ir, Fractional currency, Vanadium, Steely, Tellurium, Uranium, Eu, Blondness, Ruthenium, Musical, Sr, Es, Mellifluous, Snow, Bullion, Bright, Cash, Molybdenum, Etiolate, I, Mercurial, Driven snow, Smoke-gray, Cb, Demosthenic, Protactinium, Tableware, Gray-toned, Tb, Sad, Leaden, Pearl-gray, Blanch, Ce, Pretty, Laminate with silver, Cretaceous, Tc, Necessity money, Mellifluent, Ferrous, Lw, Dy, K, Promethium, Eloquent, Silvery, Sodium, Boron, Glaucousness, La, Pearliness, Plutonium, Iron, Silver-gray, Canescent, Pm, Rhodium, Somber, Spellbinding, Platinum, Gray-drab, Currency, Ferruginous, Tungsten, White as snow, Praseodymium, Shining, Dappled-gray, Plate, Mousy, Niveous, Nd, Bi, Glaucescence, Gray-green, C, Mammon, White race, Cold cash, Smooth-tongued, Silvered, Chalky, Ho, Sulfur, Gray-white, Silveriness, Sober, Acier, Dismal, Rb, Na, Lactescent, Grizzliness, Silver-plated, E, Cinereous, Euphonious, Silver plate, Phosphorus, Paper, Kr, Silverware, Silver medal, Snowy, Whiten, Niobium, Albino, Hollow ware, Fleecy-white, Postage currency, Chromium, Polonium, Silicon, Si, Gray-colored, Postal currency, Manganese, Lawrencium, Facund, Sweet, Felicitous, Cs, Rh, Neodymium, Slick, Back with silver, Magnesium, Circulating medium, Pewtery, Livid, Silverware, Rf, Tablespoon, Wolfram, Fairness, Cd, Dove-colored, A, Holmium, V, Zirconium, Milky, Hard currency, Technetium, Frostiness, Milk, Astatine, Specie, Ciceronian, Mouse-colored, Ra, Selenium, Dysprosium, Medium of exchange, Bronze, Ru, Achroma, Mintage, Ashy, S, Hf, Hoar, Re, Hoariness, Ar, Snowiness, Nickelic, Fe, Grizzly, Iron-gray, Lutetium, Gray, He, Cupreous, Precious metals, Radon, Alabaster, Lithium, Milkiness, Leukoderma, Shiny, Einsteinium, Hoary, Zr, Rubidium, Mo, Cl, Soft currency, Dollars, Pearly, Po, Marble, Flat silver, Achromatosis, Bar, Nitrogen, Pearl, Pure white, Cm, Stone-colored, Au, Sn, Aureate, Tm, Coined liberty, Scandium, Silver plate, Germanium, Dapple-gray, Nickeline, Mn, P, Fr, Ni, Dulcet, Coppery, Glaucous, Gadolinium, Creaminess, Mendelevium, Europium, Mv, Coin gold, White, Iridium, Antimony, Lead-gray, Vitiligo, Ytterbium, Zinc, Dining utensils, Brassy, Lactescence, Ge, Palladium, Albinoism, Nickel, Neptunium, Gallium, Co, Potassium, Gilt, Steel-gray, B, Te, Grey, Rn, Copper, Osmium, Tl, Maggot, Albescence, Golden, Besnow, Glib, Brazen, Dreary, Hg, Pelf, Tantalum, Foam, Lightness, Silver-toned, Columbium, Gold-plated, Sm, Grizzle, Yellow stuff, Coat with silver, Glaucescent, Gray-brown, Plate with silver, Xenon, Barium, Lily-white, Lustrous, Albinism, Griseous, Well-spoken, Brass, Lu, Second prize, Sheet, Lead, U, Tin, Pounds, Pu, O, Polished, Er, Smoky, Articulate, Francium, Pewter, Dingy, W, Dove-gray, Mg, N, In, Berkelium, The wherewith, Be, Mouse-gray, Frosty, Thulium, Americium, Curium, Chlorine, Aluminum, Bismuth, Nb, Cutlery, And pence, Erbium, Ti, Silver-tongued, Coins, Pt, Smooth-spoken, Frost, Pd, Teaspoon, The almighty dollar, Grayed, F, Scrip, Coin silver, Pa, Swan, Lily, Slaty, Stainless-steel ware, Money, Samarium, Snow-white, Calcium, Forks, Tinny, At, Paleness, Tullian, Gray-spotted, Titanium, Argentine, Ca, Fm, Mercurous, Oxygen, Grayish, Fermium, Slate-colored, Argent, Bromine, Achromasia, Bleach, Gleaming, Dappled, Ingot, Cerium, Coinage, Krypton, Radium, H, Specie, Sterling, Pr, Ashen, Coinage, Cu, Thallium, Whiteness, Mercury

How to use Silver in a sentence?

  1. George reached into his pocket and took out some money.
  2. Beryllium, calcium, silver and antimony have no significant effect on mechanical properties.
  3. He claimed to have tied the coin.
  4. Dark hair is now highlighted in silver.
  5. Silver necklace.
  6. Thieves stole 000 5,000.
  7. He won three silver medals.

Meaning of Silver & Silver Definition