How To Find Best Commercial Properties?

How To Find Best Commercial Properties? Finding the best commercial properties is not as difficult as it seems to you. If you implement the best tactics and take a professional’s help, then you can find an excellent property. Not just find but can also invest in it and earn higher revenues.

The ones who have bought commercial real estate properties with the help of brokers have found their investments worthwhile. As the market’s value changes, it becomes hard for a newbie consumer to discover and invest in good property. This is why many leading business persons and other users hire commercial real estate agents when they get to invest in a property.

A list of 8 tips you must implement are as follows:

  • Formulate a plan of action

  • Location

  • Use 3-Pronged Strategy to Find Properties

  • Demands versus supply

  • The structural layout of the property

  • Future value of the property

  • Market rent vs in-place rent value

  • Understand Key Commercial Real Estate Metrics

8 tips you must implement are as follows:

Well, if you wish to manage everything on your own; since you don’t have enough budget to hire a broker, then keep in mind the following points while looking for the property.

Formulate a plan of action

The topmost thing that you must do while finding the best real estate property is precise planning. You can start effective planning by asking yourself how much can you afford to pay for the land? After all, the budget is the key to make a worthwhile deal.

Another question that you must ask yourself is for what purpose you want to buy a commercial property? Like whether you want to start a manufacturing unit or planning to build a new office for your organization! When you get a clear understanding of your purpose, you will be able to make a worthwhile property purchase.


When it comes to discovering the best property another thing that matters the most is the location! After all, it contributes to revenue and helps earn great profit.

If the location of the land is in the center of the city or town, then everyone can access it easily. Despite, the distance away properties from the neighboring cities, popular landmarks, and bus stops can result in accessibility challenges.

Therefore, it is important to check the locality carefully, so in the future, you don’t have to regret your investment decision!

Use 3-Pronged Strategy to Find Properties

Be versatile when finding great deals in commercial real estate. Browse different sites online to search for the best land, read classified ads, and consult professional dealers. Believe us, using this 3-pronged strategy will help you a lot!

Demands versus supply

Observing demand and supply for a particular property is another handy tip that can help you find the best property. Since every country & city holds a different micro-market; it is vital to understand the current demand vs supply scenario.

The structural layout of the property

There is no doubt that the commercial real estate properties’ structures are different from residential ones. Since they are structured as 3+3+3 or 5+5+5. It simply means a 9-year lease with increment every 3 years. Increment generally varies between 12-15% every 3 years and is intended to point to the rent of inflation.

Commercial properties can also be one-sided but residential cannot. Make sure you take a wise decision while finalizing the structural layout. If it is liable to meet your future business goals, then invest in it. Otherwise, find more properties.

Future value of the property

It doesn’t matter if you are finding the land to construct a new office or planning to rent it out to others. Be sure to analyze the revenue generated from the desired property! It simply means, always finds a property that can help you attract more tenants, increase your revenue, and enhance the value of the land.

Leasing property to multinational companies can ensure your regular income. But above all, make sure you find the property that is easily accessible from the nearby landmarks and notably increase the demand for it!

Market rent vs in-place rent value

This is a somewhat advanced concept that investors generally used to recognize how unsafe commercial property is. Let’s suppose there are 3 different lands available at the same prices but tenants are paying different rents.

Property No. 1 has a tenant paying Rs 20 and is selling for Rs 200

Property No. 2 has a tenant paying Rs 21 and is selling for Rs 205

Property No. 3 has a tenant paying Rs 19 and is selling for Rs 195

In which you invest? Many would say property No. 2 as it has a high-priced rental return (200.5%). Nevertheless, a smart investor will ask, What is the actual rent in the market? It is also advisable to find the safest choice. There will be so many pitfalls and dreads that can impact the market rent and in-place rent value.

Understand Key Commercial Real Estate Metrics

The key metrics to use when searching for commercial real estate property include:
Net Operating Income

The NOI of commercial real estate property is measured by estimating the property’s first-year total operating income and then deducting the operating costs for the first year. Make sure you get a positive net operating income.

Capitalization Rate

It is used to measure the value of income-generating by a commercial property. Capitalization rates are further used to evaluate the net present value of future profits.

When you understand & consider these metrics while discovering the property, you will eventually invest in the best land!

Concluding Remarks:

By implementing these tips, you can find the best commercial real estate property. With thorough research, you will find a number of commercial properties for rent. Make sure you choose the one that’s worth investing in.

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