Wedding Ring Tattoos

Wedding ring tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for a good reason. Whether or not getting a ring tattoo is intelligent depends on your style and how much you want to adhere to traditional norms. After all, the story of how wedding rings came to be is intriguing.

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Your wedding band symbolizes one of the most excellent and significant turning points in your life. The custom of exchanging wedding rings is believed to represent enduring love and the ancient pledge of “til death do you part.”

So what better way to mark your commitment than with everlasting wedding ring tattoos? Do you need some marriage-themed tattoo ideas? To get you thinking about what you might like to have tattooed on your finger, here are 40 examples of actual wedding ring tattoos.

Wedding Ring Tattoos Price Chart

Wedding ring tattoos price charts according to the range are given below:

U.S Average price $249
Min Price $29
Max Price $3999
Avg Price $149 to $249

Reasons to Get a Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

A wedding ring tattoo is a terrific way to express your love and devotion creatively and uniquely.

  • Cost: Couples spend an average of $5,871 on an engagement ring and $560 to $1,400 on wedding bands, according to a survey by The Knot. However, the cost of a wedding ring tattoo is from $50 to $2,000, depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used.

  • Permanent: Wedding ring tattoos are a permanent reminder of a couple’s eternal devotion to one another, and they don’t need to be removed for everyday chores like cleaning the dishes.

  • Flexible: Traditional single-band wedding ring tattoos are an option, but you and your spouse can also come up with something new and personal.

  • Convenience: Wearing your wedding band for extended periods may be difficult if you are physically active or have a job or significant activity that necessitates using your hands.

Note: Couples spend an average of $5,871 on an engagement ring and $560 to $1,400 on wedding bands. However, the cost of a wedding ring tattoo is from $50 to $2,000, depending on the complexity of the design and materials used.

Necessary Things for Simple Wedding Ring Tattoos

  • Identifying a Creator

When getting a tattoo of your wedding ring, you should exercise extreme caution when selecting a tattoo artist or business. Once again, your best ally will be time spent doing research. To find a tattoo parlor near you, simply type your zip code into Google.

However, each store you’re considering should have a roster of artists, including information about their experience, so you may choose one or two that you believe will work best for you and your partner.

  • Preparation

Not all tattoo parlors allow walk-ins; some artists even need you to book an appointment before your tattoo appointment. However, using this method, you’ll be able to work out the design’s details and where it should be placed.

Because healing takes time, you should have the tattoo approximately a week or two before the wedding. There is no point in waiting until the last minute to have a tattoo that is scabbed over, bleeding, or painful.

  • Tats Like Wedding Bands

Be careful to let your tattoo artist know whether you’re planning a tropical honeymoon or even just a swim in a pool. They’ll be able to advise you on the best time to get your wedding ring tattoos done, as well as how to care for them when it comes to exposure to water and the sun.

Things to Consider for Christian Wedding Ring Tattoos

Some points must be considered before wedding ring tattoos which are given below:

  • Pain

Pain is inevitable, but how much depends on the individual, as everyone’s pain threshold differs. The fingers, on the other hand, are incredibly delicate. A lot of nerves and little skin, fat, or muscle cover the bones and knuckles.

  • Permanency

Nobody wants to get married with the thought of being divorced. Since when does getting married mean saying “I do” and committing to being with someone for the rest of your life? However, this does not rule out the possibility of a future split.

Sure, a tattoo can be removed. Instead, consider: The Cost of each session can range from $50 to $500, depending on the size, color, and age of the tattoo. To remove a tattoo on your finger, you’ll have to fork up almost $1,000.

  • Care

Even once the healing process is complete, there will be steps you must do to keep your tattoo looking its best. Light-colored tattoos fade more quickly than darker-colored tattoos.

Wearing sunscreen, staying hydrated, and taking care of your skin will all help to protect your tattoo from fading as much as possible. You may always ask your tattoo artist for more specific instructions on how to take care of your new tattoo.

Keep In Mind: If you’re getting your wedding ring tattoo, research is key. Not all tattoo parlors allow walk-ins; some artists even need you to book an appointment. However, be careful to let your tattoo artist know whether you’re planning a tropical honeymoon or swimming in a pool.

Choosing a Tattoo Design for a Unique Wedding Ring

It’s all about personalization! Getting a wedding ring tattoo is a great way to express your love for your spouse. Even if you get one of these tattoos, don’t forget to add your distinctive touch.

For even more ideas, here are a few of our favorites that you and your partner might use:

  • Date of your wedding

  • Intricate puzzle pieces that must be placed together

  • The lock has the key in it

  • Two celestial bodies are the sun and the moon

  • A heart’s worth of blood

  • An individual’s first and last name

  • (Did you get that?) Is that about half of it? (or any one of the other two options)

  • Sign for infinity

Make sure the wedding ring tattoos you get are unique to you and your fiancee. However, we prefer it if they don’t make sense to anyone else.

Some Best Ideas for Wedding Ring Tattoos for Couples

Let’s talk about wedding bands for a moment. It’s possible to choose from a wide range of materials, sizes, and colors for this exceptional jewelry. However, there are thousands of online idea and inspiration boards at your disposal.

Wedding Ring Tattoos Ideas Price

Some ideas for wedding ring tattoos with price are given below:

Size Cost
Under 2inch Tiny Tattoo $29 to $99
2 to 4inch S Tattoo $49 to $249
4 to 6inch M Tattoo $149 to $449
Above 6inch L Tattoo $449 to $3999

What if, instead of adding more stress to the big day, you found a creative, fantastic way to express your love for the chosen one? Even if they aren’t typical wedding rings, consider the wedding ring tattoos.

1. Using the Same Initials

If you’re about to get married, you may want to get a tattoo of your partner’s initials. You can wear this ring for the rest of your life as a reminder of your uniqueness. The font and style of the letter you choose are entirely up to you.

For example, bold font and initial can make it more evident in the case of a ring tattoo. You can decorate the letter with other embellishments, such as flower petals or a tiny heart.

2. Words That Mean Something

Is there a quote that you both adore? Think of two or three words to sum up, your connection. As far as wedding ring tattoos go, you won’t find a better one than this. Consult with the artist and have the powerful words tattooed on your fingers.

3. Names of Couple

Tattooing the script’s complete name is an option for those who want more than just the initials of their spouse. However, once you’ve made it look so personal, this is one of the unique additions you can make to your marriage and a fantastic piece of body art.

4. Stars Sign

It seems like you’ve made this commitment to her a zillion times. Let her wear the moon on her finger if this existence doesn’t respect your plans. Star-shaped wedding bands are great if you’re interested in astrology or find the cosmic cosmos meaningful.

5. A Floral Pattern

There is no better way to show your affection for flowers than with a bouquet of flowering plants. Consider getting a matching tattoo band with floral-inspired motifs if your interests lie in nature.

Summary: Getting a wedding ring tattoo is a great way to express your love for your spouse. There are thousands of online idea and inspiration boards at your disposal. However, even if you get one of these tattoos, don’t forget to add your distinctive touch.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Wedding Ring Tattoos

Some advantages & disadvantages of wedding ring tattoos are given below:


Having a wedding ring tattoo has numerous advantages, including:

  • A tattoo is irreplaceable. People who frequently lose their keys, toothbrush, es or jewelry should consider this.

  • It’ll go with anything and everything, and you won’t have to take it off for anything. You may be prohibited from wearing your wedding ring in several occupations, such as construction and nursing, because of the risk of injury or even death.

  • It’s less expensive than the alternative. In 2020, couples will spend an average of $3,756 on engagement rings, according to the Brides’ American Wedding Study. However, you should expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $300 for a tattoo, depending on the style and the tattoo artist.

  • I think it’s a beautiful way to show your affection. It’s popular, but it’s still a fashionable method to demonstrate your love for someone.

  • You can still wear a ring if you choose. You can put your engagement on top of your tattoo whenever you want, whether for a special occasion or not. With a tattoo ring, you have the freedom to design your band any way you like.


There are a few drawbacks to ring tattoos, such as:

  • The ink may smear away. A ring finger tattoo is a work of art, not science, and there’s always the possibility that the final design will differ from your original vision.

  • In time, it will fade, just like any other tattoo you get. Exposure to the sun and other conditions causes tattoos on the hands and other exposed areas to fade more quickly. As a consolation prize, you may always get it fixed.

  • It is possible that getting a tattoo can cause you Pain. Some people find tattoos on their hands and fingers more unpleasant than others. However, it is due to the lack of fat in the fingertips, making the process more painful.

  • The design of a tattoo cannot easily be changed if you do not like it. It’s best to start thinking about wedding ring tattoos as soon as possible. Take your time before deciding on a concept you want.

  • It takes time for tattoos to heal. If you want to show it off on the big day, make an appointment approximately a month in advance.

Summary: A wedding ring tattoo has numerous advantages and disadvantages. In 2020, couples will spend an average of $3,756 on engagement rings. Costs range from $50 to $300, depending on the style and the tattoo artist.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Some frequently asked questions are given below:

1. What does a tattooed wedding ring mean?

Another common motive for getting a ring finger tattoo is remembering a deceased loved one. For those who have lost a loved one, that person’s name might be engraved on a piece of jewelry. Symbolically, they are navigating their lives with the help of the one they’ve lost.

2. Does a wedding ring tattoo hurt?

Yes, there will be a pain. How much depends on who you ask, though, because everyone can handle different amounts of Pain. The fingers are sensitive, though. However, they have a lot of nerves and not much skin, fat, or muscle on top of the bone and knuckle.

3. How long do wedding ring tattoos last?

If you’re very careful with what you do with your hands, they can sometimes last a month or two longer. In general, finger tattoos won’t start to fade for at least six months. After a year, they will lose their color and initial brightness.

4. Do ring finger tattoos fade?

Most tattoos lose their color over time. These tattoos fade because of the sun, heat, moisture, and wear and tear. Most tattoos last longer than ones on the finger.

5. How long does a ring tattoo take to heal?

Finger tattoos can take up to six weeks to heal from the time the artist puts on the bandage after the ink is done. After two to four weeks, your skin will start to look normal again, but taking care of your hands will take time.

6. Are finger tattoos worth it?

Well, they’re not a good idea either. We (and almost every tattoo artist) strongly advise you not to get a finger tattoo because there aren’t many pros and cons. However, it’s just not worth your time, money, or Pain.

7. How much do finger tattoos usually cost?

Finger tattoos usually cost between $50 and $100. As with any other tattoo, the Cost of a finger tattoo depends on the design, where it is placed, and the tattoo artist’s skill. Most of the time, though, a tattoo on your finger could cost between $50 and $100.

8. What does the tattoo with three dots mean?

The three dots tattoo is a famous prison tattoo that means “my crazy life” or “mi Vida Loca.” It has nothing to do with a specific gang but with gang life. However, most people get this tattoo on their hands or near their eyes.

9. Do finger tattoos age well?

Finger tattoos tend to fade faster and not age as well as tattoos on other parts of the body. It is mainly because we use our hands so much every day. Simple things like washing your hands or sweeping the floor can significantly damage the skin on your fingers and hands.

10. Why is my finger tattoo fading so quickly?

Finger tattoos need extra care, so they don’t fade too quickly. Pat it dry with a soft cloth, careful not to rub or scratch it, and then put on a moisturizing cream for after-tattoo care. However, your tattoo artist can tell you what to use.

11. Why don t tattoo artists do finger tattoos?

These professionals know that tattoos that are easy to see, like on the hand or face, can make the person the target of jokes or make it solid to get a job. A tattoo artist can’t let you get such a tattoo if they think you’re not ready to deal with the consequences.

12. Why are finger tattoos expensive?

Touch-ups for finger tattoos are common, which can drive the price. Your finger tattoo’s initial Cost won’t include touch-ups, but they can add up over time, mainly because finger patterns tend to fade.

13. Can finger tattoos be removed?

Removing a tattoo from a finger is a doable process. Removing ring tattoos, for example, is a typical request for our laser professionals. Clients come to us daily to remove or erase finger tattoos that no longer reflect their current identity.

14. What does a wedding band Tattoo say about you?

Getting a wedding ring tattoo is a bold move for newlyweds, but when you think you’re ready to go, it’s a unique gesture that says, “I’m in love” AND “I’m totally cool.” However, wedding ring tattoos are not for the faint of heart, and here are some things to consider before getting one

15. Is there a painless tattoo?

Drops or mists are used to provide anesthetics to the skin. However, it is an excellent tool for a painless tattoo while the artist works on a mind-blowing masterpiece!


Getting a wedding ring tattoo is a great way to express your love for your spouse. Not all tattoo parlors allow walk-ins; some artists even need you to book an appointment. There are thousands of online idea and inspiration boards for wedding ring tattoos. Wedding ring tattoos are one of the unique additions you can make to your marriage. However, consider getting a matching tattoo band with floral-inspired motifs if your interests lie in nature. Star-shaped wedding bands are a great option if you’re interested in astrology or cosmic cosmology.

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Wedding Ring Tattoos. Sick of people asking where your ring is? Do you want to stop wearing your bulky diamond wedding ring, but still want people to know that you’re married? Are you in love with the way rings look on your hand, but not so much with the ring itself? If so, then wedding ring tattoos are the answer! Learn more about this fun, fashionable trend in today’s blog post!

Wedding Ring Tattoos

There are many reasons people get wedding rings tattoos. Some people do it out of tradition and for others, it is a symbol of love and commitment.

For some, getting a tattoo is a way to remember someone who passed away or as an expression of grief. The only way to know the reasons why someone got their wedding ring tattoo is to ask them themselves.

When getting a wedding ring tattoo, you are going to have to make a lot of decisions. One of those decisions is whether or not you want it inked on your ring finger. Another decision you will have to make is what sort of design and color scheme you want it inked with.

The most popular design that people use when getting wedding ring tattoos on their ring fingers is having diamonds surrounding their rings.

Wedding Ring Tattoos For Him

Ring tattoos are a great way to commemorate your marriage or show the world that you’re taken. They can be a symbol of your love and commitment, or just be another way to express yourself.

Keep in mind though, that ring tattoos will remain with you for life so make sure this is what you want before getting one!

If you are trying to decide where to get a wedding ring tattoo, there are many options! If you want something unique and noticeable, it’s ideal to place it on your finger or hand.

If you are trying to decide what wedding ring tattoo to get, there are many options! You can choose from bold and simple designs, or something intricate and beautiful that fits your personality.

The best part about wedding ring tattoos is that they aren’t permanent…if you’re not 100% satisfied with your design, you can always change it later!

Whatever design you choose, make sure it’s something that can be easily hidden at work or when doing certain activities. And remember:

Wedding ring tattoos are a great way to commemorate your marriage but don’t forget about all of these other non-tattoo ways to show off your love!

Wedding Ring Tattoos Male

Ring tattoos are a popular way to show your commitment and love. Some couples opt to have the rings tattooed on their ring fingers, while others choose to have them permanently etched into other parts of their body, such as on their neck.

While these types of tattoos are very personal and can be a great way to express your love for one another, they should not be entered into lightly.

Choosing to get a wedding ring tattoo is an important decision, but it’s also an extremely permanent one.

Once you make your choice and have it etched into your skin, there is no going back or erasing that design. It will be a part of you for life!

Before committing to a ring tattoo, consider talking about your decision with your partner. You should also talk to a professional tattoo artist, who will be able to explain all of your options and help you determine whether or not getting one is right for you.

Wedding Ring Tattoos For Couples

A wedding ring tattoo can be a fun way to symbolize your commitment to each other. Whether you’re the type of couple that never takes your rings off or the type that only wears them on special occasions, a tattoo will make it easy to show off your love on any given day.

Wedding ring tattoos are also a great option if you’re looking for something more permanent than temporary henna or other body art but less extreme than getting engaged.

In addition to being a beautiful design choice, wedding ring tattoos can also be very symbolic. A small line tattoo around your finger, for example, is a reminder that you’re forever connected to your partner.

It’s especially touching if one of you has recently lost a loved one and is reminded of their presence every time you look at your hand.

In many ancient cultures, wedding ring tattoos were associated with luck and protection. A cross design can represent Christianity or any other religion you practice. It’s also a great opportunity to include your wedding date in your design.

As you celebrate anniversaries together, that date will always be a reminder of how much time you’ve spent together as husband and wife.

Wedding Ring Tattoos Ideas

A wedding ring tattoo is a tattoo that goes around the finger and symbolizes that the person wearing it is married. It’s a more permanent commitment to marriage than just saying I do at a ceremony.

The design can be of anything but traditionally has been an infinity sign or two rings interlocked with one another.

Having your wedding ring tattooed means you have a constant reminder of your relationship, and it’s a decision that should be made only when you’re sure about your commitment to each other.

You may not regret getting a ring tattoo but if things don’t work out, you’ll have a tough time getting that symbol removed.

When you’ve decided to have a wedding ring tattooed on your finger, consider what you want it to represent. It may be a symbol of an unbreakable commitment or an infinite design that represents how long your relationship will last.

Make sure that it reflects your true feelings because once it’s there, it’s there for good. A wedding ring tattoo is a permanent reminder of a decision you make about love and family.

Wedding Ring Tattoos Roman Numerals

Tattooing the wedding date on someone’s ring finger is a popular way for couples to express their love and commitment to one another. The tattoo can be as simple or elaborate as you like, it all depends on how much detail you want.

Additionally, the tattoo can help keep you from forgetting your anniversary. You could also use your wedding date as a form of identification in an emergency.

Some couples choose to add their partner’s first initial to make up their wedding date. This can be an ideal option for someone who doesn’t want to get a tattoo as permanent as a Roman numeral tattoo, but who wants a unique way to express his or her love.

You can get a wedding ring tattoo anywhere on your body. Some people like to place it on their upper or lower arm, or near their ankle or wrist.

Wedding Ring Tattoos on Arm

I wanted to get a tattoo and I found this cool idea on Pinterest. You take a picture of your wedding ring and then you put it on your arm and it looks like you have a tattoo of the ring.

It’s not expensive because all you need is the picture, which I got for free from my phone, and then some rubbing alcohol, which I already had at home.

I just did an internet search to find out how to transfer the image onto my arm with rubbing alcohol and it was pretty easy!

To transfer, you just put a piece of paper towel over your arm and then tape it down. Then, you hold your image over top of it and spray it with rubbing alcohol to make it super wet, but not dripping. It takes a few minutes for some of it to soak in and then lift to check how well it transferred.

Wedding Ring Tattoos With Initials

A fun way to show your love is with a wedding ring tattoo. These tattoos are often done on the finger, but can also be done on other parts of the body, like behind the ear.

If you want to go for something a little more unique, you can get your initials and your spouse’s initials tattooed together. This will make it easier to find each other in a crowd because no one else will have that design!

You will also want to plan your wedding ring tattoo ahead of time. It’s probably not a good idea to have it done right before your wedding or reception.

You don’t want your tattoo to be infected and you wouldn’t want to pass an infection on to other people in attendance, so give yourself plenty of time!

You will also want to plan your wedding ring tattoo ahead of time. It’s probably not a good idea to have it done right before your wedding or reception.

You don’t want your tattoo to be infected and you wouldn’t want to pass an infection on to other people in attendance, so give yourself plenty of time! Tattoo removal is always an option if you change your mind about it later!


For those who are in committed, long-term relationships and have struggled with their partner’s weight gain or loss, there is now a solution. Wedding ring tattoos are becoming more popular as a permanent way to show your commitment and love for your partner. They are also helpful for couples that don’t want to go through the trouble of having to buy new rings every few years after one spouse gains or loses weight. The tattoo can be placed on any finger and is a great reminder of what you stand for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Important Questions For Your Knowledge:

What does a tattooed wedding ring mean?

The meaning of a tattooed wedding ring is different for everyone. It can symbolize the completion and continuation of a marriage, it can stand as a reminder that an individual is committed to their spouse and family, or it can show solidarity with other people who have also had their rings tattooed. It’s important to note that there are risks associated with getting tattoos on your hands, so this type of permanent body modification should be approached carefully.

Do tattoo wedding rings hurt?

Tattoo wedding rings hurt a lot more than you might think. The pain depends on how tough your skin is, how skilled the tattoo artist is, and the size of the design. Even so, it’s worth it because there are plenty of benefits to having a tattooed wedding ring.

How long do ring finger tattoos last?

A tattooed wedding ring is a good idea for those who are already married and want to show their love for their spouse. It is also a good idea for those who are looking to get married soon but don’t want to wear a traditional ring until they’re ready. This can be especially helpful if the person has allergies or cannot wear rings of any kind, such as due to being in the medical field or because they work with their hands often.

Do people tattoo wedding rings?

The tattoo must be kept clean and dry, which can be difficult. It must be treated like any other body part with a tattoo. The ring finger is one of the hardest fingers to get a tattoo on because of how skinny it is. If you’re going to get a ring finger tattoo, it’s best done by someone who specializes in doing small tattoos rather than someone who specializes in larger tattoos. It may also look better if you have smaller hands as well.

How much does a ring tattoo cost?

The cost of a ring tattoo is not as expensive as you might think. The price ranges from $100 to $150, depending on the artist and the size of the design.

Are finger tattoos worth it?

It may seem like a great idea at first, but these tattoos are not as easy to remove as you might think. It’s one thing to get a small tattoo on your arm, but when it is on your finger it becomes difficult to hide.

How painful is a ring finger tattoo?

A ring finger the tattoo is a piercing that does not have to be done by a professional. A needle and ink are used to create the design of the tattoo on your hand. The pain varies depending on the size of the area being pierced and whether or not you choose to have it done in one sitting or over some time. For many people, tattoos on the hand are more painful than those on other parts of the body because they are more sensitive.

Why don t tattoo artists do finger tattoos?

When you are getting a finger the tattoo done, it is being done on the first layer of skin called the epidermis. It’s important to remember that the epidermis is living and breathing and has no blood supply - meaning it can t heal itself. If your finger tattoo becomes infected and you want to remove it, laser removal will be ineffective because it doesn’t work on epidermal tissue.

What tattoo colors fade the fastest?

White tattoos typically fade the fastest, but all colors will eventually fade. Tattoo ink is not permanent and will gradually break down over time. The speed of fading depends on how deep the ink goes and how much it is exposed to the elements like sun, water, and sweat. Tattoo inks are made from some of the same materials as printer inks, so they contain solvents that help them adhere to the skin for a long period, such as alcohol or glycerin.


There’s a lot of thought that goes into a decision like this, and it may not be for everyone. But if you have the money to spend, and want to make your love permanent, I say go for it!