Wedding Tent

There’s not at all more elegant or temperature proof than a wedding tent. Sailcloth, completely explicit, or with open sides, these solid structures present a blank canvas for you to showcase your day-of-kind. To ensure a smooth, tented event from a wedding to celebrate, we’ve accessible industry specialists who know a thing or two about hosting a covered shindig outdoors.

wedding tent

Wedding Tent Ideas:

If you’re looking about hosting an open-air affair on your major day, make sure you look at these tips before pitching a wedding tent of your own.

1: Start with a pre-wedding site visit-

“Some tented secretive home marriages have a marvelous perspective on a body of water or located in between a park or hill, but the step for the tent is slight or thought-provoking,” advises Aleah and Nick Valley, founders of Valley & Company Events. Be assured to talk to your tenting firm and organizer and have a site visitation (or three!) to take accurate dimensions of the space, securing the tent can be held or adjusted perfectly, also taking into mind walking space for guests and water or electrical sense.

2: Boost as a backup for your wedding-

“Cover your tent as a wedding ceremony ‘Plan B’ if you have an outdoor wedding or service planned,” suggests Gina Jokilehto-Schigel, owner and artistic director of Shi Shi Events. If you look at ways your reception tent can accommodate your ceremony, then it is sure to be flawless regardless of the weather. “Your executive or event decorator can encourage you to plan the places so changes from ceremony to ■■■■■■■■ hour, feast, and dancing are seamless”.

3.Get innovative with your wedding tent design-

Tents give for the most custom-made guest expertise because sizes and layouts can be altered to incorporate any figure of guests and any pattern plan,”.“The fears of a conventional place being either too short for relief or too huge to feel confidential is no longer an issue”. Add flora along the sides of your wedding tent to create an intangible environment along with wooden tables and chairs.

4. Add color to the facility-

“We always love a hanging floral placing,” says Britt Cole and Francie Dorman, founders of 42 North, adding, “and this one done by Lillibet was a burst of color that was an installation for this couple’s mid-summer wedding!” Create a basic feature or include a burst of coloring into your all-white tent by including a vigorous flowering arrangement into your design plan.

5.Bring Attention to Your Head Table-

Conceptualizing a flowery display that hangs horizontally above your head table (usually where the newly married couple is sitting) is an exclusive way to create a main point inside of your wedding tent. Frankie Dorman and Britt Cole, co-founders of 42 North, crafted this striking facility using soft florals, chandeliers, and affection curtains.

6. Bring Attention to Your Head Table-

Conceptualizing a flowery display that hangs horizontally above your head table (usually where the newly married couple is sitting) is an exclusive way to create a main point inside of your wedding tent. Frankie Dorman and Britt Cole, co-founders of 42 North, crafted this striking facility using soft florals, chandeliers, and affection curtains.

Everything You Need to Do if You’re Planning a Wedding Tent:

Renting a tent without a fundamental perception of what’s implicated could land you in over your head.

Whether your dream location is a yard or seaside, pitching a wedding tent is the ideal way to shelter your guests at an open-air wedding. Not only can a wedding tent be ultra-stylish and romantic—we’re talking white canvas, it’s also assured to offer you peace of mind knowing you have a shield in case the weather doesn’t precisely go your way.

So if a stylish party tent taut with twinkling lights and garlands sounds perfect for you, read what needs to be done in time for your wedding day, below.

1. Settle on a style.

You’ll possibly want stuff that’s fast, reliable, and simple to install—not only will it ease the cost of labor, but it’ll also make your day (and day-of schedule) less tense.

Wedding tents are usually accessible in a range of sizes and styles, so your options will run the range. Some styles have no interior poles (which directs no barrier to table setups or sightlines), offering both the most space and flexibilization, which is perfect for a large wedding. Having a small, private reception? An upscale Capri-style party tent may be flawless for you.

2. Sum up your numbers and dance floor.

To find the number of square feet needed for your wedding tent, you’ll need to turn to your guest list. An important comparison is to multiply your number of guests by special numbers based on what the plan will be inside your wedding tent. For a sit-down or buffet-style feast with round tables, calculate your number of guests by 12; for a sit-down or buffet-style dinner with banquet tables, multiply your quantity of guests by 10; for a ■■■■■■■■ party with any reservations, aggregate your number of guests by 8; for a celebration with rows or church seating, calculate your quantity of guests by 8.

So, there’s an easy method to determine dance floor designations. Divide your quantity of guests by 4 to get the number of couples you can wait to see dancing at any provided time. Next, multiply that amount by 10 for the whole number of square feet you’ll want for the dance floor.

3. Think about wedding tent accessories.

Tons of rental wares and tent vendors can include accessories like sidewall lightened window ways, placing of wooden tent grounds, stages, and accessories (think: lights, chuppahs, gazebos, latticework, requiring holes, lines, path runners, candelabras, special-effects flash and more extended). The choices are endless.

4. Select your heating and air-conditioning condition.

This is essential. Depending on the place and period of your wedding, you’ll probably need to rent some things if you think the temperature could be a cause of distress at your outdoor wedding or gathering. Lots of tent vendors can give you the basic equipment, including movable air-conditioning units, outside heaters, big yard heaters, ground heaters, showering fans, and more numerous. Just make sure to do the legwork, ask the true questions, and select what’s best for your requirements.

5. Understand your vendor agreement.

Once you find a wedding tent you love, you’ll probably sign a rental contract and give a deposit to verify your reservation. Your deposit will be around one-third of your tent’s rental payment. See the aspects of your rental deal fully and know the reversal fee—in some cases, your deposit may be non-refundable if you drop within 2 weeks of your wedding date. Be assured about your wedding tent before contracting on the dotted line.

Also, keep in mind that you can simplify your party preparation by placing a tent package. Many merchants will include the installation charge in the total price—and you can get the tent of your preference plus tables, chairs, and organized materials.

6. Tour the place with your tent vendor.

It’s also a great plan to arrange to visit the wedding gathering place with your tent vendor well in advance of your wedding day. Onward with your venue’s agent, you should investigate the intended tent place, ask about the security of the ground (particularly if you’re installing up a tent on or near the seaside) and ask about any hidden dangers like sprinkler systems, pits, or septic containers. You want to secure the protection of the formation and your guests.

Summary: If the wedding tent location is a big green space, verify with location authority that the sprinkler system timers won’t turn on the waterworks in the middle of your pretty party.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to engage in a wedding tent?

A wedding tent can cost about $100 for little 10x10 pop-up tents to above $20,000 or even more for huge celebration-sized tents. As usual, a 20x20 party tent renting can cost approximately $200 to $500, while your normal 20x40 party tent should cost between $300 and $750 each day, depending on how it’s arranged.

What is a wedding tent called?

“The hut, also called the shed, is certainly a wooden structure that is covered with fabric,”. Ideal for the seashore or tropical-carnival celebrations, there are many variations of this tent type. “Rental companies typically produce their own, so there are various sizes and species of wood in all markets.”

Is a tent wedding cheaper?

Renting a tent is costly (starting at $1,500 for 100 guests), and you’re also accountable for the price of all the other rentals, decoration, and stuff it takes to turn the crude place into an attractive environment for a wedding.

What size tent should I get for the wedding?

A 30’ x 60’ tent can contain 225 seated venue sort, 144 sitting at rounded tables of 8, or 180 seated cafe-form. A 40’ x 60’ tent could adjust 120 sittings at round tables of 8 with a buffet, bar, pastry table, and dance base.

How to enhance a wedding tent on a budget?

Budget-Friendly Concepts for Wedding Tent Décoration:

  1. Go with an open wedding tent.
  2. Decorate the Entryway. A fabulous way to provide your guests with a good first reaction is to decorate the entryway of your tent.
  3. Hang Roof Curtain.
  4. Covered up Backing Beams.
  5. Managing Chair Sashes.
  6. Prepare Some Bean Bags.
  7. Hang Fairy Lights.
  8. Paper Lanterns.
  9. Make it natural.
  10. Go with Candleholders.
  11. Decorate with Flower Petals.
  12. Use a Colored Tablecloth for the Beloved Table.
  13. Design a Selfie Station.
  14. Get a stylish dance floor.


A wedding tent can assist as a wonderful venue that complements your different ways, forming a comfortable space for guests.