Definition of Measure:

  1. A plan or course of action taken to achieve a particular purpose.

  2. A group of rock strata.

  3. Estimate or assess the extent, quality, value, or effect of (something).

  4. A certain quantity or degree of something.

  5. Travel over (a certain distance or area).

  6. A number or quantity that records a directly observable value or performance.

    All measures have a unit attached to them: inch, centimeter, dollar, liter, etc. In contrast, an indicator is an indirect measure or a predictor (such as a leading Indicator) of performance.

  7. A standard unit used to express the size, amount, or degree of something.

  8. The rhythm of a piece of poetry or a piece of music.

  9. Ascertain the size, amount, or degree of (something) by using an instrument or device marked in standard units or by comparing it with an object of known size.

Synonyms of Measure

A, Alexandrine, Spenserian stanza, Stabreim, A, Accent, Accent mark, Accentuation, Accommodate, Accommodation, Accomplished fact, Accomplishment, Accord, Achievement, Acreage, Act, Acta, Action, Ad hoc measure, Adapt, Add, Additionally, Adjust, Adjust to, Adventure, Air, Algebraize, Alliterative meter, Allocate, Allot, Allotment, Allowance, Amount, Amphibrach, Amphimacer, Amplitude, Anacrusis, Analogize, Anapest, Angstrom unit, Answer, Antispast, Antistrophe, Apportion, Apportionment, Appraisal, Appraise, Appraisement, Appreciate, Approach, Approximation, Area, Aria, Arsis, Artifice, As a bonus, Ascertain, Assay, Assess, Assessment, Assign, Assimilate, Assize, Assizement, Astronomical unit, Attain, Attune, Avenue, Bacchius, Badge, Balance, Banner, Bar, Barometer, Barrel, Bass passage, Batch, Be equal to, Be up to, Beat, Beauty, Benchmark, Besides, Big end, Bigger half, Bigness, Bill, Bit, Bite, Block, Blow, Body, Book, Bound, Bourdon, Breadth, Bridge, Bring into analogy, Bring into comparison, Budget, Bulk, Bunch, Burden, Bushel, Bylaw, Ca, Cadence, Cadency, Caesura, Calculate, Calculation, Caliber, Calibrate, Caliper, Call, Call off, Call over, Call the roll, Canon, Canto, Cantus, Capacity, Cast, Catalexis, Census, Centare, Centimeter, Chain, Character, Characteristic, Check, Check a parameter, Chloriamb, Chloriambus, Chorus, Chunk, Cipher, Class, Clutch, Coda, Colon, Commission, Compare, Compare and contrast, Compare with, Compass, Computation, Compute, Concinnity, Confront, Constraint, Content, Contingent, Continuum, Contrast, Contrivance, Control, Coordinate, Cord, Cordage, Correction, Count, Countermove, Counterpoint, Counterpose, Coup, Couplet, Course, Course of action, Cover, Coverage, Cretic, Criterion, Cubic foot, Cubic meter, Cubit, Cup, Custos, Cut, Cut the mustard, Cut to, Dactyl, Dactylic hexameter, Deal, Deal out, Dealings, Decaliter, Decameter, Decastere, Deciliter, Decimeter, Decrease, Decree, Deed, Degree, Dekameter, Delimit, Delimitate, Demarche, Depth, Descant, Destiny, Determination, Determine, Development, Device, Diaeresis, Dial, Diameter, Diapason, Dictate, Dictation, Differentia, Dimension, Dimensions, Dimeter, Dipody, Direct, Direction, Dispense, Disperse, Distance, Distich, Distribute, Divide, Dividend, Division, Dkl, Do, Dochmiac, Dodge, Doing, Doings, Dole, Dole out, Dope out, Dose, Dot, Draw a comparison, Draw a parallel, Drop, Dry pint, Earmark, Edict, Effort, Elegiac, Elegiac couplet, Elegiac pentameter, Ell, Em, Emphasis, Emptiness, Empty space, En, Enactment, End, Endeavor, Enlarge, Enterprise, Enumerate, Envoi, Epitrite, Epode, Equal, Equal share, Equalize, Equilibrium, Estimate, Estimation, Euphony, Evaluate, Evaluation, Expanse, Expansion, Expedient, Exploit, Exposition, Expression mark, Extension, Extent, Extract roots, Extreme, Fait accompli, Fate, Fathom, Feat, Feminine caesura, Fermata, Field, Fifth, Figure, Figure in, Figure out, Figure up, Find out, Finger, Fit, Fix, Folderol, Foliate, Foot, Footstep, Force, Forearming, Forehandedness, Foresight, Foresightedness, Forethought, Forethoughtfulness, Form, Form an estimate, Formality, Formula, Formulary, Fur, Furlong, Furthermore, Gage, Galactic space, Gallon, Gauge, Gauger, Gauging, Gear to, Gest, Gill, Gimmick, Girth, Give an appreciation, Give out, Go, Go over, Gob, Grade, Graduate, Graduated scale, Greatness, Group, Guess, Ha, Half, Hallmark, Halver, Hand, Hand out, Handiwork, Harmonic close, Harmonize, Harmony, Heap, Hectare, Height, Helping, Heptameter, Heptapody, Heptastich, Heroic couplet, Hexameter, Hexapody, Hexastich, Hogshead, Hold, Homologate, Homologize, Hunk, Iamb, Iambic, Iambic pentameter, Ictus, Idiosyncrasy, Image, Improvisation, In addition, Inch, Increase, Index, Indicant, Indicator, Infinite space, Infinity, Insignia, Institution, Instrument, Instrumentation, Insurance, Interest, Interlude, Intermezzo, Interstellar space, Interval, Into the bargain, Introductory phrase, Ionic, Issue, Jeroboam, Jigger, Jingle, Job, Judge, Jury-rig, Jury-rigged expedient, Jus, Key signature, Key to, Keynote, Kiloliter, Kilometer, Large amount, Largeness, Last expedient, Last resort, Last shift, Law, Lay, Lay off, Lead, League, Leap, Legislation, Length, Lengthiness, Level, Lex, Ligature, Light-year, Liken, Liken to, Lilt, Limit, Limitation, Line, Linear measures, Link, Litmus test, Long time, Longitude, Longness, Lot, Magnitude, Magnum, Make an estimation, Make plumb, Make the grade, Make uniform, Makeshift, Maneuver, Mark, Mark off, Mark out, Masculine caesura, Mass, Match, Matter, Means, Measure against, Measure out, Measure up to, Measuredness, Measurement, Measurer, Measures, Measuring, Meed, Meet, Melodia, Melodic line, Melody, Mensurate, Mensuration, Mess, Metaphorize, Mete, Mete out, Meter, Method, Metric system, Metrical accent, Metrical foot, Metrical group, Metrical pattern, Metrical unit, Metrics, Metron, Metronomic mark, Micron, Mil, Mile, Mileage, Milliliter, Minim, Model, Moderateness, Moderation, Modicum, Moiety, Molossus, Monostich, Mora, Moreover, Motif, Motion, Move, Movement, Multiply, Musical phrase, Musical sentence, Myriameter, Nail, Norm, Notation, Notch, Note, Nothingness, Nuance, Number, Numbers, Numerate, Octastich, Octave, Octet, Operation, Oppose, Order, Orderedness, Ordinance, Ordonnance, Ornament, Ottava rima, Outer space, Overall length, Overpass, Overt act, Pace, Pace off, Pack, Paeon, Page, Paginate, Palm, Parallel, Parameter, Parcel, Parcel out, Parsec, Part, Pas, Pass out, Pass over, Pass through, Passage, Patrol, Pattern, Pause, Peck, Peculiarity, Peg, Pentameter, Pentapody, Pentastich, Perambulate, Percentage, Perch, Peregrinate, Pererrate, Performance, Period, Perpetuity, Phrase, Pica, Picture, Piece, Pint, Pis aller, Pitch, Place against, Plan, Plane, Plateau, Plumb, Ply, Point, Pole, Poll, Pony, Portion, Poundage, Precaution, Precautions, Precautiousness, Presa, Prescript, Prescription, Preventive measure, Prize, Probe, Procedure, Proceeding, Proceleusmatic, Process, Production, Project, Property, Proportion, Proportions, Proposal, Proposition, Prosodic pattern, Prosody, Protection, Providence, Provision, Put in tune, Pyrrhic, Quantification, Quantify, Quantitative meter, Quantity, Quantization, Quantize, Quantum, Quart, Quatrain, Quota, Radius, Rake-off, Range, Range over, Rank, Rate, Rating, Ratio, Ration, Reach, Reading, Readout, Reckon, Reconcile, Reconnoiter, Rectify, Reduce, Refrain, Regulate, Regulation, Relate, Remove, Representation, Representative, Res gestae, Resolution, Resort, Resource, Response, Restraint, Rhyme, Rhyme royal, Rhythm, Rhythmic pattern, Right, Ritornello, Rod, Rood, Room, Round, Rubric, Rule, Ruling, Run a comparison, Run over, Rung, Safeguard, Scale, Scanning, Scansion, Scope, Score, Scour, Scour the country, Scout, Seal, Section, Segment, Segno, Septet, Sestet, Set, Set in contrast, Set in opposition, Set off against, Set over against, Set right, Sextet, Shade, Shadow, Shake-up, Share, Share out, Shift, Sigil, Sign, Signal, Signature, Similarize, Similize, Size, Size up, Slice, Slur, Small amount, Small share, Solo, Solo part, Solution, Song, Soprano part, Sort, Sound, Space, Span, Spatial extension, Sphere, Spondee, Spread, Spread about, Sprung rhythm, Square inch, Stair, Stake, Stamp, Standard, Standing order, Stanza, Statement, Statute, Stave, Step, Steps, Steps and measures, Stint, Stock, Stopgap, Stowage, Strain, Stratagem, Strength, Stress, Stretch, Stride, Stroke, Stroke of policy, Strophe, Stunt, Substance, Subtract, Sum, Superficial extension, Sure sign, Surface, Survey, Surveying, Sweep, Sweetness, Swell, Swing, Syllabic meter, Syllable, Symbol, Symmetry, Symptom, Sync, Synchronize, System, Syzygy, Tablespoon, Tactic, Tactics, Tailor, Take a reading, Take account of, Tally, Teaspoon, Technique, Telemetering, Telemetry, Tell, Telltale sign, Tempo mark, Temporary expedient, Tercet, Terza rima, Test, Tetrameter, Tetrapody, Tetraseme, Tetrastich, Theme, Thesis, Thing, Thing done, Tie, Time, Time signature, To boot, Tonnage, Touchstone, Tour de force, Township, Track, Tract, Trait, Transaction, Transit, Travel over, Travel through, Traverse, Tread, Treble, Triangulate, Triangulation, Tribrach, Trick, Trim to, Trimeter, Triplet, Tripody, Triseme, Tristich, Trochee, True, True up, Trump, Tune, Turn, Tutti, Tutti passage, Type, Undertaking, Valuate, Valuation, Value, Variation, Vers libre, Verse, Versification, View together, Vinculum, Void, Volume, Voyage, Warble, Wavelength, Way, Weigh, Weigh against, Weight, Whole, Width, Work, Work out, Working hypothesis, Working proposition, Works, Yard, Yardage, Yardstick, Take the measurements of, Calculate, Compute, Estimate, Count, Meter, Quantify, Weigh, Size, Evaluate, Rate, Assess, Appraise, Gauge, Plumb, Measure out, Determine, Judge, Survey, System, Standard, Units, Scale, Certain amount, Amount, Degree, Quantity, Choose carefully, Select with care, Consider, Think carefully about, Plan, Calculate, Metre, Cadence, Rhythm, Foot, Action, Act, Course, Course of action, Deed, Proceeding, Procedure, Step, Means, Expedient

How to use Measure in a sentence?

  1. The golden measure of poetry does not yet exist, only the rhythm of the maracas, the exact sound of the kettledrum.
  2. It is hard to measure teaching ability.
  3. The two competitive salesmen decided on a contest to see who could bring in the best month, and it seemed like a perfect way to find out who would measure up in the challenge.
  4. The amount of water collected is measured in pints.
  5. When you are trying to measure the quality of your product give out some free samples and see what people say.
  6. Cost-cutting measures.
  7. If you want to make a big splash in the business world sometimes you need to take a drastic measure to show you are serious.
  8. A furlong is an obsolete measure of length.
  9. The states retain a large measure of independence.

Meaning of Measure & Measure Definition

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