Occupational disease

Occupational disease,

Definition of Occupational disease:

  1. Disease caused by or associated with a particular type of work or conditions of work; an instance of this; also in extended use.

  2. Health disorder (such as carpal tunnel syndrome in secretaries, decompression sickness in divers, lead poisoning in gasoline-exposed workers, and several types of cancers in workers in various chemical industries) caused by occupational hazards. Also called industrial disease or occupational illness.

Synonyms of Occupational disease

Abnormality, Acute disease, Affection, Affliction, Ailment, Allergic disease, Allergy, Atrophy, Bacterial disease, Birth defect, Blight, Cardiovascular disease, Chronic disease, Circulatory disease, Complaint, Complication, Condition, Congenital defect, Defect, Deficiency disease, Deformity, Degenerative disease, Disability, Disease, Disorder, Distemper, Endemic, Endemic disease, Endocrine disease, Epidemic disease, Functional disease, Fungus disease, Gastrointestinal disease, Genetic disease, Handicap, Hereditary disease, Iatrogenic disease, Illness, Indisposition, Infectious disease, Infirmity, Malady, Malaise, Morbidity, Morbus, Muscular disease, Neurological disease, Nutritional disease, Organic disease, Pandemic disease, Pathological condition, Pathology, Plant disease, Protozoan disease, Psychosomatic disease, Respiratory disease, Rockiness, Secondary disease, Seediness, Sickishness, Sickness, Signs, Symptomatology, Symptomology, Symptoms, Syndrome, The pip, Urogenital disease, Virus disease, Wasting disease, Worm disease

Meaning of Occupational disease & Occupational disease Definition