Definition of District:

  1. Divide into districts.

  2. Administrative or electoral subdivision of an area.

  3. An area of a country or city, especially one regarded as a distinct unit because of a particular characteristic.

  4. Section of a city with a distinguishing characteristic.

Synonyms of District

Kreis, Abode, Airspace, Apportion, Archbishopric, Archdiocese, Area, Arrondissement, Bailiwick, Bearings, Belt, Bench mark, Bishopric, Borough, Canton, City, Commune, Community, Confines, Congressional district, Constablewick, Continental shelf, Corridor, Country, County, Cut up, Departement, Department, Diocese, Divide, Divide up, Division, Divvy, Divvy up, Duchy, Electoral district, Electorate, Emplacement, Environs, Government, Ground, Hamlet, Heartland, Hinterland, Hole, Hundred, Land, Latitude and longitude, Lieu, Locale, Locality, Location, Locus, Magistracy, Metropolis, Metropolitan area, Milieu, Neighborhood, Oblast, Offshore rights, Okrug, Parcel, Parcel out, Parish, Part, Partition, Parts, Pinpoint, Place, Placement, Point, Portion, Position, Precinct, Precincts, Premises, Principality, Province, Purlieus, Quarter, Region, Riding, Salient, Section, Sector, Segment, Sheriffalty, Sheriffwick, Shire, Shrievalty, Site, Situation, Situs, Soil, Soke, Space, Split, Split up, Spot, Stake, State, Stead, Subdivide, Terrain, Territory, Three-mile limit, Town, Township, Twelve-mile limit, Vicinage, Vicinity, Village, Wapentake, Ward, Whereabout, Whereabouts, Zone, Neighbourhood, Area, Region, Place, Locality, Locale, Community, Quarter, Sector, Vicinity, Zone, Territory, Block, Part, Spot, Patch, Domain

How to use District in a sentence?

  1. The committee districted the city into blocks.
  2. An elegant shopping district.

Meaning of District & District Definition