Sfs meaning

Sfs meaning are more than one. This is an acronym used on social media with different meanings. First on Instagram it is used to say Shoutout for Shoutout. Another sfs meaning is Spam for Spam. These are used for promotions as well. This is the use in Instagram and the other use is in chatting or texting as well. This will mean ‘so freaking stupid’ or ‘seriously funny ■■■■■. There are other meanings as well but these are commonly used. The same use is on Snapchat as well in which the person will be giving the same expression as on Instagram which is ’Shoutout for Shoutout’. Shoutout means calling someone in order to appreciate them. Its like calling their name and then commemorating them.

There are many people who use Instagram or Snapchat to promote either themselves or their products. Sfs is used to give an expression that someone is appreciating others page or account, their personality or product is given a shoutout. It is common to see how the social media world is changing the lives of the people in many ways. Getting fame and recognition is not that hard. This is why people will come up with creative tactics to get attention. Hence they can get a shoutout for their work.

Sfs meaning is also termed as ‘Spam for Spam’ it means sending a large amount of messages and then expecting to get the same amount of replies. Spam is a familiar term. These are those unnecessary messages which are spread largely over the internet. The reason for sending such messages is either to spread malware or advertising. For either of the purpose the aim is to get much public attention by sending messages to a large number of population. This is never useful on internet because people are not interested in the messages and it takes much of their time and energy in getting rid of them. It is very common to hear how these messages have been a burden on time and money in many respects.

Sfs meaning on Instagram

Instagram is a social networking site which is majorly used to connect people with each other through the sharing of pictures. This helps in exposing yourself out in the world and people can express their talent in different ways. Many people will deem to be socially active and post more and more on Instagram to get more of followings. This can help them in getting fame. Apart from that people can sell their products as well. It can be clothings, cosmetics, services, household items and many more. These products can be sold by promoting them as much as possible. This practice can earn much benefit to the seller as well.

In order to sell the product or get the recognition certain pages are being made on Instagram. SFS is then used for the purpose of promoting someone else’s page or post. Anyone who wishes to increase the followers on someone else account then they can hashtag SFS #sfs. This will redirect the followers to the other page and in this way the chance of increasing the followers will be ever more. This favour can be returned when if the followers have increased then the followers can be returned to the first Instagram account which used the SFS in the first place.

The major reason of the SFS partnership is to get as much followers as possible. Some may use it just to have an account that should have a large number of followers. Other can use it for the reason of getting financial gains. There are companies who want to sell their products through social media. So if someone has an account with lots of followings then they can advertise their services or product through that account. That will obviously bring monetary gains to the account holders as well.

How to get Sfs on instagram?

Sfs are simply the recommendations which are shoutouts to other instagram accounts. In this way new Instagram accounts can come up and and in a shorter span of time they can get the followers. Someone who already has a considerable amount of followers can direct them to another account which may be of their interest. In this way newer accounts can be discovered by followers.


At first a screenshots needs to be taken of the Instagram account needed to be followed. The instagram profile can be assessed through the search option and then screenshot the desired account. Taking a screenshot on iOS is to press the Home button and the sleep/wake button at once. There you have the screenshot. While on the Android phones all you have to do is press the Volume down button and Power button at once. The screenshot will be saved in the pictures.

Adding Screenshots

Next step is to add the screenshot to the Instagram account. There is an icon on the account which will help in uploading the picture. On iPhone this icon appears at the left of the screen in the form of small series of squares. For the Android users there are nine small boxes on left side of the screen. There Instagram accesses the camera roll where the screenshot should already be saved. Tap on the particular screenshot and then click Next. There will be options given to either add filters or edit the photo/screenshot as desired. This part can be skipped and be used upon the wish. After tapping on Next the options are given to add captions to the picture. There you need to put the hashtag of SFS like this #sfs.

Account identification

To put the tag on Instagram the sign ‘@‘ is used which will give options that which of the users can be tagged in the photo. After tagging the required members in the photo they can add the caption such as ’Follow the account’ @abc. Add some more captions like follow for great photos or products. Anything can be written in the Add a Caption area so that the followers can get much of the motivation to follow that account. With this arrangement the followers can easily get to the account you want to promote. There are much options to create as much hashtags as possible. #shoutout or other tags that are related to the account of the user. Lastly just click on the Share option to put that on your account and it is ready to get much of followers.

This is so simple and creative to get the business done. Many people woukd like to make a social media presence hence they will be able to get more and more followers through this. But much of the benefit is for those who want to promote their business as well. Traditionally when someone has to start a business advertising it really proves the kind of promotion being given to it. The more advertisement will ensure that in future there will be more selling. In this regard much of funds also need to be allocated.

The simple hashtag SFS or shoutout will take the business advertisements to new heights. All you have to do is follow an account that is already having many of followers and through that you can enter your own business, product, service or yourself. All of this is done free of cost.

Just imagine the amount of time and money being saved by the use of only one hashtag. It will also require much to time to get to have followers on Instagram all from scratch. Rather simply look for an account that already has a good number of followers.

This will definitely not be a one way process because the favour has to be returned. This SFS partnership can have terms defined among each other priorly. Or simply put the favour can be returned by giving away the same number of followers to the account which he gave. For everything some effort has to be put but here with little effort there is much of the reward. Try the technique now to fully understand the Sfs meaning.

Get the relevant shoutout pages

It is better to already define your niche because if you want get followers then the shoutout pages should br relevant. For example if you are creating an account related to photography then going for a shoutout that promotes foods or recipes will be of no use because the audience has a totally different interest. Lets see how you can do this

Search for the specific hashtags

Searching for similar hashtags is simple. The search bar on Instagram makes it really easy. Just type the hashtags you are using mostly and you will get to know who else has the same tags. For example if you want to get shoutout pages for your own photography account then you can type in #photography or #naturephotography. Whatever the niche is that can be searched by keeping all the requirements specific.

As the list drops go for the first options. See for the hashtags they have used in their posts. They can give shoutout to further groups which will help in getting your shoutout a better approach.

Search for influencers

Instagram is full of people who are influencing their following in one way or the other. This gives another edge in getting a better shoutout. If you find it difficult then different tools can also be used. Once you get have an influencer on board then having a chance if increasing followers doubles.

Pages of similar follower count

Getting a reasonable shoutout for shoutout will only be possible when you follow those pages or accounts which have the similar number of followers as you have. One benefit of that would be that you will return the favour easily by giving away same number of followers and another that none of money is being spent. A greater following than your may ask for extra monetary favours. Plus shoutout doesn’t ensure selling of product rather just giving a potential market.

Like and comment posts

Get your presence felt by liking and commenting on the pictures of the ones you want to shoutout. If you will be giving them the due credit of their work then they will take interest in yours leading them to further propagate it.

Direct reach out

Once you have gotten yourself noticed them making a request to get the shoutout for shoutout is more convenient. Remember that the more professional you are in your approach the more convincing you will sound. In such a manner it is important to give something away as well. In the social media world appreciating others work is very important in the first place. When you will recognise them for their work then they will follow your request for shoutout. This will require you to go fir more than one pages or accounts to get a better idea.

Free shoutouts

With the idea of shoutouts getting bigger and better it is not easier to get this for free. But there are some ways you can try to have free shoutouts.

Shoutout for shoutout

The simplest and commonest way of getting free shoutout is to give a shoutout to someone of the similar following and they will give you a shoutout back. This mutual benefit will earn both likes and followers.

Brands giving away free shoutouts

This is also a mutual beneficial way of getting free shoutouts. The process is little different tough. There are many brands that have their Instagram page and they will take posts from people. Publish them on their account by hash tagging their page or account as well. Now in this way their own product and the other page both are getting likes and following. For example Canon has their Instagram page on which they ask people to post a picture using their product and tagging Canon. They get to chose the best picture, post them on Instagram and then giving a shoutout to the respective photographer and their page. So thats a win win for both.

Shoutout contests

There are numerous shoutout contest which offer the users to get shoutouts. These pages usually have much bigger Instagram followings so they can offer others as well. Beginners or smaller following pages can get free shoutouts by entering the contest easily.


Sfs meaning shoutout for shoutout is much clearer now. So getting followers on Instagram is now just a piece of cake. Knowing that there are accounts with a number of following and then simply putting your presence there is new form of marketing strategy. This shows how much social media has revolutionised these things and we can now conveniently increase our customers and expand businesses. So do give it a try to get the ultimate marketing experience on Instagram.

What does spam for spam mean?

Sfs meaning is also spam for spam. In this regard someone is sending a bulk of messages to another person and then expecting the same amount in return.

What are spams?

Spams are the unsolicited messages which means social media posts, likes or comments, user groups, forums, messages in blogs and instant emails or messages. These spams facilitate frauds called phishing or for advertising the services or product.

The term spam has a different meaning in gaming. Here as well sending unnecessary number of messages will be termed as spam. Other form is that someone is unskilled in gaming and instead of professionally killing the target they are just ■■■■■■ the bullets by keeping their finger constantly on the trigger. This is mot good in gaming rather damages the play.

The term popularised in 1970 when there was a brand of canned meat called Spam and a comedian made a sketch on this brand that there is a spam in every dish with having seeing the unnecessary amount of the meat. In the same way the messages received which are useless, unavoidable are called spam also.

Spam is a notorious term in the internet business because it drains the bandwidth of the Internet Service Provider. This is because there are so many messages being sent in such small span of time and that too repeatedly. It tires the user as well to see such an amount of messages.

Well it is not necessary that all bulk messages are spam. Spam usually contains information which is of no use to the user. There are other emails or messages in which the provider asks for permission to send messages. These messages will contain information regarding the product. Therefore these messages do not tire the user by having a bulk of good for nothing information.

How do spam work?

Spams are meant for advertising as well. Companies who want to make their presence felt can have their potential customers attention by sending bulk of messages. However companies do not themselves get the job done. They come in contract with professional spammers who can easily deal with bulk messages. In this the audience may not be specified rather the messages are just sent to a number of recipients. This is a cost efficient method. Usually a company can reach ten thousand of potential customers just under hundred dollars. Much less of resources applied as compared to postal mailing. However many businesses know the fact that these spams are annoying people so they would tend to avoid it.

How do spams get the address of recipients?

Users leave their email addresses at different places on the internet. They can be newsgroups, websites or services where they ask for an email address. They can use softwares through which they can get the email addresses. Another way to get the email addresses is that they can buy them. Companies can sell information or email address to these clients.

There are softwares that bring anti spam protection. These are called ‘poison’ in which they hinder the working off‘harvest’ which is getting email addresses from different sites. Poison can create a bogus or non existent email address which directs the harvest to them. In this way they cannot approach the real email addresses. The poison can be a costly game. Also spammers will still keep trying to make their way to achieve the addresses by creating counter anti spam softwares.

Why are spams so annoying and disliked?

Many of the spammers claim that spam mails are different from that of junk and user can get rid of them by simply deleting them. It may be true because just like the junk mails spams also a burden on the recipient. The cost of the calls, messages or mails are all on the recipient not the sender. According to a 2018 figure the cost for spam mails is roughly 20.5 billion dollars each year.

The Internet Service Provider or ISP has a particular bandwidth it pays for. It is the space given to each ISP. With the bulk mails or messages being received on any bandwidth it ends up crowding it and thus slowing the internet also. There are certain filtering softwares available to counter the problem which have to be purchased. They can also increase the bandwidth by buying more of it. In either cases the subscriber has to bear the expenses.

These spams can also disguise as scams as well they will try to gain the attention by writing in a way like ‘here is my new email id’. When opened they may redirect to any X rated websites you do not wish to see. They can also pose as anti spam saying ‘you can be removed from the spam list’. Much of spam may appear useful but it actually a fraud like some health remedy, stock offerings, schemes or pirated softwares.

Spams that offer you to be removed from the spammers list will either result in nothing or maybe receiving more spam. Reason behind this is because when you will respond to the email in any way it will get them to know that your email id is active and then they can send more and more messages.

Fighting spams

Spams have been a pain ever since for the users so there had been some serious work as well to fight these spams. The US Congress passed a legislation in 2003 named as CAN-SPAM Act. It was an attempt to regulate the unsolicited messages by putting a label on them that they are solicitation or advertisements. They should also contain the postal address of sender and also an option for the recipient to opt out of these messages. If there are any sexual content then there should be a warning and also the deceptive headings should be avoided. The Act also placed punishments for using someone else’s computer for sending spam messages or such content which is misleading or fraud. Some states had implemented the Act for anti spam legislation. Such kind of legislation was for the purpose of facilitating the users to get rid of the annoying bulk messages.

How to prevent spams?

Internet has eased the lives in many ways and fasten the spread of messages. This also brings some perks as well like some doubtful messages and malicious mails. These spams can cause great deal of damage as well. Although there had been several measurements to prevent the spread of these spams but there are certain preventions which can be done otherwise.

Avoid giving away the email address publicly. It is very easy for anyone to access the internet. In this term when someone would give away the email address openly they should get ready for the bulk messages as well. In worst cases even hack the email as well. Spammers can easily access the email through these open mails.
There will be messages through which may look like they are spams but are actually some useful mails. Due to containing a hyperlink or so they can be dumbed into the spam folder. However some messages sent by the spammers are marked as SPAM. They can contain advertisements from drug companies, shipment packages and medicine promotions. Therefore before clicking on any of the messages the entire mail should be scrutinized. Be very careful before clicking on any hyperlink. Also do not download any of the content that the service provider has blocked.
It is really easy for the hackers to know if an email is active or not. They will send spam messages and if the user responds to the mails then they will get to know that the email is active or not. This will lead into easily hacking the account. Even if saved from the hacking bulk of spams can be received for knowing that account is active.
There are softwares to combat viruses and spams. It will make the mails filter when there is a suspicion of malware or virus. In this way your computer will be protected from spams and viruses. A little investment can save you from much of the damage.
It is better not to use business address or the email address on internet especially for registering for any deal updates, services, applications or online contest. Many spammers have their eyes on these websites to harvest emails.


Spam is for the purpose of advertising as well but the malware and suspicious mails are of no good. There had been many instances when people had to face many problems. There is wastage of money, internet space, time and energy. If it was of any good use then there would have been this much resistance. There should be much efficient legislation that ensures that these spams do not effect the public that much. The interest of the public should be kept in the first place and then should be the other factors.


Sfs meaning has two forms first it is a very useful tool in promoting any product, service or person on instagram. Shoutout for shoutout will give a chance to enhance the followers on instagram. This tool is cost efficient and instead of going through the tiring efforts of advertising in the conventional way this process of shoutout makes it really easy. Just one trial will be enough to get the experience of how to get into this business and use Instagram for better experience.

Sfs meaning spam for spam is also important to understand because there have been many people who have to go through worrying times because of the damage done by spams. People who have less awareness can find it useful. All the information and preventive measures can get enough knowledge to combat with them. Although many companies use them to promote their product but much of it includes things which are posing danger to users security.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do you reply to SFS?

In order to respond to SFS on Snapchat the user has to put a photo with their username to the story of the one to be responded.

2. Why do people use SFS on Snapchat?

On snapchat SFS would mean snap for snap or shoutout for shoutout. There this acronym is used to promote each other on Snapchat. This helps in engaging the users, maintain interest and frequent usage among the members.

3. What does SFS mean on fans?

Sfs meaning looking for a shoutout for shoutout or spam for spam. This an attempt to cross promote the accounts and get as many followers as possible.

4. Can anyone know if their Instagram is being screenshot?

It is not really possible for anyone to know if their Instagram is being screenshot or not. Since there are no notifications that will let them know. Still to avoid anyone to know about it after taking a screenshot send them any other message so that there is lesser chance of them to see the message of their Instagram being screenshot.

5. How much should be paid for an Instagram shoutout?

The rates are different as per the number of followers. For 100000 to 500000 it would cost $250 while for one million followers it will be $1500. It can be cost effective if the shoutout entails only that number of followers which you already have

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Step less frequency selection (SFS) is a technology that makes it possible to adjust the system bus frequency of a computer in increments of 1 MHz over a specified range. SFS is appreciated by advanced computer users who like to overclock their systems (that is, set the clock frequency higher than the frequency selected by the manufacturer). Several vendors offer motherboard s with SFS technology. In wireless communications and general electronics applications, the term SFS is sometimes used in reference to analog frequency control, in which the frequency of reception or transmission is adjustable over a continuous range. Analog frequency control is rarely employed these days, except in low-end or older radio broadcast receivers. The term “SFS” on Instagram means “shout-out for shout-out.” One Instagram account agrees to make a post that showcases the account of another Instagram user and encourages their followers to follow the other user’s account. This Instagram user then returns the favor by creating a post that encourages their followers to follow the first Instagram user’s account.
The Purpose of SFS:
The primary reason that Instagram users participate in SFS partnerships is that it enables them to obtain more Instagram followers. Some people simply enjoy having an Instagram account with a large following, but others desire more followers for financial reasons. Generally, the more Instagram followers you have, the better your chances of procuring free or discounted products from companies who want you to advertise their products or services on Instagram.
How do I form a US-based LLC online as a foreigner?
There is no need to appear in person or provide documentation to form a company in the state of Delaware. Everything can be done online and all the necessary information is right online too.
How does SFS work on Instagram?
Also known as #sfs shoutout for shoutout is the backbone of growing organically on Instagram. SFS means you repost some ones picture to your profile telling your followers to follow them, and the other person does the same telling their followers to follow you.
SOCIAL media trends and tactics to boost that all-important follower count can seem to change almost minute-to-minute. If you’ve ever seen the same hashtags crop up on Snapchat and Instagram posts time and time again and wondered, “What does that mean?”, here’s one of them explained to you. What does SFS mean on Snapchat and Instagram?
The term ‘SFS’ can stand for different things depending on the social media platform or personal preference. It either stands for “snap for snap”, “shoutout for shoutout”, or “spam for spam”. But don’t get confused - they all mean the same thing. As the name suggests, it’s an exchange between two users. One user will tag another in their post to direct their followers to the other’s page, with the aim of boosting their respective follower counts. Put simply, influencers do this as a way of mutual promotion. The other user then hopefully returns the favour by doing the same. But it doesn’t have to be by chance, users will arrange in advance to show off each other’s content too - that’s where the hashtag comes in.
How is the hashtag used?
Searching #SFS on social media platforms helps users track down others looking to grow their follower count and promote themselves too. The hashtag can also be used as a way of gaining quick likes on a post. Searching #SFS brings up hundreds of posts, which users can double-tap - to ‘like’ - at their hearts content, making the user who posted the content appear more popular.
Where did the term come from?
The term “shoutout” has been around for a lot longer than social media. It was being used by radio presenters, DJs, and MCs as far back as the 1980s, as a way of saying hello to a friend or loved one over the airwaves, in the audience, or in a club. In recent years, with the rise of social media, it has evolved to also mean a promotion or a “plug”. Therefore, “shoutout for shoutout” simply means one promotion in exchange for another. “Snap for snap” or “spam for spam” are just variations of this.
Over the past 6 months, I’ve been deeply researching Instagram etiquette and growth tactics with the intention of organically growing multiple Instagram accounts. The majority of my findings were taught to me by teenagers operating accounts with millions of followers. Each post on these accounts shown reaches at least 10,000 impressions, posting 2–3 times per day. Roughly 1.2M impressions every 30 days.
Look at Instagram as a search engine just like Google. People are constantly searching for articles/posts based on keywords. Instagram’s logic is identical to Google but instead of using the term keywords they use Hashtags. People search for things they like using hashtags.
When you search something like Hairstyle you will see TOP POST at the top of your search results. This is where you want to get your posts. If you look through the top posts they all have the highest amount of likes and comments using the hashtag Hairstyle. The accounts you see in TOP POST are getting a firehose of followers interested in hairstyles.
Also known as #sfs shoutout for shoutout is the backbone of growing organically on Instagram. SFS means you repost some ones picture to your profile telling your followers to follow them, and the other person does the same telling their followers to follow you. There is an etiquette to help with getting people to do this for you for free.
To get around PAYING for shout outs you have to only approach people the same “size” as you.
Example: If you have 50k followers you can only ask others with 50k followers for a shoutout. This is why school kids (teenagers) are so good at growing social media. They shout each other out all day long transferring followers to each other.
This is where the money is being made by the niche accounts you see with millions of followers. If you approach a large account asking for a shoutout they will charge you HOURLY. Yes, hourly. On average an account with 1M-3M followers will charge roughly $100-$200 for every hour they keep your promotion live on their page.
These should be the goal for every brand with an Instagram account right now. Once a shoutout is posted on someone else account with your @username, that alone acts as a “follower funnel” attached to that persons growing account. Similar to a traditional SEO method in marketing called “buying backlinks.”
When you don’t have enough content (you won’t have enough) each day, you can repost other peoples content. The etiquette here is to simply tag them in the photo and put #repost from @username in the description. Once your account is big enough you can open the line of communication with them saying you are shouting them out and they should do the same.
1 hour per day (2x 30min or however) for content publishing
2–3 posts max per day
20–25 consistent hashtags per post (copy and pasted)
1 message (DM) sent to another user per day
Note: I direct message (DM) large enough accounts that comment on my posts with.
The idea of growing an IG account can seem daunting at first but once you start growing the amount of likes you receive per post, you WILL hit the TOP POST section consistently. In your first week when you consistently begin to hit that section with your posts, the “follower funnel” opens. From all my account you’ll begin gaining roughly 100 followers per day to start. If you can manage to keep publishing content, generating more and more likes with the same hashtags, hitting the TOP POST section will become a regular occurrence. I’ve found this tipping point to be between the 100–300 likes range for some of the smaller searched #hashtags.
When a startup starts an IG page the intention should be to focus on long term growth. In April I invested $2k in permanent shout outs for a new Instagram account and I’ve grown it from 0 to 11k followers in the last 4 months . Now, every post reaches the TOP POSTS sections generating between 25–75 clicks and 5,000–8,000 impressions. Spending $0 on shout outs and the account gets between 100,000 and 150,000 impressions per week. Investing $2k upfront to continuously grow reaching 150,000 people every week in the first 4 months is a pretty amazing user acquisition strategy for any startup/person.

what means sfs

On Instagram, #SFS is a hashtag that indicates that a user is looking for shoutout for shoutout or spam for spam, which is a way to promote posts on the platform.

dm for shoutout meaning

A shoutout is when someone mentions you or your brand on their Instagram and asks their followers to check out your page. They usually do this by posting a photo from your Instagram profile page and tagging your brand. They can also feature some of your products or one of your Instagram photos and tag your brand.

what does sfs on snapchat mean

SFS stands for “snap for snap,” “shoutout for shoutout” or “spam for spam.”

What sfs stands for?

SFS Student Financial Services (various schools)

SFS Ship from Store

SFS School Financial Services

SFS Superior Feed System (sewing machines)

SFS Steel Framing System (construction process)

Sfs snapchat accounts

Here is a list of some sfs account that are there on Snapchat:

:white_check_mark: Nicole Waterhouse nicolefxw. 402.

:white_check_mark: Ellys Smith Ellys123. 286.

:white_check_mark: Simon Jensen minituffe. 198.

:white_check_mark: Gina Provost ginaprovost. 193.

:white_check_mark: liddle jenni liddlejenni. 185.

:white_check_mark: Cameron Hunt cameron8974. 192.

:white_check_mark: Dayvon Johnson day_145. 197.

:white_check_mark: Morgan J bea_s69. 169.

What dose kys mean?

KYS is an internet acronym standing for “kill yourself,”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Why do people want SFS?

Many people use Instagram and Snapchat to promote themselves and their products. Sfs is used to express that someone appreciates someone else’s page or account, giving their personality or product a scream. 0

Q: What does SFS at the time of sale mean?

Still on sale

SFS = still on sale.

Q: What does SFS mean for fans alone?

On Instagram, #SFS is a hashtag that indicates that the user is looking for screaming screams or spam. This is a way to promote posts to each other on the platform.

Q: What does MFB mean?


Acronym Definition
MFB Metropolitan Fire Brigade (Australian non-volunteer)
MFB Michigan Farm Bureau
MFB Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (Melbourne, Australia)
MFB Medial Forebrain Bundle

Q: What does FFF on Instagram mean?

Follow for follow*

The most common definition of FFF is Follow For Follow. This is an acronym that has been around for years to help social media users get more followers.

Q: What does SB mean in Snapchat?


Abbreviation for Snapchat, SB is used on the social media platform Snapchat when you want users to respond to snaps or “messages.”

Q: What does the E in eBay stand for?

electronic Bay

According to our founder, Pierre Omidyar, eBay stands for electronic Bay.

Q: What does MBF mean in slang?

My best friend

MBF means “my best friend”. My best friends are: Someone who likes more than all other friends.

Q: What does tbh mean?

To be honest

Another slang trend that has become popular these days is TBH (To Be Honest). This is a term that encourages online users to be honest about how they feel about the person or idea they posted.


SFS is a hashtag used on Instagram that indicates that a user is looking for shoutout for shoutout or spam for spam, which is a way to promote posts on the platform.

A shoutout is when someone mentions you or your brand on their Instagram and asks their followers to check out your page. They usually do this by posting a photo from your Instagram profile page and tagging your brand. They can also feature some of your products or one of your Instagram photos and tag your brand.