Definition of Mercury:

  1. The chemical element of atomic number 80, a heavy silvery-white metal which is liquid at ordinary temperatures.The column of mercury in a thermometer or barometer, or its height as indicating atmospheric temperature or pressure.Mercury or one of its compounds used medicinally, especially to treat syphilis.

  2. Heavy metal (liquid at normal temperature) which is a systemic poison that attacks brain, bowels, kidneys, and other body organs. It most severely affects the central nervous system, and children and elderly are most susceptible to its poisoning. Like other heavy metals, mercury is a bioaccumulant that excretes very slowly from the body, collects in body tissue, and climbs up the food chain over time. Its maximum allowable concentration is 0.05 parts per million (PPM).

Synonyms of Mercury

April showers, Gyropilot, Proteus, Antelope, Arrow, Automatic pilot, Blue darter, Blue streak, Boatheader, Boatsteerer, Cannonball, Chameleon, Cicerone, Cloud shapes, Courier, Courser, Cowherd, Coxswain, Dart, Dragoman, Drover, Eagle, Electricity, Express train, Flash, Gazelle, Glass, Goatherd, Greased lightning, Greyhound, Guide, Guidepost, Guider, Hare, Helmsman, Herd, Herdsman, Jet plane, Kaleidoscope, Light, Lightning, Moon, Navigator, Pilot, Pointer, Quicksilver, River pilot, Rocket, Rolling stone, Scared rabbit, Shepherd, Shifting sands, Shot, Steerer, Steersman, Streak, Streak of lightning, Striped snake, Swallow, The weather, Thermal detector, Thermometer, Thermostat, Thought, Thunderbolt, Torrent, Tour director, Tour guide, Water, Weather vane, Weathercock, Wheel of fortune, Whirligig, Wind

How to use Mercury in a sentence?

  1. The wetlands dense foliage has the ability to handle heavy metals, like mercury, zinc, nickel and copper.

Meaning of Mercury & Mercury Definition