Definition of Account:

  1. Consider or regard in a specified way.

  2. Accounting: Chronological record of changes in the value of an entitys assets, liabilities, and the owners equity; each of which is represented by a separate page in the ledger. See also accounting equation and accounts.

  3. An arrangement by which a user is given personalized access to a computer, website, or application, typically by entering a username and password.

  4. Banking: Continuing financial relationship between a bank and a customer, in which deposits and debts are held and processed within a framework of established rules and procedures.

  5. A report or description of an event or experience.

  6. Law: Obligation of each party to a contract or partnership to account to other(s) for amounts received or due.

  7. An arrangement by which a body holds funds on behalf of a client or supplies goods or services to the client on credit.

  8. Services: Client of an advertising, brokerage, consulting, marketing, or public relations firm.

  9. A record or statement of financial expenditure and receipts relating to a particular period or purpose.

  10. Importance.

  11. Commerce: On-going contractual relationship between a buyer and seller whereby payment for goods received is made at a later time (usually 30 days). See also charge account and open account.

Synonyms of Account

Description, Report, Version, Story, Narration, Narrative, Statement, News, Explanation, Exposition, Interpretation, Communiqué, Recital, Rendition, Sketch, Delineation, Portrayal, Tale, Consider, Regard as, Reckon, Hold to be, Think, Think of as, Look on as, View as, See as, Take for, Judge, Adjudge, Count, Deem, Rate, Gauge, Interpret as, Bank account, Financial record, Book, Ledger, Journal, Balance sheet, Financial statement, Results, A reckoning of, Account current, Account for, Account of, Account rendered, Account stated, Accounting, Accounts, Acquaintance, Acta, Adjudge, Adjudicate, Advantage, Aggregate, Allow, Allow for, Allowance, Amount, Anecdotage, Anecdote, Annals, Announcement, Annual, Answer for, Approbation, Approval, Assessment, Balance, Bank account, Bank balance, Be judicious, Benefit, Bill, Bill of account, Bill of fare, Bill of lading, Blackmail, Blood money, Blue book, Body count, Books, Box score, Brief, Briefing, Bulletin, Calculation, Capitulation, Carte, Cash account, Cast, Catalog, Census, Census report, Charge account, Check, Check of, Checking account, Chronicle, Communication, Communique, Computation, Consequence, Consider, Consideration, Control account, Conversion factor, Correspondence, Count, Count of, Credit, Credit account, Data, Datum, Deem, Description, Difference, Directory, Dispatch, Documentation, Dun, Election returns, Emolument, Enlightenment, Enumeration, Epic, Epos, Esteem, Estimation, Evidence, Exercise judgment, Expense account, Explain, Explanation, Express an opinion, Face, Face value, Facts, Factual information, Familiarization, Favor, Fee, Footing, Form an opinion, Gen, General information, Guidebook, Handout, Hard information, Head count, History, Hold, Honor, Hush money, Importance, Incidental information, Income account, Info, Information, Initiation fee, Instruction, Intelligence, Interest, Inventory, Invoice, Itemized bill, Judge, Justify, Knowledge, Ledger, Letters, Light, List, Manifest, Market value, Memorial, Mention, Menu, Merit, Message, Mileage, Minutes, Narration, Narrative, Net worth, Nose count, Note, Notice, Notification, Number, Par value, Pennyworth, Pine, Pipe roll, Presentation, Presume, Proceedings, Product, Profit, Promotional material, Proof, Provision account, Publication, Publicity, Quantity, Rate, Recapitulation, Recital, Reckoning, Record, Recording, Recount, Recounting, Regard, Register, Registry, Rehearsal, Relation, Release, Relic, Remains, Repertory, Report, Respect, Retainer, Retaining fee, Returns, Revenue account, Roll, Rolls, Roster, Rota, Running account, Saga, Sake, Sales account, Savings account, Score, Scot, Scroll, Selling account, Sidelight, Significance, Standing, Statement, Stipend, Stock account, Story, Sum, Summary, Summation, Summing, Summing up, Suppose, Suspense account, Tab, Table, Tabs of, Take into consideration, Take note of, Tale, Tally, Tally of, The bottom line, The dope, The goods, The know, The record, The scoop, The story, The whole story, Think of, Token, Total, Trace, Track of, Transactions, Transmission, Tribute, Use, Valuation account, Value, Value received, Vestige, White book, White paper, Whole, Word, Worth, X number, Yarn, Yearbook, Importance, Import, Significance, Consequence, Moment, Momentousness, Substance, Note, Mark, Prominence, Value, Weightiness, Weight, Concern, Interest, Gravity, Seriousness

How to use Account in a sentence?

  1. I suggested he deposit the money in his business account to ensure the proper account ing measures were in place to record the transaction optimally.
  2. Money was of no account to her.
  3. Her visit could not be accounted a success.
  4. A bank account.
  5. The ledger contains all the income and expense accounts.
  6. A detailed account of what has been achieved.
  7. When you are trying to decide what path to take be sure you take all of the outcomes into account before you decidce.
  8. Weve reset your password to prevent others from accessing your account.
  9. He checked his bank account this morning to see if he had enough funds for the coming month and thankfully he did.

Meaning of Account & Account Definition