Quotes about friendship is greater than love

Quotes about friendship is greater than love Today let’s remind our friends with how much they means to us. Send your friends these deep friendship quotes.

Friendship is better than love Quotes

  • “A good friend is better then near relationship.”

  • “Love is not only made for lovers , it is also for friends who love each other better than lovers.”

  • “A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lover who only know your smile.”

  • “Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love.”

  • “Sacrifice is greater than love ,
    character is greater than beauty,
    humanity is greater than wealth,
    but nothing is greater than friendship.”

  • “Friendship is far more tragic than love. It last longer.”

  • “Greater love has no one than this— that he lays down his life for his friends.”

  • “A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation or being together like love does.”

  • “Friendship hurts more than love because when your love goes far from you , you have your friends with you, But when your friends go far from you, you are left alone.”

  • “Friendship can turn into Love , but love cannot turn back into friendship.”

  • “Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love , Love risks degenerating into obsession , friendship is never anything but sharing.”- Elie Wiese

  • “A friend is a treasure more precious than gold, For love shared his priceless and never grows old.”

  • “In friendship we find nothing false or insincere ; everything is straightforward , and springs from the heart.”

Friendship Greater than Love Quotes:

Is friendship really greater than love? The answer is yes and no at the same time, It is because every relationship possess a special part in one’s life. I don’t think so a sound mind should compare two of these most beautiful relationships.


They are incomparable by nature but still when love hurt—friends offer their shoulders to cry upon. When love leave— Friends help you coming back to life and cover you with the unconditional love.

Friendship is better than love quotes:

Can a best friend become lover? Yes but it somehow affect the idea of how you two used to be with each other. Love adds sweetness in the relationship but sometimes fail and affect the friendship directly.

  • "Being a friend is more important than being a lover because love is always the foundation of friendship. "

  • “Difference between love and friendship is that —you give your whole heart to love and they break it but, and if you give your whole heart to your friends they make it.”

  • “Friendship means understanding not agreement, it means forgiveness not forgetting, it means the memories last even if contact is lost.”

Friendship is more than love quotes:

Why are best friends so special? They are special because their love is unconditional, their care is unlimited and their presence is not bonded to the circumstances or time period.

  • “A true friend can see even behind the mask, when you’re fooling everyone else.”

  • “They can see the truth and pain in you—friends are like that.”

  • “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.”

Friendship is better than relationship quotes:

Which is more powerful love or friendship?these relationships cannot be compared with each other. You should not choose your best friend or a lover.

  • “The right friends will challenge you to do better. They see greatness inside of you before you do. They are not insecure and do not compare your success with their(s).”

  • “The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.”

Friendship is better than love:

Yes, friendship is better than love. Friendship means a relationship between two people having mutual affection for each other. A friend is a person whom you trust, like, and know. LOVE break hearts, a friend repair it

Friendship is the purest love:

A true friend is someone who has your back, does not matter what. They are vigilant to you and make sure that you are not in a problem. They will never intentionally guide you to make decisions that are not good for you. A true friendship will have your best interest at heart every time.
True friendships help to boost your contentment and lower your stress. Enhance your self-possession and worth. It supports you to deal with traumas and motivates you to switch or avoid harmful lifestyle habits, such as excessive drinking or lack of physical activity.

Words that define friendship:

:small_blue_diamond: Amity
:small_blue_diamond: Brotherhood
:small_blue_diamond: Fellowship
:small_blue_diamond: Friendliness
:small_blue_diamond: Cordialness
:small_blue_diamond: Kindness
:small_blue_diamond: Sympathy
:small_blue_diamond: Selflessness
:small_blue_diamond: Companionship

Qualities of a best friend:

  1. They are your motivators.
  2. They are your defender.
  3. They are brutally sincere with you.
  4. They will make you smile.
  5. They are the main person you call.
  6. They make time for you.
  7. They trust in you.
  8. They are trustworthy.
  9. They pardon you without any apology.
  10. They are co-operative.
  11. They are empathetic.
  12. They are selfless.
  13. They are humorous.
  14. They are team players.
  15. They share everything with us.

Advantages of friendship:

:heart: Friendship improves your sense of belonging and motivation.
:heart: It lowers stress.
:heart: They give emotional support.
:heart: They make positive changes in our life.
:heart: They help to build our self-confidence.
:heart: They boost your mood.


A true friendship is always an authority but never an opportunity. A powerful bond of true friendship is not always fixed and steady if it is not providing and taking in equal shares. A true friend is that person who pops into your mind when you’re in a problem and goes the right path challenging their help without thinking of giving a come back to him. A human, whom you think of at first when you want to have entertainment. And without him, life looks like displeasure. The key to the door of friendship comes from trust and release all of the negative thoughts that poorly affect your life.” When you want friends, you have to be a friend.”


The power for everlasting love is everlasting friendship. Friends are those who can raise their feet when our wings have failed to fly. Whenever life gets you down, although a friend should raise you high as stars, true friends will, as usual, be in your life, but, you can see them hardly sometimes, you can be confident that they are always present there.
When you have a friend who can stand with you when millions of people stand adjacent to you, then it means that your life is a victory! It does not matter what conditions they end up in or how far aside they turn out to be. They will return to each other. People like those have the small thing called fate beside them.


1. What is the difference between love and friendship?

Love is affectionate also too demanding, and a friendly relationship is not too summoning and is what you want to do. Love is temporary, though friendship is forever. Love may have fought for a period though a friendly relationship is forever.

2. What matters most in a friendship?

One of the most requirements for friendship is to have trust and confidence because friendship means you are free to count on one another.

3. What is true friendship?

True friendship is that one that is not on benefit or happiness, but a kind of mutual respect, commendation, and gratitude of another person. This kind of friendship is the one that must extend over time.

5.Is true friendship rare?

Yes, true friendships to find and a feeling to be cherished and respected though fake friends are toxic and should neglect.

6.What is a powerful friendship?

When you and your friend both have trust, fairness, compassion, honesty, and self-determination, you already have the basis of a and healthy friendship.

7. Which is the best relationship in the world?

One of the best relationships in the world is true friendship because it encourages you as a human. It is a type of bond which provides to your life and also brings positivity to your life.

8.What is the importance of a relationship?

Relationships are essential for many reasons, raising our emotional wellness, developing stability, want to be a good friend or mate, having someone to consider and believe in times of need, etc.

9.What does the word love mean?

Love means a feeling of deep affection. It is a kind of emotion as well as a relationship between two people.

10.Who is a true best friend?

A true best friend is someone who values and respects you among other people, has fun with you, share things with you, and they trust you.

11.Friendship is better, why?

Friendship is better because friends bring more happiness into our lives than anything else. A friendship bond affects your mental stability and happiness. Best friends alleviate stress, give comfort and pleasure, and prevent loneliness

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