Definition of Last:

  1. After all others in order or sequence.

  2. Coming after all others in time or order; final.

  3. The last person or thing; the one occurring, mentioned, or acting after all others.

  4. Only remaining.

  5. The price at which the most recent transaction took place for a given security.

  6. On the last occasion before the present; previously.

  7. (especially in enumerating points) finally; in conclusion.

  8. Most recent in time; latest.

Origin of word Last

Old English lǣste, of Germanic origin, from a base meaning ‘follow’; related to Dutch leest and German Leisten.

Synonyms of Last

Z, Abide, Advance, Aforegoing, After, Aftermost, Apodosis, At last, At length, At long last, At the end, At the last, Be spared, Behind, Bide, Bottommost, Boundary, Carry on, Carry through, Cast, Catastrophe, Caudal, Ceasing, Cessation, Cheat death, Closing, Coda, Collateral, Coming, Completing, Completive, Completory, Concluding, Conclusion, Conclusive, Conclusively, Consummation, Consummative, Contingent, Continue, Continue to be, Continue to exist, Crack of doom, Crowning, Culminating, Culmination, Curtain, Curtains, Death, Decease, Decisive, Defeat time, Definitive, Defy time, Denouement, Departing, Destination, Destiny, Determinative, Die, Doom, Dwell, Effect, Elapse, End, End point, Ending, Endmost, Endure, Envoi, Epilogue, Eschatology, Eventual, Eventually, Exist, Expiration, Expire, Extend, Extreme, Farewell, Farthest, Farthest out, Fate, Final, Final solution, Final twitch, Final words, Finale, Finality, Finalizing, Finally, Finis, Finish, Finishing, Flit, Flow, Flow on, Fly, Foregoing, Form, Fulfilling, Furthest, Glide, Go by, Go on, Goal, Hang on, Hindmost, Hold, Hold on, Hold out, In conclusion, In fine, In the rear, Indirect, Intaglio, Izzard, Keep, Keep alive, Keep at, Keep at it, Keep driving, Keep going, Keep on, Keep trying, Keep up, Lag, Lapse, Last breath, Last gasp, Last long, Last out, Last things, Last trumpet, Last words, Lastly, Latest, Latter, Latter end, Leaving, Limiting, Live, Live on, Live through, Maintain, Matrix, Mint, Model, Mold, Most recent, Mould, Negative, Newest, Not accept compromise, Omega, Once for all, Outermost, Outward-bound, Parting, Pass, Pass by, Pattern, Payoff, Perdure, Perennate, Period, Peroration, Persevere, Persist, Polar, Preceding, Press on, Prevail, Proceed, Punch, Quietus, Rearmost, Remain, Remotest, Resolution, Resting place, Roll on, Run, Run its course, Run on, Run out, Seal, Secondary, Shoe last, Slide, Slip, Stamp, Stand, Stand up, Stay, Stay on, Stoppage, Stopping place, Subsist, Support life, Survive, Sustain, Swan song, Tail, Tarry, Template, Term, Terminal, Terminating, Termination, Terminative, Terminus, Tide over, Ultimate, Ultimately, Utmost, Uttermost, Valedictory, Wear, Wear well, Windup, Final, Only remaining, Only one left, Rearmost, Rear, Hindmost, Bringing up the rear, Nearest the rear, At the end, Furthest back, Aftermost, Endmost, Furthest behind, Final, Ultimate, Most remote, Remotest, Furthest, Utmost, Extreme, Previous, Preceding

How to use Last in a sentence?

  1. Last year.
  2. The last of their guests had gone.
  3. They caught the last bus.
  4. He looked much older than when Id last seen him.
  5. Its our last hope.

Meaning of Last & Last Definition

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