How to find an obituary of a specific person?

How to find an obituary of a specific person? You can find it through newspapers, church records, or online. Some websites keep obituary records. You just need some information about that person such as full name, date of death, place of death, and family member’s name. If you don’t have all this information then try with the information you have.

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What is an obituary?

Somewhat in our life, especially a newspaper reader has ever read a death notice of someone with a brief detail written underneath the heading that conveys death announcement, this is called an obituary.

In short, the death announcement of someone published in the newspaper with a brief biography and ■■■■■■■ details is an obituary.

How to find an obituary for a specific person?

An obituary is a published death report of someone with a biography that implies personality, good deeds, wealth in detail with family and relative name. Now, this year’s obituary also publishes online as a digital death report.

Finding an obituary of ancestors is not very difficult, thanks to the technology due to which finding an old record is just one click away.

Details needed to find an obituary:

Now the next question is, what details are needed to find an obituary?

Although, it’s not tough to find an obituary of ancestors or anyone unless you have the following details.

  • The full name of the descended person
  • Date of birth
  • Date of death
  • Place of birth
  • Place of death
  • Names of family members (children, partner, parents, siblings)

If a person has all this information then it would be very much easy to find an obituary but if not, then try to gather as much information as possible.

1. Name of descended person:

Name is the main key to find the obituary of a specific person, without a name it would be difficult but not impossible. You can still find it by using the date of birth or date of death. It would also work if you know the surname or middle name of that person.

2. Date of birth or range of birth:

Date of birth is another main key to find the obituary of a specific person but if you don’t know the correct date of birth then you can analyze it by the age of death, you can calculate it and take out a year of birth. Now you can see all the obituaries of that year to find out the obituary of ancestors.

3. Death date or death range:

Death date is a key to finding the obituary of a specific person, you can find it on the death certificate easily however if you are unable to find that document then you can analyze it through pictures or you can ask the family member of that person about the death date. You can also speculate as to the date of birth.

4. For women surname:

For a woman, the surname is very important. It is a key to find the obituary of the specific woman. If a woman of ancestry marries 2 or 3 times, you must know her current husband’s name at the time of her death. For example, a woman named Atlanta Mary with Jones Arbor then took a divorce and married a second time with Robbin bravo then she died so, you can find her obituary with the Atlanta bravo surname of her second marriage.

5. A death place:

Like other must-have information regarding ancestors, place of birth is a key to finding the obituary of a specific person. You can ask the family members, friends, or relatives, who know the last location where the descended person lived. You can also find it from the church records or government records. Investigating from the old residence is a way to find the last location. The Internet is the main source to find out anything about a specific person.

6. Family members:

If you know the family members of that person then it would be very easy for you to know all the key information to find the obituary of the ancestor.

To precise the above information, finding obituary of any specific person is might be difficult but not impossible. It is better to have all the important key information through which you can easily find it but if you don’t have it then don’t worry about other ways to help you, just need some effort.

Find an obituary online:

Finding an obituary of a specific person online is very easy, there are some specific websites where you can easily find it. Here we have some online resources that help to accomplish your research.

Family search. org:

It is a genealogical website that keeps records of ancestors from different parts of the world. It is a nonprofit organization that provides genealogical guidance to assist in the search for your ancestor.

Type “obit” in the title box and click on search, a list of all obituaries appear now you can find your ancestor. If you did not find your desired ancestor then go with the next website.

This website contains another option called “family research wiki”, this is the best option to find an obituary location.

For example, to find a Hungarian ancestor search for a hungry obituary.

Ancestry. com: is a website that keeps records from the USA, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and Australia. You can see a form having questions like name, date of birth, date of death, location, family member, and gender. You can fill-up the form with as much information as you have and click the location. A list appears, now you can scroll down and find your ancestor obituary.

Findmypast. com

Find my past is a website that helps to find out the obituary of ancestors. This site is owned by a giant DC Thomson, its mission is to help everyone to connect.

Cemetery sites:

Many cemetery sites are available online that provide grave information and keep a grave record. These sites include “Find a grave” and “Billion grave”, these sites also keep obituary records.

Newspaper sites:

Newspaper sites are a great way to find the obituary of ancestors. In general, obituaries published in the newspaper also keep records on their sites. If you know about the newspaper at which the obituary publishes and the date of death then you can easily find it on that newspaper site.

Genealogy bank and newspaper archive are popular sites in the USA, google also has news archives option you can check it as well. Other than that small newspaper sites are a great way to find ancestor obituary, this may include Hilton news and New York site historic newspaper. In Australia, Trove is a famous newspaper website.

Visit government library:

Some websites provide access to different newspaper sites, it is a single platform. The United States Library of Congress maintains a website called Chronicling America provides access to the digitized newspapers from the year 1978 to 1963.

Public library:

The local library site is an option to find an obituary, just visit the public library website and type your ancestor name and other information then click the search option.

Memorial sites: is a memorial site on which users can publish obituary news by themselves.

It worked as a host obituary of the newspaper.

Local church website:

Church websites keep records of funerals held in the local church. If you know the church name then you can easily find the obituary of the specific person.

National obituary database:

This facility is only available in Canada, the government maintains a database. Death person’s relatives can upload the obituary on this site. In the future, if any person needs to be found then they can easily access it through this website but must know the name and date of death.

Summary: how to find an obituary for a specific person? If you know the full name, date of death, and place of death of the person then you can easily find the obituary of that person through offline and online resources. There are various ways to find an obituary of a specific person, the above article guides you about this.

How to make an obituary?

An obituary is a death announcement of a person through a newspaper, website, or any other written form. Generally, the purpose of publishing an obituary is to let everyone know about the death of a person. An obituary will write a short life journey with all the achievements, it also mentioned the reason of death and ■■■■■■■ date so that long-distance relatives, friends and other known people can take part in the last journey of that person.

Before publishing, first, you need to make an obituary. How to make an obituary? It is not a complex thing just follow these steps to make an obituary of a person.

  • Step # 1: ■■■■■■■ home: you can contact the ■■■■■■■ home. They can help you to write the obituary and publish it in the newspaper. You just need to provide all the information that you want to mention in an obituary. The Director of the ■■■■■■■ will write it for you or if you want to publish it out of the state, they will guide you regarding this.

  • Step # 2: gather all important information: before writing an obituary you need to gather all important information. This may include the date of death, place of death, reason of death, personal information such as education, work, achievements, personality, good deeds, and so on. It totally depends on you how much information you want to provide about your loved ones. Newspapers charge by words or lines or inches of space that is used, by considering this write an obituary that you can afford.

  • Step # 3: Family name: mentioning close family member names is important in writing an obituary, these include parents, spouse, children, and brother-sister. You can also add cousins, niece, and nephew names but it can lengthen the obituary.

  • Step # 4: photograph: select a clear and recent photograph for an obituary, generally passport size photograph looks good with the obituary.

  • Step # 5 review: review is very important before publishing. Check spellings and grammar, also provided information and the years mentioned with each information, it is suggested to check 3 to 4 times and then give it to a friend or family member for final approval.

Example of an obituary:

Our beloved father Mr. Albert Simon arrived at heaven by the will of God on 20, march 2021 in Alberta, Washington. He was suffering from heart disease for a long period.

He was born on 5, October 1955, he took his early education from Jhon and day grammar school. He grew up with a dream of becoming a banker, he served for 35 years in Roberto seal bank and retired as managing director in 2014. He left his wife Sameera Simon and three children’s Roma, Cathlin, and Robert.

I Sameera Simon and my children are looking forward to seeing all of you in his last journey that will be held on March 24, 2021, in Cathlin Church, Alberta Washington. Request for prayers.

That’s how you can write a short and good obituary for your loved ones.

In short: an obituary is a death announcement. To create it you need some basic information such as full name, date of death, place of death, photograph, education, working, achievements, personality, good deeds, and family member names. Above is an example of a simple and short obituary.


The frequently asked question regarding the topic “how to find an obituary of a specific person” is given below:

1. How soon after death should an obituary be published?

The basic purpose of an obituary is the death announcement of a loved one, it should be published right after the death so that all the known persons, friends, and relatives take part in the last journey. If it would not be published just after the death then publish it as soon as possible.

2. Can someone die and not have an obituary?

Yes, there is no legal requirement of having an obituary compulsory. It depends on the family members of the deceased. But it is good to publish.

3. Why is an obituary so expensive?

Publishing an obituary into a newspaper is a bit expensive because of the printing cost lied on printing an obituary. It also depends on the length of the obituary, the more length higher will be the cost. There are such websites that offer free publishing online, they already have an obituary template. You just need to fill the information in the blank space and click on publish.

4. Who writes an obituary?

You can contact a ■■■■■■■ for writing an obituary, other than that you can write it by an obituary writer, by a family member, friend, or yourself. Publication houses also have writers, you just need to provide them all the information regarding the ■■■■ person they write for you and send it for review. After your approval, they will publish it in the newspaper. Writer charge for writing, these charges are not included in publication charges.

5. How many words should an obituary be?

The standard length of an obituary is 200 words. It can be varied to 450 words and 50 words. It depends on the publication house, how much they expect.


To precise the above article “how to find an obituary of a specific person?” you can find it in local newspapers, church records, and online. You must know the date of death, place of death, full name, and family member name of the descended person.

Making an obituary is not difficult. You need some basic information such as full name, date of death, place of death, name of family members, ■■■■■■■ information, and some personal information in which include education, work, personality, and a photograph.

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