Definition of Notice:

  1. A displayed sheet or placard giving news or information.

  2. Notification or warning of something, especially to allow preparations to be made.

  3. Written or formal information, notification, or warning about a fact, required to be made in law or imparted by an operation of law. A party is deemed to have cognizance of a fact if the party (1) has actual knowledge of it, (2) has received notice of it, (3) ought reasonably to know it, (4) knows about a related or associated fact, or (5) would have known by making reasonable enquiries about it.

  4. Become aware of.

  5. The fact of observing or paying attention to something.

Synonyms of Notice

Information sheet, Bill, Handbill, Poster, Advertisement, Announcement, Bulletin, Broadsheet, Circular, Flyer, Leaflet, Pamphlet, Sign, Placard, Attention, Observation, Awareness, Consciousness, Perception, Cognizance, Heed, Note, Notification, Warning, Advance warning, Announcement, Apprisal, Intimation, Observe, Perceive, Note, See, Become aware of, Discern, Detect, Spot, Distinguish, Catch sight of, Make out, Take notice of, Mark, Remark, Account, Acknowledge, Acquaintance, Admonish, Admonishment, Admonition, Advert, Advertence, Advertency, Advice, Advise, Alarm, Alertness, Allude, Analysis, Animadvert, Announce, Announcement, Annunciation, Apperception, Appreciation, Appreciativeness, Apprehension, Approval, Assiduity, Assiduousness, Attend, Attend to, Attention, Attention span, Attentiveness, Awareness, Behold, Bench warrant, Blackmail, Blue book, Book review, Briefing, Bulletin, Bulletin board, Call, Call for, Capias, Care, Catch sight of, Caution, Caveat, Censure, Circular, Claim, Clap eyes on, Cognition, Cognizance, Comment, Commentary, Commentation, Communication, Communique, Concentration, Concern, Consciousness, Consideration, Contribution, Critical bibliography, Critical journal, Critical notice, Critical review, Criticism, Critique, Data, Datum, Death warrant, Declaration, Demand, Demand for, Descry, Detect, Deterrent example, Diligence, Directive, Directory, Discern, Discover, Dispatch, Distinguish, Draft, Drain, Duty, Ear, Earnestness, Edict, Editorial, Encyclical, Enlightenment, Enunciation, Espial, Espionage, Espy, Evidence, Exaction, Example, Extortion, Extortionate demand, Facts, Factual information, Familiarization, Fieri facias, Final notice, Final warning, Gen, General information, Give heed to, Give notice, Glimpse, Gloss, Grasp, Guidebook, Habere facias possessionem, Handout, Hard information, Have in sight, Heavy demand, Heed, Heedfulness, Hint, Identify, Imposition, Impost, Incidental information, Indent, Info, Inform, Information, Injunction, Insight, Insistent demand, Instruction, Intelligence, Intentiveness, Intentness, Interdict, Intimation, Ken, Knowledge, Lay eyes on, Leader, Leading article, Lesson, Levy, Light, Literary criticism, Look, Look on, Look upon, Looking, Lookout, Make out, Mandamus, Mandate, Mandatory injunction, Manifesto, Mark, Memo, Mention, Message, Mind, Mindfulness, Mittimus, Monition, Moral, Nisi prius, Noesis, Nonnegotiable demand, Note, Notification, Notify, Object lesson, Observance, Observation, Observe, Order, Pay attention to, Perceive, Perception, Pick out, Pick up, Position paper, Precept, Presentation, Press release, Process, Proclamation, Program, Programma, Prohibitory injunction, Promotional material, Pronouncement, Pronunciamento, Proof, Public notice, Publication, Publicity, Realization, Recognition, Recognize, Refer, Regard, Regardfulness, Release, Remark, Report, Requirement, Requisition, Respect, Review, Running commentary, Rush, Rush order, Search warrant, See, Sense, Sensibility, Sidelight, Sight, Spot, Spy, Spying, Statement, Take heed of, Take in, Take note, Take note of, Take notice, Take notice of, Tax, Taxing, Tend, The dope, The goods, The know, The scoop, Thought, Threat, Tip-off, Transmission, Tribute, Twig, Ukase, Ultimatum, Understanding, Verbum sapienti, View, Viewing, Warn, Warning, Warning piece, Warrant, Warrant of arrest, Warrant of attorney, Watch, Watching, White book, White paper, Witness, Witnessing, Word, Writ, Write-up

How to use Notice in a sentence?

  1. You may need to send out a notice to someone you do business with if they are taking to long to pay off their bill.
  2. Interest rates are subject to fluctuation without notice.
  3. The jobs were advertised in a notice posted in the common room.
  4. There was a notice on my dorm room door that told me I had five days to leave, or they would evict me.
  5. He noticed the youths behaving suspiciously.
  6. Their silence did not escape my notice.
  7. I was served notice today by a very grouchy process server regarding an altercation I had at work; while restraining an intoxicated male.

Meaning of Notice & Notice Definition