Definition of Accomplish:

  1. To complete or finish a task or goal. He successfully was able to accomplish his goal of reading two books last month, and was even able to start reading a third..

  2. Achieve or complete successfully.

Synonyms of Accomplish

Fulfil, Achieve, Succeed in, Realize, Attain, Manage, Bring about, Bring off, Carry out, Carry off, Carry through, Execute, Conduct, Effect, Fix, Engineer, Perform, Do, Perpetrate, Discharge, Complete, Finish, Consummate, Conclude, Achieve, Act, Approach, Arrive, Arrive at, Arrive in, Attain, Attain to, Be productive, Be received, Blow in, Bob up, Bring about, Bring into being, Bring off, Bring through, Bring to completion, Bring to fruition, Bring to pass, Carry off, Carry out, Carry through, Cause, Check in, Clock in, Come, Come in, Come to, Come to hand, Commit, Compass, Complete, Conclude, Conduct, Consummate, Cope with, Crown with success, Cut, Deal with, Discharge, Dispatch, Dispose of, Do, Do the job, Do the trick, Do to, Effect, Effectuate, Eke out, Enact, End, Engineer, Execute, Fetch, Fetch up at, Fill in, Fill out, Find, Finish, Fulfill, Gain, Get by, Get in, Get there, Get to, Go and do, Hack, Handle, Hit, Hit town, Industrialize, Inflict, Knock off, Make, Make good, Make it, Make up, Manage, Mass-produce, Mature, Overproduce, Pay, Perform, Perpetrate, Piece out, Polish off, Pop up, Produce, Pull in, Pull off, Punch in, Put across, Put away, Put over, Put through, Reach, Realize, Refill, Render, Replenish, Ring in, Roll in, Round out, Score, Show up, Sign in, Succeed, Swing, Take and do, Take care of, Time in, Top off, Transact, Turn the trick, Turn up, Up and do, Volume-produce, Win, Wind up, Work, Work out, Wreak

How to use Accomplish in a sentence?

  1. I let the team know what goals I wanted to accomplish before the year was over, which included getting more customers.
  2. The new data team set out to accomplish the goals laid out by the supervisor and they operated with enthusiasm.
  3. Being able to finally accomplish something you have worked hard on for so long is on of the best feelings in life.
  4. The planes accomplished their mission.

Meaning of Accomplish & Accomplish Definition