Non profit organization (NPO)

Non profit organization (NPO),

Definition of Non profit organization (NPO):

  1. Associations, charities, co-operatives and other voluntary organizations set up to promote cultural, educational, religious, professional or charitable causes. Initial funding is provided by members, directors or other individuals who do not expect a return and who do not participate in the organization's gains or losses that are sustained or absorbed. Involved, registered or unregistered non-profit organizations generally benefit from tax breaks and contributions are usually tax deductible. Most non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are non-profit organizations. Also known as a non-profit organization.

How to use Non profit organization (NPO) in a sentence?

  1. She wants to work for a non-profit organization because she believes people will work equally in their business relationships.
  2. Unlike many other companies, nonprofits can continue to employ inputs without pay and enjoy a variety of tax benefits.
  3. After the disaster, many people donated to the Red Cross, a non-profit organization that helps people for free.

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