Definition of Relevant:

  1. Law: Evidence or fact logically connected to or helpful in proving a material point.

  2. Accounting: Benefit or cost actually caused by, or expected to follow, a financial event or transaction.

  3. Closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered.

Synonyms of Relevant

Pertinent, Applicable, Apposite, Material, Apropos, To the point, To the purpose, Germane, Admissible, A propos, Ad rem, Adapted, Admissible, Akin, Allied, Allowable, Appertaining, Applicable, Applying, Apposite, Appropriate, Apropos, Apt, Associated, Becoming, Befitting, Belonging, Cognate, Dovetailing, Felicitous, Fit, Fitted, Fitting, Geared, Germane, Happy, Important, In point, In question, Involving, Just right, Likely, Material, Meshing, On the button, Opportune, Pat, Pertaining, Pertinent, Proper, Qualified, Related, Relative, Right, Seasonable, Significant, Sortable, Suitable, Suited, Suiting, Tailored, To the point, To the purpose, Weighty

How to use Relevant in a sentence?

  1. What small companies need is relevant advice.
  2. The teacher asked that the students provided only relevant information on the short answer section of the quiz in order to reduce the amount of superfluous answers she had to read through.
  3. The speaker went on and on about something that was seemingly relevant , but when he tied it all together it made no sense.
  4. Janice tries to make relevant cultural references when talking with her grandchildren, but she often catches herself mentioning her favorite early film stars.

Meaning of Relevant & Relevant Definition

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